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  1. I've edited the pictures into the original post, if you would like to see anything else, please reply here, or give us a call/text!
  2. Hello! I'm currently helping my grandfather sell his car, and thought this could/would be a nice place to post my listing. We've been trying to sell our vehicle for quite the time, however no bites - yet. 28,000 original miles. It has everything in working order, even has the original keyless entry/keyfob. It is clean, inside and outside, and has no problems. It has every single bell/whistle, and every single bell/whistle works. It has no damage, and has been vacuumed, and professionally cleaned/waxed. (no stains, scratches/marks, nothing.) original paint and wheels, original everything. We are currently located in Buckeye, AZ, and you can contact my grandfather at; 425-785-9592, or myself, at 425-785-9593. our asking price: $10,000 obo. please post any desires(more pictures, identification number, etc.) here, or feel free to text/call us.