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  1. Issues Associated With Daily Driving Antique Packard

    Okay, I can see your point. He drives it, it keeps the car functioning. How much mileage can you put on an antique car before it’s “used up”? Has anyone put serious (say, over 50,000 miles) on an antique? He was told that an original engine can be “sleeved back to stock”. True? Does anyone have any experience with that? Can a block be re-sleeved if the engine needs a future rebuild, are the sleeves replaceable, or is the block truly used up after the rebuild?
  2. Question: A client inherits a Packard Twelve and wants to use it as a driver instead of a museum piece. He has been advised at that this may impact the car’s value, but he wants to drive it anyway. Assuming the engine has How is this idea feasible, given the fragility of the vehicle? Has anyone daily driven an antique automobile? How long can a properly restored Packard 12 run, anyway? What is the expected diminution of the car’s value?