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  1. That is a real beauty,glad I'm not the only one naming cars,my '60 is called "Elvira" 'cause she's all black and Elvira would sure look good behind the wheel,although she'd probably look better behind the wheel of yours!
  2. You really should try my method on that paint,might surprise you,pick a fender and give it a whirl.Do you know if it was repainted ? If it was,the sanding would be the way,if not that old paint should come back.Stay away from that lacquer thinner.Take a look at my '60 LeSabre "Elvira",she looked a lot worse than yours before I started,I should have taken pictures after dust and before my clean up.
  3. You might want to try one of my old tricks for bringing back old paint,used on all 80-something of mine,wipe it down the whole car with kerosene,adds oil back to paint and loosens any overspray.Then go back and rub down the whole car,terry cloth towel dampened with kerosene,this will remove dead paint .Then wash with good hot water and Dawn dish soap.Then polishing compound,old Dupont #7 works best using quite damp cloth and keep re-wetting,in straight back and forth rubbing,this allows you to fill in any minor surface scratching with circular polishing later.When finished use a damp towel to remove excess compound one section at a time and dry with another towel right after.Then go at it with wax.My Grandfather taught me this with my first car,'63 Impala SS convertible,the dark maroon paint looked like it had never been waxed and turned almost white,after doing this it looked like new again.On the chrome I use 0000 steel wool,made for polishing metal,a lot less messy,especially inside where you don't want all the goop of liquid.Try a small section with both these tricks,don't be scared,I never ruined one yet,that's why "Elvira" looks so good,you might be surprised and less invasive than sanding and less work. By the way,another beautiful 4dr. saved,good luck and keep us posted.
  4. No,I'm up in N.E. corner,twenty miles below N.Y. border just off Rt.81 up in the endless mountains at 1800 feet.
  5. When I did Elvira I used polishing compound,Dupont #7 first then wax and I forgot how nice that old lacquer paint was to work with,if not real bad you can always bring it back.Then the tooth brush and soft bristle scrub brush to get in the cracks and trim.Then I found Turtle Wax Ice that doesn't leave all that junk,several new ones like that out there,does a nice job.Where are you at,if I get Elvira going this year,it would be nice to see them side by side
  6. Looks like you've got got her all shined up,I love that color,really stands out in the sun.
  7. Better thin out the herd,found your Riv in Simponsville,SC,check out on www.classiccars.com.put in Rivieras,first page. Only 2 hrs away.
  8. Shucks,I new you would get hooked on that beauty,looks like Helen and Elvira will be sticking around.When I get my Riv back on the road,I'm am going to make a road trip down to see your Buick farm later this summer.
  9. Did the storms miss you,we had hail last night when the barbecue chicken was about half done,first of the year,good thing we had the grille and beer under the roof.
  10. Sounds like we're building a party at Mr.Earls!! Can't be too many other places with such a collection of Buicks and characters in one place.It will only take me 14 hours to get there unless I bring the Riv,cut it to about 10 or 11.
  11. I prefer a good cold beer if it's hot outside or tequila and oj if its cold out,I do landscaping too,but prefer shinning old metal.Looks like if they where all running you could fit more in the barn!! Easier to maneuver.
  12. They just keep getting better looking!! If these gas wells would get to pumping,I would retire and come down to help just for the fun of it,got a spare room?
  13. Very nice new pictures,in my opinion that is the best looking Buick ever made,that will stir up some members but I think a lot would agree,stunning and odd at the same time especially from the rear,although my Riviera comes in a close second for oddities.Nice work,keep us informed.
  14. Don't be scared,that is how I did the last 4 engines,three that worked and one on the way.The '68 LeSabre took 8 quarts on top of the 6 that was in the pan to start with,added every few days until it wouldn't take any more.Six months later it was running! I let it drain for a day before refilling,a lot of smoke that cleared in 15 minutes and it's still running today out in Illinois,till she comes home. Good luck on however your trick is,everyone has one.In fact the guy with the graveyard is the one that taught me this one.
  15. Fill her right to the top of fill hole till it won't take anymore,then add to it as it seeps in,then when you're ready to try getting loose put a small heater under the pan and let it warm the whole engine,makes a big difference when warm.An oil dip stick heater will work as well.