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  1. Try LeBaron Bonney Company, Amesbury, MA. Website.
  2. 31Buick80

    WTB 1931 Buick Front Bumper 50 series

    It is also the same as the front bumper on my 1931 model 8-67. Used on several different models I believe.
  3. 31Buick80

    1930 Buick Model 40 Sedan Chassis and Engine

    Yes, it is still available.
  4. 31Buick80

    FOR 1931 60 SERIES:

    I will say that I probably have the shackle in my garage in New York, but currently I am in Florida and will be here for about three more months. If you are not in a hurry, send me a note at j.opp47@yahoo.com in mid April and I will let you know. Also, there is a small foundry in my home town up there and they can cast replicas in iron and do small piece parts for me on a regular basis. So if I don't have one it can certainly be made for you.
  5. 31Buick80

    Two Wood Artillery Wheels for 1931 Buick

    Found wheels. Don't need any more. It is a model 8-91. Thanks.
  6. A chassis for a 1930 model 40 sedan, with the front steering, brakes, wood wheels, rear end, and also the engine from the car. Frame is solid as can be, no rot or holes. Includes brackets for running boards, etc. The motor is on its side and is basically the block with valve cover and the rear support which has a crack. All for $250. Located in central New York about 3 hours above Hershey.
  7. Looking for two wood artillery wheels for side mount on 1931 Buick. 6 lugs. Hershey perhaps??
  8. 31Buick80

    1930 Buick Fuel Pump

    Found some more pieces and have a complete AC fuel pump for a 1930 Model 40 (I believe) 6 cylinder. It is shown in the first three photos. Not sure if the other models in 1930 used this same pump or if a different design was used. This pump is activated by a push rod in the engine out to the pump. I have also shown another pump in the next three photos that is a straight through flow, and it has the same attachment base with one ear broken. It could be rebuilt using the other base for engines where the lever arm rides on the cam, or where the push mechanism can be changed with the lever if the mounting holes line up on your engine. Each one will need to be rebuilt as their history is unknown to me. 607-349-5889
  9. 31Buick80


    Is the 1930 Series 40 piece still available?
  10. 31Buick80

    1930 Marquette Marvel carb. air filter

    Take a look at this one and let me know if you think it would work. I can bring it to Zephyrhills in about a month.
  11. Got your response on these. The generator/distributor is fine, but the fuel pump is not correct. The one base ear is damaged and someone before me tried to fix it with another model base, but it is not correct. My email is j.opp47@yahoo.com for direct contact. If you will send me yours I can send a couple of pictures. Thanks, John
  12. For some reason messages to me are not getting through to my attention in the forum, or in my email so if I have missed something I need to figure out how to fix. I do have a fuel pump from a model 40 six cylinder motor. I'd like to get $200 for it. I also have the generator/ distributor, it turns freely and cap is in good shape, no cracks, I'd like to get $150 for it. Plus shipping.
  13. Jack, Forget the previous reply. Rethinking these prices. How about $25 for the steering arm, and $200 for the carb and with the heat riser total for $300. Thanks.
  14. $50 for the steering arm, and the assembly you refer to is original carburetor and heat riser. $400 for the carburetor and $200 for the heat riser. Plus the cost of shipping to Maine by UPS. Thanks.
  15. I have many parts for 1930 and 1931 Buicks, just acquired. Front fenders, frame rail covers, splash apron below the grill, body aprons over the running boards, wheels (two full sets), spare tire and rim mount for rear, hood, gas tank and rear cover, complete chassis, transmission, 6 cylinder engine, starter, carburetor, generator/distributor, manifolds, fuel pump, water pump, one cowl light, and more small interior bits and pieces. Sheet metal pieces have been sand blasted and lightly primed. No major holes or tears in any. Look at the pictures and give me a call or email to get pricing, too much to list. These parts came from a 1930 Model 40. Interchangeable with many models in 29, 30 and 31. Located in upstate New York and I am leaving for central Florida in early October. So I can transport to the Tampa area. Heading down I-81 to Knoxville and then I-75 to Tampa. Possibly over to the Richmond area as a side trip on the way. Already planning a couple of stops in Atlanta area to drop parts, so will try to make it convenient to get parts to you and avoid large shipping costs. John @ 607-349-5889. Leave message if I can't answer.