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  1. No lights on Instrument Panel Cluster 1988

    The warning lights work, and the ipc does not come on when I press test thanks Dave I’ll email you. also thanks Ronnie for the advice
  2. 1988 reatta. I left for work this morning and noticed that my dash was dark. No fuel gauge or speed. The touch screen to the right worked and allowed me to brighten/dim with the slider. I’ve read on the forums to check fuse 6 and 9. They look good. Anything else I can try?
  3. 1988 reatta engine issue

    My friend suggested I leave the cap off while running to get rid of any air pockets. So I let it run for about 10 minutes with the top off. Now I can drive it up and down the street and the temp stays around 198-210 it goes up and down so I'm assuming the thermostat is working. When I press it hard going down the street the engine is in fact cooling. When idling it goes up to 210 then back down a few times.
  4. 1988 reatta engine issue

    Thanks for the link. I drove it up the street and back and it hit 240 again. I did not feel comfortable pushing further than that so I'm unsure if it continues to go higher
  5. 1988 reatta engine issue

    Will do. I'm going to let it warm up some today while watching. I cranked it and let it run for 10 minutes and the temp showed 240. Is the normal operating temp 205? What temperature is considered hot?
  6. 1988 reatta engine issue

    Thanks again it now sounds and seems to run perfect. I'll top off the coolant in the morning. I love being able to work on these cars, and you guys/this forum makes it possible. THANK YOU
  7. 1988 reatta engine issue

    The factory diagram looked different than what I have
  8. 1988 reatta engine issue

    Anyone have a picture of how the belt goes back on 1988 reatta In my picture attached the pulley under the generator spun off completely, the one with the rusted cover. It’s sort of to the right and below of the tensioner
  9. 1988 reatta engine issue

    I’m probably going to go ahead and replace the balancer , the serpentine belt, lower radiator hose and belt tensioner any thing else while I’m there?
  10. 1988 reatta engine issue

    Great! Thanks
  11. 1988 reatta engine issue

    you’re right I’ll try to find an old post showing the configuration of the belt
  12. 1988 reatta engine issue

    Okay will do and thanks
  13. 1988 reatta engine issue

    Friday I was sitting at a stoplight when I started to hear a chirping sound coming from the engine area. When the light turned I gave it some gas and turned into a parking lot. Before turning I heard what seemed like something breaking under the hood. It was almost impossible to turn the steering wheel, and the battery light came on. As soon as I parked I noticed smoke coming from under the hood and antifreeze pouring out under the car. I poped the hood and the longest belt had completely fallen off. I’m trying to work out the sequence of events so I’ll know what to start replacing. Any tips would be great. Did a pulley fail, which then caused my belt to come off and the engine overheat? Could it have hurt the engine even more? Is there anything else I should replace while I’m at it? I love doing the work myself, but lack the knowledge of where to start. bryan
  14. Driver side power window

    Oh wow I should of read this yesterday!!!!! I put mine back in yesterday, I was surprised how simple it was to remove and install. The window goes up and down, but sometimes I have to help it along. I figured its the wheels in the track that may need adjustment. I'll try the above tips. It took longer to find a 1/4 inch Rivet gun then it did to remove the old and replace the new one form Jim.
  15. Driver side power window

    I've sent payment. Thanks again for the offer. Bryan