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  1. Edsel's in the Rough

    They are still out there, waiting to be discovered. Undiscovered Edsel's! Share your pictures of abandoned Edsel's to hank@gotocarguys.com
  2. 1948 John Bean Alignment Cabinet, Edsel style

    Thank you, A labor of automotive passion, especially for the Edsel, but we like them all.
  3. 1948 John Bean Alignment Cabinet, Edsel style

    A great way to show the Edsel Collectables
  4. 1960 Edsel 9 pass wagon WANTED

    Looking for a 1960 Edsel Villager 9 passenger wagon. I don't mind a project, but no rusted out junk. I want a complete car, not someone else's project in a million pieces with half of them missing.No million dollar show cars either. You can email me at hank@gotocarguys.com. or Call me at 419-569-3361. Thank you, Hank Davis Bucyrus, Ohio /member AACA, Edsel Owners Club, and International Edsel Club
  5. One cold Ohio Edsel

    Yes and would you believe my wife is a nurse at the hospital. It doesn't get much better than that!!!
  6. One cold Ohio Edsel

    Hey, It warmed up!
  7. One cold Ohio Edsel

    thanks, we like her
  8. One cold Ohio Edsel

    Indeed they are. This car sat in a woods for 21 years until last spring when I got it out and brought it to my shop. It serves as an advertisement for my Edsel collection. It's a 58 Pacer 4 door sedan. Two tone spruce and ice green. Teletouch, radio, backup lights and spinner hubcaps. Car is actually complete. Hank
  9. One cold Ohio Edsel

    This Edsel is waiting for warmer days.
  10. My First Classic Since 2008

    Neat car, congrats. Love Edsel's. The 59 is fairly easy to find parts for. Enjoy !!!
  11. 58 Edsel Speedometer

    Your car must first have that option and most did not. Just above the steering column on the dash there would have been a dial to preset the speed at which the light would come on. Most cars have a chrome button there with an "E" on it as decoration. This was a 58 option only and again a pretty rare option at that. Hank
  12. I turned 60 this year and attended my 21st consecutive Hershey meet. In the last 10 years my wife and I have had to over come a lot of health issues both big and small to continue our string of visits. This still is the most wonderful automotive event in the world in our opinion. I have read all the comments about parking, attendance, vendors and the effect that both time and the internet have made on our hobby. I can tell you eBay is a poor source for buying and selling anything, and I have done both. There is nothing like seeing it, touching it, smelling it and negotiating on it face to face. The food in Hershey is wonderful and yes expensive, but folks who own 50 and 60 thousand dollar cars should not complain about the cost of eating out, there is always McDonalds. We come to Hershey to see our friends, some that we only see once a year. It is about the experience, which is the only thing we take to the grave. We as hobbiest have done such a poor job of getting young people involved and have priced it right out of there budget. Want to help Hershey and our hobby grow, get your kids, and grandkids involved. Maybe re evaluate letting in customs and hot rods. We are getting older, so while we can, give back to the hobby instead of pissing and moaning about shoppers not wanting to spend $5000 on a $300 sign and weather or not a vendor parks in a space he paid for. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.
  13. For Sale: "Edsel Accessories" Engine Compartment Lamp Kit B8E-18375-A

  14. 1958 edsel villager

    here is a picture of mine, I purchased it at Mecum Harrisburg 3 years ago, Hank
  15. 1958 edsel villager

    Hi, I think your car is spring green, I also have a spring green and white Villager wagon. Oddly enough, mine also has an automatic transmission with the shifter on the column, which is very rare. We may own the only 2 Villagers out there equipped this way. Less than 1% of all 58 Edsel's had the automatic shifter on the column and that option was discontinued in December 1957. Congrats, your car is gorgeous. Harold Hank Davis