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  1. 1925 Lifters

    Sorry I can't help on who could supply lifters but they shouldn't be too difficult to come by as I'm pretty certain that 25-27 Chev lifters are all the same with a change to mushroom type lifters in 28 I would have a stack of the earlier type lifters here but I'm probably too far away to help(Australia). The type you are looking for have a small radius on them so the spin a little all the time . Anyway I can take a photo later of the correct sort if you would like. cheers Ben
  2. Oh dear that's gotta hurt I've done a few big ends in my time and broken the the little end on a rod in my Chev 4 but lucky for me this stayed inside the pot and did no other damage, oh that's right there was the other time I done a big end and scored the bore with the gudgeon a fairly expensive sound was made not sure what caused what but I do sympathise with you 😒
  3. '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    Cool thanks for the update I think I'm about to head down the same track as you and yes I'm probably going to blow my budget too hopefully the wife doesn't see by how much😁. Who are you getting to do the bearing work? pm me if you don't want to advertise who it is. Thanks again Ben
  4. 1928 Chrysler 72 carby

    Ah ha yes they do some nice work bit pricey hey I thought I had already won lotto with now having 3 Stromberg U2 carbies 2 of which are in great order the third is complete but really needs the new bodies made
  5. 1928 Chrysler 72 carby

    Thanks for that and here I was hoping it was a U2 seen as I have a spare good U2 oh well I will just have to look for one of those others the 72 motor I have has a tillotson on it at present and it's a right hand drive thanks again
  6. Hi all Just wondering what carby did the 1928 Chrysler 72 originally come with? Thanks Ben
  7. Quality babbit/white metal work in QLD Australia?

    The bloke I used is in Bundaberg but unfortunately has since retired as well so I'm looking for someone else too. There is a fellow down in Nabiac N.S.W that has come highly recommend so that is probably the way I will go next time.
  8. Late 20's handle/lever identification

    Thanks for the photo they certainly look the same. Your car is not that dirty 3 weeks of rain here has certainly made cleaning cars pointless especially if you live on dirt roads such as I do
  9. Late 20's handle/lever identification

    Hey I did read some where once that there were a few differences between the Aussie bodies and the American could the handles be one of those differences I wish I could find that article again I know I have it here somewhere πŸ€”
  10. Late 20's handle/lever identification

    Thanks I was leaning towards a 65 or 66 Roadster inside door handles
  11. Hi all I'm still sorting through all these parts I picked up and I have 2 handles/levers that I'm wondering if they are internal door handles for Roadster and if they belong to a Chrysler 66 Roadster or the 1928 Chrysler 72 Roadster I think they may belong to the 66 as I don't think the earlier models had internal handles or are they all together something different. Thanks for any help
  12. '20s ignition coil, what is it for?

    Looks like Chev 4, maybe mid-to-late '20. Cheers, Ben
  13. Saskatchewan hoard

    I'm pretty sure that is the tops of rocker covers you can see in the crate I think in 1925-6 they had dual rocker covers not one piece as later seen
  14. chrysler 72 roadster

    Wow I just a few parts to find and a bit of elbow grease and I will have one just like this 😁 I do have the motor gearbox front and rear axle just need a chassis