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  1. Are they leaving

    I helped a guy in Belgium import an older Corvette from Florida. I looked the car over, test drove it and then assisted with shipping. The criteria was that the vehicle had to be at least 30 years old in order to qualify for a huge import tax discount. There are several American car clubs in Europe with good turnouts. The exchange rate back then (2010) was in favor of the European buyer. The car was shipped out of a Southern Alabama port on a roll on/roll off ship, If I recall the buyer's shipping cost was about $800 USD. The seller loaded the Vette on a small transport trailer out of FT Pearce, FL who took it to the shipyard in Alabama. The buyer picked it up in Amsterdam. He wired money to the seller's bank in Florida from his bank in Brugge. There were lots of good communication and pics involved. I made life long friends with both the buyer and seller and we still keep in touch. The last I heard, the buyer in Belgium had put the Vette up for sale at twice what he paid for it. If you ever get an offer from Europe to sell your Reatta then you should consider it. Your funds are safe as long as your banker and the seller's bank are involved. There are a few shipping companies that specialize in this service. They have ships that roam from port to port around the world and shipping American cars are their specialty. Some of them even ship the cars in containers if you and your buyer want the car to be better protected.
  2. Five Brake Hoses on a Reatta?

    Here are pics from my 88 FSM. The 5th brake hose is not marked but I drew an arrow to what I think it is:
  3. Five Brake Hoses on a Reatta?

    Back in 1968 I sold my 65 Vette when I got shipped to Vietnam. I took a 59 Chevy in trade. When I returned in 1969 my new bride and I were driving somewhere in that 59 when the left front brake hose burst. I have always replaced them on any old car I bought after that surprise! I also feel that you get a firmer pedal when you replace old brake lines with new ones.
  4. Sadly I am getting too old and stiff to lay on the cement garage floor and do much of the undercar work. I changed the fuel filter earlier this week and the getting down, up again for another tool over and over again just about did me in. Wish I had a lift! I don't know when my brake hoses were last changed and I figured after 30 years and 118,000 miles my 88 Reatta was due. I used a local Brake Masters to flush my brakes last year and figured I would let them handle the job. They could not find a nearby parts store that had the left front hose so I ordered one from eBay and got a Dorman hose. When I stopped at their shop today they said I would have to wait a couple of days as the only place they could find all 3 of the rear hoses was a 2-day shipment away. They stated the Reatta has one hose at each wheel and another hose where the single rear brake line splits to go to the rear brakes. I guess my Reatta education and knowledge was incomplete as I never realized this 5th hose was used on the car
  5. Great idea. I will install one with a bracket behind the console as pictured. The Urgent Care Center I worked in would have yearly classes on their use. They set up a burn pan in the parking lot and we would be required to put the fire out with the extinguisher. The burn pan had water in it with diesel poured on top of the water. We always had a fire fighter as an instructor. Watch this video:
  6. 1990 Claret - Abby's Car - Armchair Opportunity

    I got some headliner material from JoAnn Fabric and just followed the directions on the Reatta Owner's Journal. It came out beautiful!
  7. Auto engineer rant

    I get the feeling that a long ago retired Buick engineer is having a good laugh today. I'm talking about the fine fellow or gal that decided to place the Reatta fuel filter where it ended up. I've changed the same type of filter on several GM cars over the years but never had one give me such grief. It is a good thing that my 88 is a no-rust Arizona car. I can't imagine changing that thing on a rust belt Reatta! And no love here to the person who assembled my metric flare wrench set either. Would it have killed you to include a 16mm in the set!
  8. Locked Out

    Can you get a neighbor kid to crawl through the rear hatch from the trunk and unlock the doors?
  9. I have misplaced my owner's manual and cannot find this in my assembly manual. A Google search did not produce a diagram either. I am looking for a pic of the fuse block that is on the passenger side of the center console. It needs to be labeled so I can identify the function of each fuse. I am trying to fix my cigarette lighter so I can plug in electronics. I don't know which fuse it "belongs" to. Thank you in advance.
  10. New Buyer Questions

  11. New Buyer Questions

    Don't worry too much about price. Find one you like and one that is in good condition with a good maintenance history. I purchased an 88 that had been well maintained and had lived in the desert all its life. The difference between a rust belt car and a desert car is like night and day. Fasteners are easier to remove, body and frame rust is non existent on a SW area car, I spent most of my life in Michigan and really appreciate rust free cars.
  12. 57 caballero project

    I found this ad on Mesa, AZ craigslist. Could you use any parts from this for your project? NOT MY CAR!
  13. Sheba65. I have an 88 in the same color. What is the contact info of your Henderson mechanic? I am just a short drive to the East. I will hit 73 shortly and it is difficult for me to crawl under the car and I am getting forgetful too. No one local to me knows much about working on a Reatta. The local Buick dealer has no one that ever worked on one! Thanks brother.
  14. Reatta Silver Star Headlights

    I recently bought the same Silverstars at Autozone. They work great and light up the road much better than the stock bulbs. By the way - this is a great time to lube the two pivot points for each headlight mechanism. Also a good time to pull the cover off the motor and check the condition of the nylon pellets. I put a light coating of Vaseline on mine as that worked well on the C4 Corvettes I used to own.
  15. Interior Lighting

    Just a bit off topic: The dome light on my 88 sucked. My old eyes found it to be almost useless. When I replaced the fabric on my headliner I cleaned up the dome light's cover and replaced it with an LED bulb. WOW! What a difference it makes. I have a spare LED bulb that I will pay forward to the first person who wants it.