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  1. Thanks Narve for that info I was wondering about the vacuum tank as my car didn't have one on it when I got it but I have a stack of old vacuum tanks here and thought while the engine is out getting a freshen up I may as well tidy up a few other things.There is bloke down the road here that has a Chrysler 65 and it is running a smaller style of tank as in my photo but he has told me he does run short of fuel at times so I think it is best if I fit one like your photo hopefully it will keep up the supply better . I have several original tops that I think will be fine but as I'm in Australia I know the bloke that reproduce these so no problems if they are not fit for service. As for the running boards mine are steel repo jobs that on first appearance look like a good fit but when you look below them only one bolt lines up for the brackets so they are only held on by the mud gaurds and valance panels which I'm not to happy about I think I will take them off and modify the boards so they fit properly. As for the aluminium edging and the rubber I think I will see what's available here and do bit on that issue as well. Thanks again for that info it's much appreciated
  2. Hi everyone I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to my question but I just want to double check that a 1929 Chrysler 65 had metal running boards not timber. Also what model vacuum tank was used or any pictures of what should be on it appreciated, thanks for any replies in advance
  3. 1929 Plymouth vs 1929 Chrysler

    Thanks everyone for confirming what I already had a gut feeling about. I will leave the Plymouth were it is and keep searching for a parts car as there is nothing I particularly need at the moment but I do like to have some spares on hand. Thanks again
  4. 1929 Plymouth vs 1929 Chrysler

    Ah I should have known better that there are no quick questions or answers with old cars. Mainly Radiator, diff and some body panels as the is a complete 29 Plymouth for sale near by but I think I already know that I should be patient and keep an eye out for a correct parts car for my Chrysler. Thanks all the same
  5. What is it

    So on the weekend my wife send I stayed at a hotel. It had a number of old photos on the wall but there was one with a vehicle that took my interest just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what it may be
  6. Hi Everybody just a quick question are there any interchangeable parts between a 1929 Plymouth U to a 1929 Chrysler 65. Thanks for any help Cheers Ben
  7. Prewar car values

    I may well get shot down for my next comments but so what! I just really love prewar cars and all their eccentricities and welcome either the slight drop in values or at least the plateau that we are experiencing now as it has made vehicles that I could only dream about become closer to reality for me. Sure the cars I already have are not as valuable and I will never get my money out of them but that's not why I own them, they are a hobby,they're what keeps me sane (crazy I know)😁. Not many hobbies make money anyway so why should this one be any different. I get so much enjoyment out them the money side doesn't matter as long as I can afford it.
  8. 1925 Speedo setup help

    Yeah see how you go with the kit you ordered here's a Chev one I have had sitting on the shed wall for some time they are real easy to install just cut cable to length and put the ends on
  9. 1925 Speedo setup help

    No problems. Yeah if you remove the speedo you will soon work it out, there is a small nurled nut that holds a plate that holds the cable in place on the Chev anyway. If I get a chance in the next day or two I will check the measurements on Chev stuff to see it may work . cheers Ben
  10. 1925 Speedo setup help

    So here is couple more photos of the style on the chev both at the speedo and on the gear box. I have bought new inner cables for these from Chev parts in Sydney Australia they are easy to install and you cut to required length. Another is it may have been disconnected due to a faulty speedo the muck metal in speedos of the era are notorious for either crumbling or swelling and jamming everything. Any hope this helps some and good luck
  11. 1925 Speedo setup help

    Sorry helps if I ad the photos
  12. 1925 Speedo setup help

    Actually here's a couple of pictures of the underside of a speedo and the broken cable the brass end fits into the speedo to drive it
  13. 1925 Speedo setup help

    Hey there I will try and get you some photos of the arrangement on my Chev tomorrow. I think you may have mistaken the odometer reset screw for the drive also is that the outer cable in the background of photo looks like it to me
  14. Chev 4, 4 speed truck gearbox

    Thanks for the reply I was hoping to keep in era with a overdrive would love a Johnson overdrive but I don't think that will become a reality. Was hoping to cruise at 50-55 mph but with less revs. Thanks again I will keep thinking about it
  15. What's this? How old?

    Ok thanks for the replies. Sorry I have got back here sooner just so busy at the moment. Any way the container is very sturdy and well made out of brass not copper there are two outlets on top of the container mere the filler and no other outlets. Unfortunately I do not have any metering system with it. Thanks for the info think I will just hang it back on the garage Wall as a talking point