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  1. Dodge and Graham Brothers truck data needed

    Dave, Finally have the WB for our GB truck. Does 138 inches sound reaonable? I don't currently have access to the truck, the person that measured it said "138 inches give or take an inch". Thanks Jay
  2. Dodge and Graham Brothers truck data needed

    Hi Dave, First name is Jay Initial of last name is J I'll see if I can track down the wheel base. Thanks Jay
  3. Dodge and Graham Brothers truck data needed

    Hi, Here is the serial number of our, what we think is a 1927 GB truck: A248188 Engine number JJ987 Also attached is a picture.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum. Our family has a 1927 Graham Brothers Flatbed, will add a picture or two when available. It was sitting in a barn for over 20 years and we got the engine running about a year ago. We are looking for a someone in Oregon or Washington that can get it back to driving condition, not a full restoration, just so we can drive it around the ranch, in the occasional parade and help preserve it. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you