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  1. Vintageben

    Motometer Red Line

    There was a great article in a vintage Ford magazine about fixing this sort of thing. They used a old school bench grinder the sort you turn by hand and made brackets up to mount the motormeter where the grinding wheel would normally go. Then simply turn the handle as these grinders were geared you got better centrifugal forces . I would copy the article but I’m not even sure where I put it
  2. Vintageben

    1929 Chrysler - Oil Pressure

    I just posted this in the Chrysler section but for what it is worth here is what my Chrysler 65 Instruction book says. Also my engine used to great oil pressure but was stuffed I’m guessing there were galleries block some where.
  3. Hi there Here is the page out of my Chrysler 65 Instruction book regarding type of oil and oil pressure hopefully it helps Cheers Ben
  4. Vintageben

    1929 Chrysler 65 under seat tray

    Thanks Sasha39 Yeah I’m guessing my one is correct. The other body that is the same as my one is a Smith and Waddington sedan made in Sydney I think and yes my one is a Hayes Body with a lot of other little different details.
  5. Hi all just a quick question. My Chrysler 65 sedan only has a tool tray underneath the rear seat and none under the front seat is this correct. I know of another car that is the same but just want to double check. Thanks Ben
  6. Vintageben

    Possibly the greatest car sale story of all time

    Yeah my wife and I operate with the don’t ask don’t tell policy as well. I remember a few years ago we were both sitting at ordering stuff. She was ordering clothing, I was ordering car parts when she looked up and asked “how much are those parts going to cost dear” my reply “Not sure how much is that clothing.” She smiles a knowing smile and nods and not another word is spoken about money. That’s how it has worked for us since
  7. Vintageben

    Chrysler 65 pistons and rings

    Thanks Bob Will measure up will be up your way Friday don’t know if you will be around or if we will have time but may give you a call. Thanks again Ben
  8. Hi there just looking for a little advice So please be gentle. So while I’m getting my engine rebuilt I was thinking of doing a quick tidy up on a spare engine that I have here that is in fair order but could benefit from a set of rings. My idea is that I could use this engine in the car while the rebuild is happening as it can take quite a while. Anyway before I order rings I want know I’m getting the right size etc. So I guess the only way to be really sure of the size will be to measure the pistons but I’m also wondering if the numbers stamped on top of the pistons mean anything, here’s a photo, oh and please humour me with this idea .
  9. Vintageben

    Delco switch

    Hi all just wondering on what this Delco switch might be from, I’m guessing it’s from around the mid twenties any other thoughts appreciated
  10. Vintageben

    What’s this ute???

    Wow yes that’s correct it is a International, by the sounds of things similar may have happened here in Australia with many different bodies fitted. Thanks for that bit of info, All I know about the Ute is it did many trips between Sydney and Gunnedah and was remembered fondly.
  11. Vintageben

    What’s this ute???

    Not Ford but the era is correct and not a conversion as such or may have been but was purchased new in this configuration so was it converted at the factory maybe a unique Australian commercial. I do remember Gran having many a argument with vintage car enthusiasts that no such vehicle existed until she produced this photo! They would then shake their heads in surprise. I would love to have this Ute now but I’m not sure what ever happened to it.
  12. Vintageben

    What’s this ute???

    OK, so I actually do know what the ute is. Well, the make at any rate; not quite so confident on year and model. Yes, you see correctly. It is like an early version of the space cab/dual cab but what do you expect, it’s Australia. I’m not sure how many were produced. I’m pretty sure from what Gran told me it had a second row of seats. Anyway, sorry about the quality it is the only photo I have of this Ute and let's see what others think of it.
  13. Vintageben

    1929 chrysler model 65 roadster

    Vintage and Classic reproductions have a similar item under universal parts they also have door handles etc under Chrysler parts, they are not cheap but their work is very good
  14. That’ll be great I still haven’t progressed far with mine, work keeps getting in the way however I did manage to remove all the head studs the other day and it only took about an hour better still no breakages only a few more items to remove and the big clean up and then the rebuilding process can start . I may have it running by Christmas 2019😳
  15. How is the new engine coming along?