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  1. I am not use how it was done, Our local newspaper produced it from a photo that I took with a basic camera, Very happy with the result.. amazing car, I am enjoying this special car, now fitted with fog lights
  2. Just picked up my new t shirt for Daisy... amazing quality from local company
  3. 6 volt ? and thanks for the feed back
  4. Looking for help getting a contact to supply 6 volt 25 watt globe for the fog lights on my car, My normal supply (tail light king) cant supply.. Picture attached.. Hope someone out there can put me in the right direction. Cheers Russ
  5. Forgot to mention the "Daisy" thing on the front of the car, It refers to my dear Dads "A Model ford", long story .. vey sentimental thing to do with vintage drivers club.
  6. Enough of Victoria bashing, we keep all the other states in Australia alive with our dribbling drifter caravan money... LOL .. BUT the fog lights will never be used, It's a Summer ,Autumn cruiser.... very happy with this car... Motor is so smooth and quiet... you can hear the clock ticking...? I got some gal steel from "Bunnings" and made the brackets so to fit behind the bumper bolts. I did not want to drill holes in the body. Yesterday it was at the Bruthen pub Rockabilly Rumble.. Its a annual thing some great rods there.. Cheers Maok.... and enjoy the cars we have eh
  7. Just fitted fog lights to the car, imported from the USA .. They do dress up the car.. Not that they will ever be turned on !!!
  8. Thanks .. I will look it up on my Google...he knows all !!
  9. Great to receive the award.. and a big thank you for all the help you gave me... "The globes are on the way".. Do you know of a venetian blind maker for my car?
  10. Thank you...This car is very special, its 167 built of the assembly line of 341 built in Australia in 1950, Not many left, I would say?.. One family owned it for 67 years since new.. wonderful to drive and enjoy.. the owner became sick and had to give up the right to drive.. a very nice man I have done a lot of work on the body and the whitewalls finish it off don't you agree.. Greeting from Australia.. and G/day MATE...
  11. Latest news on the Pontiac.. Presidents award at a car show in Gippsland held at Toner Lane Morwell. The annual get together of all clubs in GHAC. A great day and the rain held off !!
  12. Update on the car, we had a get together of all the Gippsland car clubs... over 100 cars.. veteran, vintage.30 40 50 60 70 80 90s... great day with good people.. the Pontiac of mine.. The President's award.. very happy
  13. we had a very hot summer this year.... and I am tooo busy out and about in the new toy... can ya blame me eh... and G.Day mate from aus
  14. thanks, drives so well, the previous owner is not driving now, The car has been in a shed for a long time..I brought it home on the back of a tow truck.. 100 miles or so in your lingo LOL we us kms . So little work to put it back on the road, minor issues with the brakes.. rubbers only and a good polish and the chrome came up a treat with a product we have over here called "purple" Pic is of the Pontiac just out of the shed.. Its a kind of a barn find, by the way, the white walls inserts by Portawall from Turkey!!! 133 US dollars shipped free to Australia.. they finish it off eh
  15. Hi everyone, I have just joined the group, I am from Australia, I have just bought a one family owned 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak, it's a "GMH" General Motors Holden built body, the chassis and all the running gear imported from the USA. this car is my third Pontiac 167 off the line out of 341 built in Australia in 1950. The car has been worked on over the years and maintained to a tee.. just love the car.. You can see it on youtube .. type in .. Driving in Paynesville. My home town, other pictures in the gallery.. This forum site is very good, so much help when I need contacts for part. , forgot to mention the mats ... amazing