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  1. Carb restoration

    Thank you for the pictures. Very similar except for the addition of the air filter. Wish mine had that set up. Did you use some kind of clear coat on the brass or just leave it natural?
  2. Carb restoration

    Sorry - 1926 DB 6V
  3. Rear axle housing for 1926 DB

    I am looking for an axle housing for a 1926 DB. I will use a complete assembly with carrier, brakes etc. if that is all that is available. Preference is something located in the SE so I can pick it up. I am located in NW Georgia. Thanks all.
  4. Carb restoration

    I just about completed the rebuilding of my 1926 DB carburetor last night. I love the look of the brass portions of the body. A PO had painted everything white. I assume that was not original? Can someone please post a picture of what an OE looks like? Thanks all. Paul
  5. Spark advance 1926 DB

    Thanks all for your valued comments. I must be looking in the wrong places. In my book of information the only thing stated is retard for start and advance afterwards. Thank you for clarifying the lever position. I can pretty much guarantee that the original set up is no longer there. I am not at my manuals right now but I (gulp) presume that there are set up instructions in print for the linkage etc.? Some right now is held together with twisted wire so I know it is poor at best. Thanks again Paul
  6. This is not an urgent need however I am going to start the search now. The threads on the right side of my rear axle are bunged up. I was able to reassemble but do not trust it for any serious rides or be able to take it apart again. So - I am looking for a rear axle, really need just a good housing but will take a complete assembly with axle shafts, bearings, carrier, brakes etc, for a 1926 Dodge Brothers, (6 V if it makes a difference). I live in the NW GA mountain area and prefer to drive to pick it up if at all possible. If you have one you can part with please leave a message and a means to contact you. Thanks all for looking. Paul
  7. Spark advance 1926 DB

    Such a basic question but cannot find the answer after about an hour of looking in manuals. The spark advance lever on my steering column is either in approximately 1:00 or 4:00 o'clock position. What position should it be in for initial start up? Thanks all.
  8. Another find from the PO - HELP!!!

    The wheel bearings and axle are back in place. I ended up cleaning up what threads I could by hand with a ground to a point and heat treated 90° tool. It helped but still needed to finish the reinstall with a pneumatic hammer. It will work for now as I will only be traveling at the most a few "testing" miles until ready for the road stage. So - if anyone in the general vicinity of NW Georgia has a rear axle available for a 1926 DB 6V, I'm in the market. Thanks Paul
  9. Well I had the bright idea that as long as the wheel end was apart for brakes it would be good to clean and grease the wheel bearings. All went well on the driver side. Down hill from there. Attached are pictures of the threads on the passenger side axle end. The bearing race would not budge. I ended up using a drift punch and hammer to slowly coax it out. It was not until it was completely out that I could see the problem. The bearing race is OK except for rounded over tines. Any suggestions for how to fix this are greatly appreciated. (26DB 6V).
  10. 26DB Brakes - This just does't look correct

    Hi Ray. Gotta love the little cars. Frame and body is 59, trans back is 1960 and the 1622 engine is from a 62. Suspension is all done working now on rust repair. There is also a 58 that is all number matching. That is in line after the 596062.
  11. 26DB Brakes - This just does't look correct

    Thank you all for your great feedback and especially the pictures. Really glad I asked the question. Kinda strange that they specify the length of lining required that they (whoever they is) do.
  12. So The brakes on my 26 DB 6V really needed new linings. (Have no idea how PO was stopping it as most of the lining was gone) I purchased the specified length of lining and lined the brake shoes. My concern is the way it looks there is going to be a high spot. Please see pictures. This does not look correct to me. Did the original have two pieces of lining that where the area over the gap should be cut out or is this in fact correct the way I have it. Thanks for your valued input. Paul
  13. Oil check valve/pressure switch question

    Excellent feedback. Thank you so much!!
  14. There is a device on the passenger side of the engine on my 26 DB 6 Volt that has a small BB held in place by what appears to be a bent up ink pen spring. This is just before the line that goes to the oil pressure gauge and also tees off to the upper end of the block. This cannot be as designed. I could not find any info on this in any of my manuals. So - a couple of questions. Is this in fact a check valve? Are the BB and spring necessary? If yes, which I presume, where could I get the correct tension spring? Sorry just no chance right now to send pictures. If needed to answer the question I will post later this week. Thanks all for you valued guidance. Paul
  15. Brakes on a 1926 DB

    Thanks Mike. Perfect post and great detail on your link. I did start the disassembly this afternoon and they are riveted.