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  1. Vintageben

    Need help with 1929/30 Chrysler 70

    Check out the Chrysler forum here and ask the specific questions also photos of your car would be great as I’m not too sure that there was a Chrysler 70 in 1929-30 in 29 they were 65 or 75 and in 30 they were 66 or 77. Hope that helps and welcome along
  2. Vintageben

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Not sure on the lubrication I seem to remember being told if you don’t have gators on your springs you do not use grease or was it oil because it will catch the dust etc and the act as a grinding paste and cause excessive wear, anyway I’m sure someone will chime in and clarify the situation
  3. Vintageben

    '28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

    Just wondering how the rebuild is coming along Cheers Ben
  4. Vintageben

    New spoke wheels on victory 6

    That's a real thing of beauty 😁
  5. Vintageben

    Show me your Foliage!

    This is no kit car or modern version, it's my 1927 Chev Speedster, it's based on the light commercial chassis Dad and I built it about 18 years ago. I'm pleased you like it it's heaps of fun and was affordable at the time for someone just out of college, 18 years later I still get a blast out of driving it.
  6. Vintageben

    Show me your Foliage!

    So I too are a week late with the photo opportunity and the foliage that and the fact we get very little variation in the colour of our foliage mostly it's green but he is a pic
  7. Vintageben

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Hmm I agree some pre-war cars still demand high prices and as always there are few out there that think their vehicles are worth a whole lot more then they are, when you come across one of those do as I do keep walking. As for me I think many pre 1930 cars are becoming more affordable and I'm really happy with this yeah sure some may lose money on them and heck that may include myself, am I worried about this, not really it's a hobby not a investment.Well actually it is kinda a investment, a investment in my sanity. I should say at this point I'm just on the edge between gen x and gen y and in Australia don't know that may change my point of view on things oh I also grew up on a farm and I'm still farming now which I'm sure helps when playing with vintage cars. But what I must say is that I have always loved vintage and veteran cars, at about 12 I was trying to restore a 1922 T Ford and a friend said they were sure I would have a running car by age 20 I thought this was unlikely at the time but boy was I wrong at age 16 I sold the T and bought a older resto 27 Chev. Oh yeah I had to work most of my holidays to buy it but hey I had fallen in love. The cars when on the back burner for a few years while I was away at college but when I finished and got a job I was back into it, friends often questioned how I could afford the cars as I was not on big money but I held down two jobs and didn't drink or smoke. Fast forward to now and I have 3 pre 1930 cars on the road and a few project cars in the shed oh yeah and I did find women as well as the cars so I'm married with kids now, yeah sure the cars probably don't get as much attention as before but I still get to play around with them and yeah I'm probably earning more money then when I was in my early 20's but I'm not worth a fortune but I do do most of the work on my cars myself which is a huge saving. Anyway what I'm trying to say is if you really really want a pre war car you will find a way and yeah it might not be Rolls Royce but it will be yours. P.s another word of advice one should choose a very very tolerant wife that is huge help too😁
  8. Vintageben

    Villa d'Este Video

    Yep Taco Bell would be more my style. Just showed my wife the video and her comments were as follows. Wow where are the smiles and fun why would you do something like that if it makes you so sad😁 Also that her fathers cousin lived on lake Como unfortunately we can't stay with her cause she's dead. Oh well I thinks I'll be more comfortable have fun locally and if I have to push my car I won't have such a large crowd😁
  9. Vintageben

    Villa d'Este Video

    Great video. I need to show this to my wife so she can see what a Concourse is like. Last time we were in Europe there was one on nearby. I would have liked to have had a attended but really didn't have any clothing appropriate for a high end event, my wife couldn't understand this, mind you she always looks beautiful and dresses well so she probably could have fitted straight in, myself on the other hand usually need a bit of prep work 😁. Maybe next time. One thing I have discovered is if they are real car people they will talk if you show that you are interested in there car .
  10. Vintageben

    old car exhibition in France

    Hi there thanks for the pics. Just a quick question the Someca 850 Tractor looks very much like a Fiat 850 is it a Fiat just rebadged or perhaps it's from the era when Kubota Tractors were practically Fiat badged differently. Thanks
  11. Vintageben

    Car dreams

    I'm so pleased to hear others do this as I often dream about buying a farm and discovering a old car in the shed usually it's a veteran or vintage and sporty or it's a high wheeler. I also have other dreams of the old houses on the property having all sorts of old interesting treasures. When I tell my wife about the car dreams she usually tells me I'm sick and should seek help My reply is too late to do anything about my illness 😁
  12. Vintageben

    Vacuum tank fuel filter

    Hi there on my old 27 Chev I'm running both the glass bowl and just a cheap in line filter I think it's a ryco Z14 the glass bowl was fitted when I got the car 20+ years ago and shortly after I fitted the in line filter both are before the vacuum tank. I have not encountered any problems with this although at the time of fitting the filter a few oldtimers told me it wouldn't work maybe I was just lucky but I've had no problems with it.
  13. Vintageben

    Late 20's handle/lever identification

    Hi Mark I still have the handles but sorry they are not for sale they were part of a cache of parts I recently hauled home at this stage I'm considering which project in amongst them that I want to to tackle so I'm a little reluctant to sell any they are also located in Australia I'm not sure if that's your location. Viv w the handles are more than likely similar on both Chrysler and Chev in Australia as Holden built majority of the bodies for both companies
  14. Vintageben

    Smiths Farmtruck

    I'll second that it's a Form "A" Truck now if my family was not still asleep at the other end of the house where my collection of Vintage Ford is I could probably find more info for you but my life will be endangered if I disturb them this early
  15. Vintageben

    Smiths Farmtruck

    Looks like a T Ford rear end I would say it was a conversion for them it may have even extended the chassis length .