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  1. AZVET

    I need ECM help

    Here is the number for one that is for sale on eBay right now: 8899918
  2. AZVET

    1988 reatta engine issue

    This is an old post but I would like to state that the 1988 Reatta has a different belt routing per my 88 Factory Service Manual. Just so that someone in the future does not use the above diagram to install their belt the wrong way.
  3. AZVET

    Please help identify 1988 mystery plug

    I looked back at old pics of my engine and realized this plug goes to my EGR. I have a new cover coming to replace my old broken one so I did not realize what I had missed by not plugging it in yet. An observation: There is a mystery place at the driver's side of the engine where bolts, nuts, clips and tools drop off and are never found again. I'm sure that some day in the future a wrecking yard will find all these items and wonder what the heck was going on. Couple of more pics from the job:
  4. I recently replaced my intake manifold gasket and the job went well. Time consuming but well. The last of the new and used parts are here and the last bunch of visiting relatives left so I figured I would plug everything in, bolt on the new parts and fire her up. As I was about ready to put the clamps on both ends of the air intake tube I noticed this plug. Where does it go? I cannot find its home. I will look at my assembly manual but I know from past experience that this process can take hours. Any help will be much appreciated. I also need to buy a new spring clip for one of the throttle cables that went "ping" and flew off to Davy Jones car parts locker.
  5. Make sure you use brake clean and a scotch brite scrubbie to clean off the old gasket surfaces. Most auto parts stores sell a kit where you can mount circular discs to your air tool or electric drill for this job. Clean the surface once again with brake clean and a rag before you put everything together. Use black Permatex gasket sealer at each corner where the side gaskets meet with the end gaskets(about a little fingernail size amount). Clean the intake bolts with a wire brush, clean the bolt holes with brake clean and run a tap down them to remove any crud. Let the Permatex dry for an hour before torqueing them down incrementally to 37 Ft lbs after coating the bolts with blue Loctite. The Fel Pro gasket set comes with several gaskets for the EGR valve and other parts of the intake that come apart. I think this is a great time to install a new PCV valve and gasket and to clean the throttle body and idle air control valve. I would also do an oil and oil filter change after you are sure the engine runs well when you are done. There is always a chance of dropping some crud into the crank case during the job. Oh yeah, be sure to drain the radiator first, I simply pull the lower radiator hose and clamp off the coolant tank. Some tips. Remove the coolant tank to give you more room (2 sheet metal bolts) and remove the small rubber hose as the radiator cap area. Totally remove the alternator. Take pics of the hose and pipe routings and especially how the alternator and power steering braces are put together (they are like a Chinese puzzle). Remove the throttle body and the spacer between it and the intake manifold to give you more room to work. I just finished this job. Not easy and it is time consuming. Feel free to e-mail me if you run into problems. I check my e-mail several times a day and I am retired. and leave your phone number so I can call you.
  6. AZVET

    91 won’t start Help!

  7. AZVET

    91 won’t start Help!

    It may be difficult to see from above if the engine bay is dirty. Try jacking the left front tire up. Then support it with a jack stand and block the wheels. Use a piece of cardboard to lay on and slide under the car and look up. You will see it. It is fairly easy to change but make sure you disconnect the battery first.
  8. I will take it. Please send me a Paypal invoice to
  9. AZVET

    Replacement lumbar bladder

    Great idea. Corvette owners have been doing this since the mid 80s.
  10. AZVET

    Getting my car where I want it questions

    Nice looking car. A word of advice about auto forums. Just ask one question per post as it can get confusing. You can buy a spray can of trim paint that matches up pretty good. Degrease the area to be painted and then rough it up with a gray Scotchbrite pad from the hardware store. Most of the other questions can be answered at
  11. Great idea. I just spent way too much time installing a new PCV valve. The kit I got from NAPA did not include the horizontal rubber part that goes to the plenum. Luckily that part was still flexible. The difficult part was getting the old hardened rubber ring out of the manifold and installing the new one. Old and new:
  12. Found the problem. There was no extra gasket material such as "The Right Stuff" at each corner. Leak was more evident at the rear of the engine. Man, that was a pisser of a job with no AC in the garage!