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  1. #carshow Bourse d'Echange Laventie France, 23 april By : CHTI Traction Part 1 & 2 on : Greetings from Belgium
  2. Thank you very much
  3. Thanks for the replay, its a Oldmobile engine
  4. I hope this is the place to post this... Photos : 15th Custom Meeting International Tournai Belgium, 23 april 2017 By : SV27 On : Greetings from Belgium
  5. Hi Since a while I'm having an "Emissions" sign on the milagecounter of my Buick Electra Estate 1980 (350ci). I know that it has something to do with the katalysator but what has to be done and how to reset this? Kind Regards...
  6. Thanks...
  7. Is this existing, a scale model of the Buick Electra Estate Wagon model 1980? Greetings from Belgium
  8. Thanks, yes Electra & Capri rides frequently, to car shows... only from half november to half marsh the are not very active. Just discover BCA & take a look... What's special is that our Electra the only traced in Belgium (model 1980 Electra Estate Wagon), not like the Chevy Caprice. We got a lot of these, mostly ex Hearses. Greetings
  9. 2015, in our Belgian ghost town "Doel" This village has to disapear tomake the Port of Antwerp bigger
  10. Our Easter Monday, Oldtimermeeting Kruishoutem Flemisch Region Belgium, We came with, VW Beetle Convertible, Triumph Spitfire, Buick Electra & Ford Capri photos >>> Greetings from Belgium
  11. If You, like I can post photos of our visited carshows. Just tell me in what Forum/Subforum to place. Greetings from Belgium
  12. Brussels, nice . Are Your parents from Belgium?
  13. Yes we got it...