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  1. Cool. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks to you all for your remedies. I drilled out the rusted screws and changed the filter.
  3. Thanks Barney. Will try that too.
  4. Yeah, I think that's the next step. Thanks HR
  5. Hello everyone, hope all is good out there. I'm trying to change the air filter but, the 2 phillips screws on top of the box are rusted. 1 is stripped and the other I can't turn to remove the top of the box. I soaked them both with WD40 and, no luck. Is there another way to remove the top or, the box itself? Thanks
  6. Thanks again RDG.
  7. Yeah, 89RDG. Trying to keep her original. Thanks for the photo.
  8. Hope all are doing good out here. I need to either confirm connection or be corrected. On the ignition module connection I want ask if I`m connecting the module correctly. When looking at the wire side of the module, the 3 blue wires get connected on one side. Does it matter which side left or right? And, what is the order of the other 3 wires? (blue yellow green) Once the module and coil pack are connected, do the cylinder numbers on the coil pack need to match up with the wire connections of the module? Hope I explained this question correctly. Thanks Everyone
  9. Just ordered the ac delco module.
  10. Is this what I spray on the connector wires?
  11. Thanks. Just ordered the ac delco module. Where can I buy a can of the PC duster?
  12. Ok. Thanks again 89RDG. I have read your other thread.
  13. Thanks 89RDG. Yes I prefer new also.
  14. Hello out there, hope all are doing well. Let me start by saying my Reatta was running fine up until yesterday. I took it for a little ride around the neighborhood. I parked it still running and, it stalled. Try starting it but, to no avail. Turns over but, not starting. I pulled a plug and noticed no spark. I have already replaced the ignition module, coil pack, wires, plugs, and crank position sensor. Note that the module and coil pack are aftermarket. I also noticed that the module connector wires are right on top of the radiator hose and, when I replaced the old module there was a sticky residue all over the connector wires.(the old module was melted under the coil pack) The new module is all intact. So, I don`t know if I should replace the module again to see if the car will start? or being that the old module was melted and, try to figure out what caused the old module to melt. I`m stumped here and, don`t know what to do next.