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  1. Great thanks Ed! I'll do a little searching.... -Allen
  2. Is pulling the door skins the best way to get to the window motors and mechanisms? Makes me a little nervous for some reason. This is unique and foreign to me. Guess I'm worried about scratching or messing things up somehow. The driver side door is missing a skin stud and there is one that is loose and spins in place. I didn't look at them all. Hoping these are the only ones with issues. Are these easily replaceable? The driver side door handle is a little loose. Driver vent window is not working either. Will be nice to get things working like new. Can anyone recommend a weather strip supplier? Lot's of questions already... Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks Tom, I didn't see any tags on the rear springs. I haven't checked the fronts yet. Is there anything else I look for to confirm the H2 option? -Allen
  4. Not posi but I wanted to see if I could figure out the ratio. 3 over 2 and 04D. Would this mean 3:23 ratio? With a date code of some sort?
  5. I had the body and chassis service manuals before I bought the car. I knew I was going to get one and wanted to start learning about them before I got one. I haven't looked for a parts manual though, I'll be doing that next. Thanks again! Allen
  6. Thanks everyone for the congrats and welcome! I have a bathroom remodel I'm working on so I cant really start playing until that is done. I do my own work on almost everything. I did take a little break to check out the rear end and steering. It does NOT have posi. How many steering wheel turns lock-to-lock for standard and "quick" steering? Mine seems to be a little less than 3 turns lock to lock. Fortunately the cars body and trim seems to be in nice shape but, drive train needs to be gone through. I was told the engine has low compression on a couple of cylinders but, I have't had a chance to check it out yet. I'll check it out sometime but am planning on an engine rebuild. After all was warmed up I did see some blue smoke coming out of the air cleaner at idle. Transmission should probably get a refresh too. Lots of rubber such as weather stripping and bushings need to be replaced. Every electric motor (windows, winshield wipers, electric seat) sound like they are working hard. I'l bet 52 year old grease is no longer helping along with the grime build up. Something I'll be tinkering with when I get the time. Other than the paint and exhaust everything seems to be original. Suspension is pretty soft, new springs will be going in likely with a 2" drop. Lots to do and I'm looking forward to it. Glad to see a couple of local folks here too. I reside on the south end of Whidbey Island near the Clinton ferry.
  7. Hi Everyone, New ROA member as of about a month ago. New Riviera owner this week. I've been watching the adds for quite a while now for a 65. I missed out on a couple of opportunities over the last year or so because they sold fast. Now I'm glad I did miss them. I'm very excited to have this one now, it appears to be an unusual one and is the reason I jumped at purchasing. I had it shipped up to Washington and received it on Tuesday 04/17. Take a look and see what you think. Many options, including rare ones. It needs a quite a bit of work mechanically but it's a California car and I'm hoping all the metal is good, it appears to be. Around 28000 miles on the odometer (rolled over). The plan is to get everything working as it should again then work on restoring. I'm sure it will be a many year project but, I'm looking forward to it. The add is still up if you want more details but it's sold. Numbers do match. Came with some documentation (Owners manual, Protection Plan booklet with the car portion of the Protect-O-Plate and registrations from some of the previous owners. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/6045789526.html Have you ever seen a plaque on the console stating "Custom Built For (original owners name)"? Here is what I decoded. Not sure what some things are... Protect-O-Plate: X-232 T-343 00 628 Z X - Super Wildcat - 232 - ? T - Transmission - 343 - ? 00 - Paint code? 628 - Interior trim - Z ? Cowl Tag: 12B ST 65-49447 FB 36399 BODY TR 628 SCO-102 * PAINT EXNTS-2KR-3T-50 12B - December, 2nd week. 65 - Model year 1965 49447 - (4 - buick, 1 model series, 19 Body Style) 628 - Trim, Black Vinyl - custom interior SCO - Special Car Order? - 102? * - Custom Interior E - EZI Glass All X - Power Window (Except Vents) N - Power Window (Vents Only) T - 4 way power seat S - Automatic Trunk Release 2: K - Air Conditioner R - Rear Seat Speaker 3: T? 50? It looks like the original color was a darkish burgundy. Can't tell by the Cowl tag. Options not included in codes above: Guide-Matic headlight control Wood steering wheel 4 note horn Cruise Control Wire wheel hub caps with spinners Rear seat arm rest Still need to determine if it has: Posi Quicker steering box Can't wait to start the tinkering...