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  1. Is that like "Make a man a fire and he's warm for a day, set a man on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life?"
  2. billorn

    RIP Dan Gurney

    Google is awesome!!!!! Dan Gurney was truly one of the best, both as a driver and as a team owner. Innovative. He was a giant in the industry and changed a lot of conventions.Way too much to cover here. But think Carroll Shelby levels of success and influence, maybe more. He competed and won in nearly every road racing series that existed. “Over the course of 19 days in 1967, he set motorsports history. On May 30, he ran in the Indy 500, leading two laps before retiring with mechanical difficulties. Five days later, he raced in the Dutch Grand Prix. Seven days later, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Seven days after that he won the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa.” Read more:
  3. billorn

    Do good pictures help a sale?

    What did he store it at the great barrier reef?
  4. Fortunately now small cameras mean we dont need to limit ourselves to stories of bad drivers. YOU CAN SEE THEM!!!!! I kill alot of time on youtube with these crash videos (dont watch if you have delicate ears).
  5. billorn

    1940 buick special starter wiring.

    There probably isnt a starter rebuild "kit" but they arent complicated and any starter/generator rebuilder should be able to handle it with no problems. I have two good ones locally and they arent expensive. Having a pro do it so he can test it and make sure its right will make your life easier. Theres even a guy on these forums who apparently does a very nice job.
  6. billorn

    packard engine retrofit

    This is something a lot of guys dont think about and its important. You need to service the cars and if its modified you better have a list of the parts that went in or the next guy is going to have real head aches. Can you imagine looking at a disk brake on a hot rod and trying to figure out what kind of pads it needs? Or wheel bearings? No thank you.
  7. billorn


    I have found that people who say something looks like a Bugatti/Duesenberg/Packard dont really know what those things really look like.
  8. billorn

    packard engine retrofit

    I have done weddings for friends and frinds of friends and mostly it goes OK but one time the girl didnt know what old cars were about and just complained nonstop. My Olds doesnt have AC so she complained about how hot it was because it was August. Then she said she could smell the car all day and it was in her hair and her dress. Then she wanted it moved about 15 times for pictures and was angry that I would not let the bridemaids and groomsmen to sit on the hood and roof for a photo. I wont do it again. One bad apple and all that....... Im sure not all brides are trouble but you really open yourself up to problems if things dont go perfect. The father of that bride was a guy in our car club and he apologized but things were always awkward afterwords. Too much hassle for too little reward IMHO.
  9. billorn

    1937 115c Convertible Coupe for sale...

    How do you know you don't? They didn't put a price.
  10. "I didnt really say smash it." Yea ok sure. We can all see what you plainly meant. Own your words, man. Regardless of what site the words were said on, it was unkind. I promise such words would be unwelcome if someone else said that about your car. What harm does that car or the owner do to you? Have you ever put in that much work on a car? What if some nobody came along and said he wanted to smash your car after you did all that work? Let me ask you one last thing and then I'll leave you alone. Would you say what you said to the owner's face? Maybe let that be your guide for when to talk and when to keep your peace. We all say things we regret. Own it and move on. Its OK to make mistakes.
  11. Weather you like it or not theres a lot of talent in that car. I see a lot of thought and creativeity in it rather than the same old fiberglass body and chev driveline that everyone else builds. Isnt hot rodding about building something unique using spare parts? Or is it paying a professional shop to build you a rod from new parts in a catalog thats just like everybody else? Someone spent a lot of time building that and thought out all the little details. He doesnt care if you like it. He likes it. Thats the point. But saying you want to smash it with a hammer is pretty uncool. There are people who hate Edsels and other horrible cars that the automakers built but you guys love and you would all go crazy if a hot rodder came in and said he wanted to smash an Edsel with a hammer. Why not give them the same respect?
  12. billorn


    A 74 isnt a 76. I dont know why the 76s are the most popular because they made the most of them but they are. I personaly dont like the look of the fender skirts on the earlier cars but they seem to be the same underneath the skin. I dont think the cloth seats on that car are original even tho thats what the seller is saying. Ive never seen cloth seats in a 70s Caddie convertible. Maybe they would make it that way as a custom order. If your going to buy a Eldorado convertible a 76 is probably the one to own if you want maximum future value. They are probably all good cars but the 76s seem to be the only ones that are really truly popular. Good luck with this one Marty!
  13. billorn

    1953 Olds 98 Convert FS

    Fishing it is, then. Its less than $100,000 but if you dont get it right you will be refused. That isnt very helpful. How many guesses do we get? Isnt it easier just to put a number on it and let people decide whether they want the car at that price? Games make everyone edgey.
  14. billorn

    Airbag unplug

    Be careful!
  15. billorn

    1941 buick roadmaster back seat ashtray

    Valuation? $5? $50? Really impossible to say. That's an item that's perfect for eBay. If someone needs it, they will pay for it. If nobody needs it it is worth 0. If you need one pay what it takes to get it based on how badly you need it. Can you give us some context?