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  1. Dennis Jones

    I took our 1933 Chevy Master for a drive today and ended up at the clubhouse. It was a beautiful winter day in Southern California.
  2. San Diego, CA Good Guys Del Mar 2018

    I'm hoping I'll be able to attend. It all depends on whether we will need to make a trip to Texas for some family health issues. What day or days do you plan on being there? Dennis Jones
  3. 1931' Chevy 5 Passenger Coupe

    Such beautiful work. What a true craftsman.
  4. I would like to buy an original 1933 Chevrolet Master Air Cleaner Assembly. Here is a picture of what they looked like.
  5. Thanks for the response JFranklin. I have been looking for something like that but haven't found anything close enough to the dimensions that will fit.
  6. Has anyone got any ideas about how to convert my 33 Chevy air filter element from the original wire to a more modern efficient element? I want to keep the original metal case. I don't think this is the "original" air cleaner. But its close enough that I want to keep it. Just want it to be more efficient. I can't find any Fram, AC, K&N, etc. filter element the same size that would work with my housing. I'm not sure what material I should replace the wire with.
  7. Our 1933 Chevrolet Master (5 window coupe)

    Thank you.
  8. Our 1933 Chevrolet Master (5 window coupe)

    Going through photos today and put this two minute slide show together.
  9. 2 (Small).JPG

  10. 59a64303d6f50_6(Small).JPG

    I needed new tires on our 1933 Chevy Master and decided to go with blackwalls this time. I like the look.
  11. '26 clutch problem.

    I realize my car is a chevy and also a 1933. But I had a very bad rattle coming from my clutch. After removing the transmission and clutch I determined it was the fork ball support and the clutch fork that was causing the rattle. It was a good thing I did remove it all though as I ended up needing a new pilot bearing also. Good luck with your problem.
  12. What a difference new tires make.

    J.H. Boland.........Wow, I love your Packard. What a beautiful car. And alsancle, I do use the balancing beads in my motorcycles. They work great. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work just as well on a car or truck. Dennis
  13. My car is a 1933 Master 5 window coupe. It was probably restored about 40 years ago. The interior is old and not in great shape. I am afraid of destroying it trying to clean it, and I can't really afford to replace the interior at this time. I am not even sure what kind of material it is. Here is a short video of it. I'm open to all suggestions. This forum has helped me figure things out many times and I am thankful. Thanks, Dennis
  14. I like the look of the new black wall tires I installed today. It made a big difference in how it drives. The old tires were 40 years old and hard as a rock and not much tread left on the front tires. I ordered the new tires from Universal Vintage Tire. They are made by Lester Tire Company. The ride is very good, and so far I'm thinking they don't even need to be balanced. I took the car up to 55 mph and there is no tire vibration at all.
  15. AACA tires

    Rick Marsh, Thanks for explaining to me the difference in classes. I guess my 33 Chevy would be entered in the DPC class because I have installed a 6 volt alternator on it and those little oval mirrors to see in the blindspots for changing lanes. Oh yes, and somebody prior to me converted it to a rumble seat. Dennis Jones