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  1. I have a couple spares. Let me know if you need one.
  2. Wheelmang


    It is a fairly easy job to do yourself. Guessing you can get the lining and rivets from someone like Myers.
  3. Wheelmang

    Driving old cars vs new cars

    Just think of the time, fuel and pollution savings if they spent more money on smart signal lights. A lot of that stopping and starting can be eliminated!
  4. Wheelmang

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    Rebuilt or remanufactured distributor? Did they replace the centrifigal springs in the distributor or reuse old weak ones? Not even sure if yours has them but just a thought.
  5. Wheelmang

    Flooring pictures please

    The structure of the heater base is pretty robust. The circulation from the exhaust is through really thick metal. Heavy enough that the car would have totally rusted out long before the heater circulation tubing. I have one that was in with a load of parts that was picked up earlier this year and did not realize, (after figuring out what it was), it is for a DB. I though it was for a Desoto. The manufacturer label has patents all the way back to 1916. There does not however appear original to my 26 DB.
  6. Wheelmang

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    First - This restoration is not dead! A number of factors have led to the difficult decision to back burner this until what is likely the first of next year. I really appreciate all of the input and guidance from everyone out there. The post will be revived as soon as I am able to start it up again. Paul
  7. I see these kind of projects and get all excited. Then I think I better get moving on my numerous restorations before one of "my kids" makes a post like this.
  8. Wheelmang

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    Hi Ron: I need to get back to the engine builder. I loaned him my manuals as he needed specs for future work. I will post pictures as things progress. Certain to be more questions. Thanks for the guidance. Paul
  9. Wheelmang

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    Thank you Ron. I will attack it tomorrow. Paul
  10. Wheelmang

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    Sorry Ray - I should know better than to try and send messages from my cell phone. Here's the scenario. The axle housing that is still in my car has threads that are badly messed up on one end. This is the refurbished one on the replacement axle. So I have a complete spare rear axle assembly that is now in my shop. I am trying to completely disassemble and refurbish it. The ring and pinion are all set. (Much cleaner now that what is pictured.) What I am trying to take apart now is the front portion of the diff housing. It has six pins three top and three bottom that appear need to be removed in order to get the housing portion off. I thought they may have been swedge pins but they did not budge even with heating up around them. It also looks like the ring drive gear (no picture, I am maxed out on uploads for the day) on the end of the driveshaft cannot be pulled until this housing is off. It is pressed on with a key way. No way to a get a two or three jaw puller under that I can see. Your help is greatly appreciated. Paul
  11. Wheelmang

    Rebuild of a 1926 DB 4 Cylinder

    Finding plenty to do while waiting what will be months before engine reassemble. One of the axle nut threads on my housing is screwed up. I have this spare that I started on yesterday and cannot how to get it disassembled. Anyone have experience with this?
  12. Wheelmang

    1933 3 speed transmission rebuild

    I just finished the rebuild on my 26 DB transmission. Gaskets and cork seals were easy to make and my local parts store was able to get the bearings. Probably could have completed it in a day or so but got persnickety about cosmetics. All and all a pretty straight forward job.
  13. Wheelmang

    Auction that pipe dreams are made of

    If you feel prices on antiques and our cars has crashed - take a look at philately. I spend time collecting stamps when my old bones hurt too much from crawling around under a car. I recently offered a small collection of approximately 3000 different Russian stamps, from 1860's to 1990's, for sale on Ebay. The collection has a catalog value of $3500. Catalog value is now a total misleading number as the honest real value of this is probably about 10% of that at $350. I had no interest at $85. Ten to 15 years ago this would have sold quickly for around a $1000. Fortunately I think most of us collect for shear appreciation of our whatevers and do not plan to supplement our retirement from the income of sales. The generation today, and I am not saying they are wrong, need instant gratification for the expenditure of their time and money. That just seems to be the way it is. PS: If any of you have stamps for sale for .01ยข on the $ send me a PM. ๐Ÿ˜
  14. Wheelmang

    1935 or 1937 Dodge Brothers Truck

    Don't forget to take it by Keiser's house so he can report seeing it! ๐Ÿ˜
  15. Wheelmang

    FOUND Thank You: 1926 4 Cylnder Fan

    I looked for the other post but it no longer seems to be there. You were questioning the nut on the front of the fan and I did not remember mine looking the same. Following are pictures of what is on my 26 DB 6V.