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  1. Vintageben

    1929 Chrysler 65 steering

    Thanks Mike I’m running bias ply tyres, I have checked everything from the wheels back to the steering box and it all looked good, so the movement appears that it is in the steering box but I will double check. Thanks again for a few tips
  2. Hi all I’m just wondering what others thoughts are on what is a acceptable amount of free play in the steering. mine currently has about a inch at the outer edge of the steering wheel. Most of these movement appears to be in the steering box, I’m afraid to adjust anything as it feels good on the road/ not wandering, no shakes or wobbles. Anyway would appreciate others thoughts, thanks Ben
  3. Vintageben

    1920’s Mannesmann Auto

    Thanks for the info it’s great to know a little more.
  4. Vintageben

    1920’s Mannesmann Auto

    Looking through my wife’s family’s photo album we came across these cool photos of her grandfathers car about all we know about the car is that it is a Mannesmann. Oh and they lived near Giessen in Germany and it looks like cool car and it’s interesting that it is right hand drive. If anyone has any info on the type of car etc it would be much appreciated. Anyway hope you enjoy the pictures
  5. Vintageben

    1920’s or early 30’s Sedan

    Wow thanks for such fast reply I will have to get my wife to do a little translation when she gets home, I said to her yesterday that I did not think it was a cheap car she thought they wouldn’t of spent that much on it but then again that’s all relitive to what one thinks is fair amount of money. Thanks again it certainly looks a match
  6. Vintageben

    1920’s or early 30’s Sedan

    And here’s another from a different angle and thank you for any help Cheers Ben
  7. Vintageben

    1920’s or early 30’s Sedan

    So yesterday I was at my in laws looking through some old photos and there were a few car ones. My wife’s family are German and these photos were taken there around the Giessen/ Frankfurt area and I’m wondering what their sedan was? One of the photos we believe is taken at a ADAC event as my wife’s grandfather competed in these. Also in the background of this photo is another big car it would be interesting to get a Identity on it too.
  8. Vintageben

    Chrysler publication recommendations

    Thanks for the suggestions I have ordered both but for now and the next week or two I’ll have to be content with this view and dreaming of good yields to pay for more vintage car stuff
  9. Vintageben

    Chrysler publication recommendations

    Thanks for that I will try and obtain both. cheers Ben
  10. Hi all I’m just wondering if anyone has some suggestions of good books about the different Chrysler models etc. I prefer info about vehicles up to about the 40’s doesn’t matter if there is extra or later years as long as that doesn’t take up the majority of reading or as long as the reading on the 1920’s is really good, that would be great. Anyway any suggestions appreciated and you may wonder with the internet why I want a book but that’s because I prefer book I can dream about discovering another project whilst reading a book 😁 thanks Oh I like photos too
  11. Vintageben

    Crankshaft Pulley Removal 218CID G70

    Here’s what I used and what my pulley looks like. As for timing marks if you’re talking ignition timing and the G70 is anything like the 65 there is a plug in the head above number six that you remove to find top dead centre etc not much fun to do either.
  12. Vintageben

    Crankshaft Pulley Removal 218CID G70

    To remove the pulley /harmonic balancer of my 1929 Chrysler 65 which looks very similar I just used a cheap harmonic balancer puller I got from the auto store I think I had to buy a couple of bolts to fit the thread of the holes on the pulley anyway I will try and get a picture later
  13. Vintageben

    Crankshaft Pulley Removal 218CID G70

    All the previous advice is great. I can’t remember having too many dramas undoing mine but make sure those tabs are on the washer are folded flat and I probably used a 3/4 drive socket with a breaker bar that’s probably about 18 inches to 2 foot long and she let go fine then used a puller to remove the pulley, best of luck with it
  14. Vintageben

    1929 Chrysler 65 side mount spare tyre

    Thanks for that. They look good still haven’t decided what I’ll do but have plenty of time to decide. My main reason for considering this is that my wife and daughter tend to carry a little more luggage then me and by doing this I would have more space at the rear of the car for luggage
  15. Hi all here’s a question I’ve been wondering about did 1929 Chrysler 65 sedans come with a side mount spare tyre or was this only a option offered on Roadsters, Coupes and tourers as they are the majority that I see with this option and usually they have wire wheels too. I’m wondering about this as I picked up a mudguard and all the brackets for this and I’m considering if I should fit it to my sedan but I’m still not sure if it will look right or just stupid. Any way any thoughts/opinions and any photos appreciated Cheers Ben