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  1. Hi all I want to install a dual master cylinder on my 65 - i hear that installing one from a 67 is easiest method. Does anyone have any experience and tips? Vacuum power unit is a Bendix... All the best Kev
  2. Hi All Hopefully you can help with my 65 - I have a flexible fuel hose in the engine bay which needs replacing ...I have two questions.. 1)The existing hose , apart from being damaged, looks to be routed a very untidy way (maybe unsafe, so close to the engine?) to the filter, and then onto the carb.....can anyone post a pic of how they have routed their set up? 2)Just out of interest I've been told that originally the fuel line in the engine compartment was metal all way to the carb - is this correct? All the best Kev
  3. thanks all! plenty of leads - very much appreciated kev
  4. Hi all Can anyone recommend a classic car repair/restoration shop in Maryland? Ideally Washington/Baltiomore area.. All the best Kev
  5. Many thanks for you responses, much was general enquiry re all the available options but i have now located a copy of an original dealer form that was filled out by customer back in the day, complete with all codes...
  6. Hi All Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of optional equipment codes for a 65 Riviera? There's a lot of info re decoding cowl tags, maybe with the odd optional equipment codes - but i've been unable to find a comprehensive source of info re. optional extras... Thanks in advance Kev
  7. Hi All Has anyone lowered their 65 with Jamco coils springs 2" or 3"? If so can you advise amount of road clearance you have to frame/exhaust - whatever is nearer the ground? All the best Kev
  8. Hi all Anyone know of a supplier of a Electric window conversion kit fir 1965 riv? All the best Kev