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  1. Airbag unplug

    Be careful!
  2. 1941 buick roadmaster back seat ashtray

    Valuation? $5? $50? Really impossible to say. That's an item that's perfect for eBay. If someone needs it, they will pay for it. If nobody needs it it is worth 0. If you need one pay what it takes to get it based on how badly you need it. Can you give us some context?
  3. Test Drive Gone Wrong

    ABS brakes dont leave skid marks........ I read somewhere that something like 20% of the Hell Cats have already been wrecked by inexperienced drivers who werent ready for the acceleration and speed. Too many guys just dont realize how fast things happen in a car with 700 horsepower. Most dont have the reflexes to manage it at full boogie.
  4. Coolant recommendations

    I would recommend a Google search on OAT and non-OAT antifreeze. There is a huge amount of information and it can be very confusing for an old car owner. Color is meaningless today. Brand does not tell you anything either. I also think that since you live in a mild climate you could do a 70/30 water/antifreeze mix which would give you the anti rust protection but water cools better than antifreeze so having more water will help your engine run cooler. Do the homework. There is alot of info but there is no quick easy answer anymore. Sorry.
  5. Unknown item threaded into exhaust manifold

    Allowed what into the exhaust manifold? Birds? Rainbows? Fairy dust? Dont keep us in suspence I am dying to know!
  6. Corvette guys invented matching numbers and thats where it should stay IMHO. It is getting ridiculous. Trying to pretend that older cars are more valuable because they have "matching numbers" is silly, especially a Model A where they built four million of them, all with the exact same motor. It has zero to do with your friend's car's value especially since you cant prove it anyway. Dont go looking for a value added thing where there isnt one. Just a nice honest Model A. No more no less.
  7. Hmmmm, a Canadian shop now on TV...
  8. Pierce Arrow at auction

    Expect any car you buy at auction to be 20% crappier than you expect. No test drive, no pre purchase inspection, no lift, just a car and the auctioneer's word. Cars that fly around to alot of different auctions are either problems that dealers want to dump or cars that are considerably worse than advertised and the buyers quickly move to dump them and/or the auction company offers to sell it for them for free to make it up to them at the next auction. Good luck...
  9. 1941 Cadillac questions.

    1941 Cadillac Series 61 coupe (aka sedanette): 1941 Cadillac Series 62 coupe:
  11. It will take longer than you think it should and cost more than you should spend. You will give up before its done and take the car home once it looks like a car again and the engine runs. It will never work properly but youll put up with it because you dont want to spend any more money.
  12. Packard - Can an old dog learn new tricks?

    Dynaflash, did you actually buy this car? The seller is still staying its available as of yesterday (Friday August 25). What happened?
  13. 1947 Super Clipper

    Didn't this car sell to someone on this board? I thought I saw him looking for a bumper guard or something for this car.
  14. I cant even think of how I would tell a new person how to drive my car in a few minutes. So many quirks that they just have to know about. And its not even a really old car!
  15. 1956 Buick differential lube

    This thread has some good information but it looks like it kind of went off the rails at the end. Ignore that and it will probably be helpful.