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    WTB - fuel tank 62 Skylark 2dr

    I've received 2 new replies on this topic, but they appear to be separate threads, ie, two new channels on this one topic. So, I'll respond here so as to not repeat myself and hope you get my reply (thanks). I took my tank back to Aluminum Radiator & Racer Supply in Aurora CO (303-719-7900) and he is going to repair it by cutting it open, inspecting and repairing the leak both internally (clean & seal) and exterior (clean & solder) then repair the hole he cut. It was always doable, but he wanted a better starting point (another used tank) if we could find one timely - we did not. He's "old school" and I think he will do a good job at a reasonable price. He called me after he opened my tank and found it pristine inside - no rust - so all the damage came from the outside. It appears the car was backed/driven over a rock or high curb that slightly dented and severely scratched my tank and was repaired with some kind of putty and brazed in a couple spots, and then later, sealed (very poorly at Gold Star Radiator on Broadway in Denver) from the inside two years ago. Now that needs to be redone correctly. His estimate is in the $300 range complete. Another estimate from A-1 Radiator (N. Federal, Denver) to do a hot caustic bath and reseal it in & out (no solder or brazing) was $435. I found no source for a new tank for my 62 Skylark. I hope this is helpful for anyone with a fuel tank that needs repair. To raugusti in Colorado Springs - I'd be interested in contacting the " Yahoo 61 62 63 Skylark group " in Denver if I knew better how to contact them (not too savvy with social media and the like). Thanks for your reply. FYI, the 2011 thread on AACA on a Skylark/Special fuel tank said the 4dr/wgn tank is "thicker" than that for the 2dr body and the fill neck is at a different angle. My repair shop said that my fill neck is not removable as it extends half way across the tank (which made it very difficult to drain). To filbily - thanks for your reply. If my repair is ineffective, I'll be in touch.
  2. gr8sc0tt

    WTB - fuel tank 62 Skylark 2dr

    Thanks for the lead, Gary. I called and unfortunately he knows of no source for a 62 Skylark tank new and I found nothing new for Buicks from 1954-64. He suggested custom fabrication with stainless steel, but didn't have a lead to someone who might do that. It would be an expensive, but permanent fix. I've found a couple at junkyards around the country (FL and OK), but they are rusty junk, not worth restoring. Still looking there - may be one in AZ which would motivate a visit to my sister there. I might try to get someone to braze mine, replacing the putty that is leaking for a practical fix. Don't know what it looks like inside, but I suspect prior owner used ethanol gas and not driving it much, fuel dissociated with a water pocket on the bottom of the tank, causing it to rust inside. Metal is not soft in that area. I can get a guy here to run a camera inside to look at it further - might be my best option. Apparently, the poor seal job inside 2 years ago is now the biggest problem (fuel gauge didn't work because the float was stuck in the sealant). I've been told a caustic bath would never get all that old sealant out and it would flake off over time, clogging the fuel intake. I'm thinking a cleanup and brazing on the exterior only might be possible? Any thoughts, anyone?
  3. Looking for a used fuel tank for my 62 Skylark convertible. Mine has several past repairs and last owner tried to seal it interior, which makes it nearly impossible to repair from here as 2 radiator shops told me. I'm in Denver area and am willing to drive a good ways to get one. Also looking at junkyards, waiting for online reply to that. Understand from a 2011 post here that the 61-62 2dr tank is unique from those years with 4dr and SW bodies. Anything out there or any suggestions. thx