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  1. Here are the pics...apologies for the delay ...drivers mat
  2. Hi all Is there a way of identifying original mats? I've attached a couple of pics of ref numbers on the back of mine - wondering if they were part numbers or other coding, possibily indicating after market or original.. Just in case pics are not clear one number is '12-63: 4264L-PPI-D' and the other '4264R-PPI-P' Many thanks Kev
  3. Hi All If i'm correct the attached pics show the location (front access hole) and a close up of the propeller shaft slip spline plug ... In the absence of the 'correct tool' 'Adapter Alemite #327045 will i be able to simply take out the bolt and use an ordinary grease gun/needle to force in some grease? If so how many squirts? thanks in advance Kev
  4. i'm guessing they used mineral based oil back in the day - any harm/advantage in using synthetic? I see synthetics have all kinds of GL ratings as well, bit mind boggling....Might be easier to ask which brand / type would you buy?...Cheers, Kev
  5. Mine shows ‘littelfuse inc’ ....not that I know the difference between that and delco...
  6. Will the unit need replaced in its entirety or can the top section be prised off and replaced? cheers kev
  7. Many thanks ...can you send a close up of the relay...cheers kev
  8. Hi all I've attached a pic of what i'm assuming is my distributor hold down bolt .. Looking at it has got me thinking - what happens if it's rusted tight and/or breaks off when i attempt to adjust timing? Maybe i think too much! But i'm just curious and anyway would prefer to plan ahead for all giessing it would be a major PITA While i think of it does anyone know the bolt size? I only ask as my wrenches are all too long to get under there and i'd prefer not to buy a set of shorter ones if i can just get away with buying the one i need...or a specialist distributor wrench.. Cheers Kev
  9. Hi all I've attached a pic of my horn relay set up , from a 65 Riv - i need to replace the relay and common sense suggests that it can just be pulled out of the - for want of a better word - black triangular bracket at the bottom.. However i don't want to force anything that shouldn't be forced - best to check if its more complicated than that.. Thanks in advance Kev
  10. Hi all I have a leak from my diff.. When i sort it out i'm thinking it makes sense to drain whatever is left and replace? I know the manual doesn't recommend doing so but under the circumstances and because of the age of the car it makes sense.. Anyway any recommendations for modern gear oil to use? Diff is a 3.23 , non posi. Thanks Kev
  11. Hi all I've attached a pic of something in the engine bay of my 1965 Riv....can you tell me what it is/what it does?! I would look it up in the manual but where would i start?..... Cheers Kev
  12. Hi All I'm tempted to but some steel/stainless steel pipe sets from classic tube for my 65 Riviera - partly because they look original but mainly because i perceive them to be hastle free in terms of flaring etc.. However....does anyone have experience of fitting them to their car without luxury of having the engine/body off? Is it possible? I feel i may already know the answer though - I'm thinking fitting the line front to back (the one inside the frame) would be a real big pain in the neck...I'm asuming being steel, although some small tweeks are possible/to be expected, this particulat would be impractical to install in a car that's not dismantled? Many thanks Kev
  13. Im thinking aloud at mo, don’t really have specific reason for asking at this point other than judging by what’s under rocker covers I have a ‘dirty’ hasnt been driven out on road for 10 years car is being recommisioned and is now running/starting very well,though not yet driven on road - but will be soon - who knows what that will reveal... I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it .. Re dirty engine - During a previous post it was suggested to run engine with a little MMO and change the oil,maybe more than once - seemed like a good idea to me ..but just out of interest, as I keep seeing Seafoam mentioned elsewhere on the web, I was wondering what opinions if it was any better than MMO....
  14. Hi all All clamshell linkage is present and correct in the car - except i'm missing the screws that attach the 'snap ends' to the arms...see pic. I'm guessing that the missing item(s) are screws as opposed to nut/bolts as these would foul on the motor switches underneath? Anyway, main question is why there are two holes in the 'snap ends?' Do i need two screws for each? All pics ive seen show only one .... Thanks in advance Kev
  15. Hi all Seafoam or Marvel as an oil additive - any opinions as to which is best?... Thanks in advance Kev