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  1. many thanks'll be glad to hear gasket just stuck on tight - no welding involved.....
  2. Hi All As i write i think I might have worked out the answer to the first part of my (four part) question! Apologies but i'll start with it anyway.... 1)Attached is a pic of the metal carb baffle from my carter AFB 4 BBL...I was going to ask what would account for the rough hole along the bottom edge (if you look closely)? At first it looked like a previous owner had punched it out for some reason but then... 2)I realised that part of the baffle lies over the big U shape groove that goes across the intake manifold - i believe this kind of heat transfer 'thing'? Now that groove was filled with soot and the holes at each end were blocked . would this result in some kind of heat build up which would damage the baffle? 3 I know this is a common question out on the 'web' but i want to get peoples opinion who are in the know with first gen riv's - when i reinstall the two gaskets i know the cork/paper/flexible gasket goes down first onto the manifold, then the metal baffle goes on top, then on goes the carb. Do i need to apply some gasket sealant anywhere in the sandwich? Or will torquing the bolts be sufficient? When removing everything there was asmall trace of an orange coloured flexible sealant which got me thinking....... 4) and lastly - this is the even more common question out on the web but i'm hoping for a miracle easy answer from you! - removal of the old paper/cork gasket...bits are welded on - is there a solution i can apply to get it off or is it a case of scraping away with a plastic/flexible long as its flat who clean does that manifold surface have to be?.... All the very best Kev (in the UK)
  3. aha...and the circle in the central pad?.....
  4. will def do - motor doesnt work at mo but i can get that rebuilt over here if needed. I'll check out your tutorial when imove on to the assuming its on the Riv web site? Cheers Kev
  5. there's also a corner cut out of the pad above the A/C for some reason - also original? i'll measure the hole when i get back to the garage during the you know what the purpose was? Cheers Kev
  6. Many thanks...ive attached a few pics ...i must admit its not quite as shiny and new looking in the flesh! But fundamentally it seems a very solid original car...been standing more less for 10 years in storage, so currently working on bringing it back to life..... Cheers Kev
  7. Hi All Thanks for your responses and kind comments ...I've attached a copy of the invoice and data plate to confirm the colour/special order status.....i'm thinking aloud about how many 'special paint' cars from 1965 are still up and running now? I guess a hard question to answer, unless you guys know any ...since posting on this forum my research via the owners club web site shows (i believe) that in 1965 only 90 special paint cars were produced which is a very small number to begin with.. Maybe i should ask the question via the owners club mag and see what happens... Interesting stuff! Cheers Kev (London, England)
  8. ..the double whitewall is the spare - the shipping company managed to bust the single whitewall that was on it - however that has now been repaired and will be going back on...miles 85000...
  9. Many thanks Tom - you see in my pic the number five in this significant of being something from the factory? Cheers Kev
  10. Hi All I have a 65 painted as detailed on original invoice as a 'special order' Aleutian Gray - i think a Cadillac colour. Does anyone else here have a special order paint job or know anything about numbers back in the day? Also what would qualify a customer to ask for and get such a service? Cant inmagibne it was an easy thing to get.... All the best Kev
  11. Hi All I've got a 3 piece insulation kit for the hood of my 65.. However there is a 4th section of the hood...doesn't seem room to insert a piece of insulation, even if it was in the kit.. So my question is what would have been there back in the day? Or would it have been painted ..i've attached a pic of my hood showing the area in question.. Thanks in advance Kev
  12. many thanks all . .. much appreciated.....
  13. Hi all I want to install a dual master cylinder on my 65 - i hear that installing one from a 67 is easiest method. Does anyone have any experience and tips? Vacuum power unit is a Bendix... All the best Kev
  14. Hi All Hopefully you can help with my 65 - I have a flexible fuel hose in the engine bay which needs replacing ...I have two questions.. 1)The existing hose , apart from being damaged, looks to be routed a very untidy way (maybe unsafe, so close to the engine?) to the filter, and then onto the carb.....can anyone post a pic of how they have routed their set up? 2)Just out of interest I've been told that originally the fuel line in the engine compartment was metal all way to the carb - is this correct? All the best Kev