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  1. "Mr. Earl",you are really making me drool over that '38 ! Wish I was a little closer,it looks like you could use some help,my specialty has always been cleaning up cars to bring them back.What a great find,things that are what my dreams are made of.Check out my LeSabre in profile about me section,she looked like your dusty collection when I brought her home.Just saying,she could go with "Helen" if you decide.
  2. I'm looking for rebuild kit for '60 364 and not having much luck,finding 401 but no 364.Next question is are they interchangeable and could it be turned into a 401? I don't know engine work much and just looking for info.I plan on getting started on my '60 LeSabre that has been in a garage since '78.When I bought the car the motor was stuck,so I filled the engine with Marvel Mystery Oil,like I did with my '68 and saved that one,but unsure of this one,haven't tried to see if it freed up yet,it has been soaking for 9 years now.She only has 49,000 miles so wasn't to worn when parked and I have my finger crossed.I just have the feeling this one won't have the same results,so I'm trying to get ready for a rebuild.I have saved two other engines by doing this,a '54 Nash Statesman with 36,000 parked for 19 years and a '63 Skylark with 40,000 miles,aluminum 215,parked for 22 years,and drove both afterwords with no problems. Any guidance in this quest appreciated,Thanks,Dan. P.S.,I have obtained a 4-barrel intake to use,would this be helpful on this car? It has the better turbine trans.Keep watch of "Me and my Buick" will be posting pictures soon.
  3. If you have trouble finding those missing parts,let me know,a friend of mine has a graveyard of over 4000 cars from the '40s to the '70s.As soon as the snow disappears,I could see if he has anything
  4. What a gorgeous ride,glad to see you got pictures before you blew the dust off.The last one I got like that,I was able to drive so I washed the windshield so I could see where I was going and there happened to be a show that weekend,drove in and had more attention than the shiney ones.It was a '65 Riviera that I'll be posting pictures of soon.
  5. So do I and I am always nice to my customers,deal with the public,grin a bare it.
  6. I live in PA and they use exempt on cars after a certain age with 5 digit speedometers,it pisses me off also,but if you ask when changing titles,most places will put in mileage,most people don't catch that and if you don't ask,they do it automatically.The old gal whom I got my Hudsons from didn't catch it and they say exempt now too,very irritating for us car fanatics ! Almost as bad as the young girl who did the work and didn't think there where enough numbers in the VIN,I had to explain that back then there weren't as many cars !
  7. One thing people forget is the rear end,well worth changing.Just a suggestion,I use Lucas products in every fluid in the car,especially with cars not driven regularly,keeps gaskets and seals from drying.When I bought my Riviera 25 years ago,she had a whine in the rear,used the Lucas oil stabilizer in the rear,suggested on the bottle, and has not made a noise since.Rear main seal was dripping and that also stopped.I have a pair of Hudsons that have stopped any oil leaks also,Lucas in everything I own. One of the most unusual parts of that '60 is the speedometer,how many people realize is is embedded in the top of the dash,upside down and backward and you are looking at a mirror to read with an adjustment on the side for you're height behind wheel !
  8. I just started looking on line yesterday
  9. Very nice ride,I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that doesn't mind an extra set of doors ! So many people don't even give a 4-dr. a second look.Makes me even more antsy to get working on mine, a '60 LeSabre. How many miles on yours? Mine has been named "Elvira",all black and looks like she should be driving.
  10. I forgot another unbelievable fact about both these cars that make most people squirm,I payed $1500 for the '68 LeSabre with the stuck engine and the son-in-law wanted the Cady out of his garage and paid $999 for that one !
  11. Here's an old girl I never should have let go.I found in a storage unit in 2008 with a stuck engine with 17,000 miles,was parked in '86 with all her original parts,including the tires.Three mechanics gave up on trying to get free before I discovered her.I knew with that mileage she shouldn't be given up on,so I brought her home in November and filled up the engine with Marvel Mystery Oil until it wouldn't take anymore and left it until April.I then let drain for a day,then refilled with new oil,cleaned the cap,rotor and points,put in new plugs and battery,the only things not original,got in and hit the key.Scared the hell out of me and turned over immediately and started on about the 6th turn.Also scared the neighbors,they thought the garage was on fire because of all the smoke.After about ten minutes the smoke cleared and I put her in gear and drove around the block ! Two weeks later,I drove her slowly to a local car show because of the original tires,out of 400 cars,took first prize in my class and best car on the field.Later that year,decided to sell and she went to an 80 year old gentleman south-west of Chicago.Does anyone know of this car?
  12. For those who noticed the '77 Coupe DeVille in the pictures,wish I had that one back too,bought the same year from original owner with 31,000 miles,and also parked in '86,last hoorah for Cady with 425 4-barrel,crushed velvet full bucket seats and console.I never thought that anything built in '77 would do anything for me until I drove that car.Can't keep 'em all ! Wait till I post the pictures of my '60 LeSabre survivor off the road since '78,coming soon.
  13. Looks like I better go looking as it is only dis-colored.
  14. What do you use to do this?
  15. This car is so close to perfect it's unbelievable,the only reason she ever left to begin with is that my auto parts store that I ran for 15 years got bought out by "corporate america" company and I couldn't put up with they're bullshit and left then realized who the hell wants to hire a 56 year old. Didn't want to loose my house and got close to the bottom of the bank account so had to let her go.The one thing I would like to replace when she comes home is the carpet,which is faded.Anyone know of a good place to get replacement? People always say "but it's got too many doors!" in this case who cares!When I was driving her,one night we put 8 people (we where all small people) in her and went to dinner,laughing about it the whole way.
  16. I found one,thanks Jolly John
  17. Hi,my name is Dan Seamans,I'm in N.E.PA. I've had the car bug since I bought my first car,'48 Ford, in 1970 at 15 years old,have had 84 vehicles since,all pre-'72 and still keep buying and selling and having fun with them, a true addiction! Now own '72 Riviera with 80,000 miles,had for 25 years,'60 LeSabre that hasn't seen daylight since '78,49,000 miles,'53 Hornet,'54 Hornet and '83 K5 Blazer. I have the hubcaps and wheels from my old '64 Riviera on my '72 Riviera and one is rusted on the back and won't stay on.It is fixable but would rather replace,I see I just missed some in the Riviera forum a couple weeks ago and found a set on ebay that seller wants $2000 ! for four,don't know what she's smoking.The ones I have are perfect except for the back of one,any help appreciated.Also could use a gas tank for the '72 Riv,unfortunately one year only that style.Want to see a couple nice Buicks,check my profile. Thanks,Dan
  18. I just heard from "Helens" current owner and she will be coming back home this fall,she is up to 17,311 miles !!
  19. I thought the same thing,when she comes home,she's getting a new name with front plate to match,her new name is now "Helen". Ms Foley passed away in 2002 at 90,interesting article about her,google "Helen Foley Binghamton school teacher".Another weird fact,I met her in 1973 when I worked at Botnick Chevrolet in Binghamton when she brought her '56 Belair with 23,000 miles on it in for service, and never saw her again.A friend of mine now owns that car and only has 27,000 miles today.
  20. I had to jump back in as I can not believe what just happened, an hour ago I received an email from the people who bought this car from me back in 2009 and offered it back to me !!!!! Speak of the Twilight Zone !!!! They don't belong to any clubs and would have had no idea I posted this,he is now 90 and decided its time to start thinning his hoard of 40 some cars.My old LeSabre has been in a heated garage and only a few miles put on her in the last 8 years,other than a new muffler and tires,still like the pictures.Someone is looking over me,maybe it's Ms.Foley! Looks like I better make some room in the barn.
  21. Thought I should add to the history of this car,original owner was Helen Foley of Binghamton NY,and she was a favorite teacher of Rod Serling of Twilight Zone fame.Her name was used in one of the original series and the '80s movie her name was used as a main character.
  22. Cover is discolored but in good condition,inside is in nice shape,more pictures sent upon request. $25 plus shipping.
  23. This book is in perfect condition,no bent corners,no yellowing.Would like $50 plus shipping.
  24. I only have one picture here,if you can;t tell from this let me know and I'll get one tomorrow,she's in my garage at another location,or go on ebay and put in '64 Riviera hubcaps,they are identical to the set listed there for $2000.They are the ones with removable spokes by taking off bolt in rear,big R in spinner. Thanks for getting back to me,Dan