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  1. 1929 Chevrolet coupe

    Motor is all back together and back where it should be. Hopefully it will be running in the next few weeks. I have the wrong fuel pump, but for now it gets the job done. I may leave it since this is how I Got the car and its part of its past. I have another question for the experts. What is the hole in the block near the back below the manifold? When I got the car it had a wooden plug in it. Im guessing thats not how Chevy designed it. choose files... Click to choose files
  2. 1929 Chev 194 main cap check ball ?

    This indeed is the rear main. Thanks to you I now know what it loos like. I searched the VCCA, but didn't find the info there for this particular topic. I have found so much good info there. The rod is gone so as you know the ball is gone as well (at least I know now). Since you said most people drill it out should I just put the cap back as is and not worry about it? I dont think Ill be driving up to many hills.
  3. Hi everyone I have yet another question about my 29 engine. I have been soaking the cap and blowing out the drain hole many times over the last month. cleaner always comes out clean yet I can shoot fluid both ways which would lead me to believe the check ball is stuck or just not there. What would you recommend as my plan of attack?
  4. When I took my engine apart it was so greasy I didn't notice, but now that im starting to put it back together I found the spark plug holes in the push rod cover are wide open with nothing sealing them against the block. After looking at pictures of other 29 194 engines most cars have a different cover. Some did have the same as mine. My gasket set I ordered has round cork gaskets that don't seem to fit. Is mine a early style that was realized it was a bad design and quickly replaced? or am I missing some parts? The engine is original to the car and it is a Canadian car. As always Thanks for the wisdom!!!
  5. What carb is this? (29chev?)

    I like the way you think!! The air cleaner was on it when I bought the car and even a nice show car can have parts like this to show its life.
  6. What carb is this? (29chev?)

    Thanks for the wisdom!!
  7. I was in the process of ordering new gaskets and whatnot for my 1929 Chevrolet 194. After seeing some images my carb looks nothing like any of the examples. What do I have? The engine is original to the car, but that doesnt mean anything else is. Thanks everyone.
  8. 1929 Chevrloet 194 question

    I found the cause of the bottom end thump. The middle main cap had been put on backwards at one point in the cars life and is quite worn. Every other babbitt is in very nice condition. To get this repaired can I just remove the copper insert from the block and send the cap and insert for rebabbitt? or should this be done right in the block?
  9. 1929 Chevrloet 194 question

    Thanks everyone. This is exactly what I needed to hear and why I asked you guys before I took it apart any further. I knew about the shims, I just hope they are still there. If so i will be on easy street. If not im sure Ill have many more questions. Thanks everyone.
  10. Good day all. I finally got to the engine on my 29 Chev coupe. Once I got all of the years of oil and grease off I discovered it is the original to the car. I only started the car once when I first purchased the car a few months ago and the began disassembly. The motor didn't smoke, but had a bottom end knock. I know a bunch of good mechanics, but they are more specialized in 350 and 454 performance engines. I don't think their advice applies to my project. The motor has been apart before and is bored .60 over. Pistons and timing gears look to be almost brand new. I took one piston out and measured the crank for out of round and it was a difference of.002. When I pull on the connecting rods one of them I can feel has a bit of movement in it and would guess this is where my thump is coming from. They all have some side play. The worst has .15 side movement. Of course the advice I got was not to worry about that, but advice from those who don't know what they are talking about is just an opinion. Im the same as the guys who are giving me advice. I have no experience with engines this old so im looking for input from those who know what they are talking about. Luckily for me there is a guy not to far from where i live that does re babbitting. Anyone with some advise would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.
  11. 1929 Chevrolet coupe

    New king pins installed and frame is finally painted.
  12. 1929 Chevrolet coupe

    I have been slowly picking away. Shes almost completely naked. Now that its taken down its time to start building it back up. New king pins should arrive in a few days and its almost time to clean and get some paint on that frame.
  13. 1929 Chevrolet coupe

    They are Anderson. Sorry forgetting back so late.
  14. 1929 Chevrolet coupe

    I finally got a good days work in on the 29. Without a doubt the car was built in Oshawa Ontario. I don't know if it was wishful thinking or just being naive, but i figured the wood was going to be in fantastic condition. Turns out most of it needs to be or should be replaced. On the bright side I don't think i will find anymore dead mice.
  15. 1929 Chevrolet coupe

    Thanks for the info and things to look out for. The car was repainted back in 56 when the second owner bought it. It was a father/ son project.