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  1. I used POR15 manifold gray paint. I brushed it on 2 years ago, still looks good.
  2. Have you tried a different 3 port filter?
  3. It takes me about 45 minutes to dismantle , polish and reassemble a wire cap. Just take your time.
  4. The silver and white look good. Your seats look too good to change them
  5. Do you have a white interior?
  6. I have a white '63 with wire wheel covers also. I thought the turbine caps might be easier to maintain but when your wire caps are all polished they look great!
  7. Thanks for the info. I learn something every day reading this forum, just wish I remember it all.
  8. You will see lots of inconsistencies on my '63 at Overland Park.
  9. I thought the black vinyl was a 63 only item. You didn't mention the after market radio.
  10. I agree with Ed, and use a wix filter. AC used to be the best when AC made them. AC is long gone and the AC Delco name belongs To GM SPO , I don't know what 3rd world country is making them now.
  11. Yes the gauge are illuminated. I still have the oil and temp lights hooked up to get my attention if I have the ash tray closed.
  12. I put a oil pressure and water temperture gauge in the ash tray so I could hide them. No room for volt gauge.
  13. That would make a cool wall lamp. Good idea.
  14. His name is Dan. # 313 516 1289
  15. Your bench looks clean compaired to mine. You can still see room for more stuff.