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    I recently had the local glass shop come to my home to replace the windshield in my other car. The installer stated that my 88 Reatta is a normal installation if I ever need it.
  2. 90 Reatta air filter box

    Guess I shoulda gone out and looked at my car first!
  3. 90 Reatta air filter box

    Move to Arizona where we don't have no stinking rust! But seriously, there are several You Tube videos on this problem. The one I like best is to use a Dremel with a small cutoff blade and saw a slot into the screw head so you can then use a flat blade screwdriver.
  4. Cardone rebuilt TEVES units

    I have a Spinning Wheels accumulator for sale in the ROJ. They might have moved the post to another discussion titled "Trouble with my accumulator". Please fully read the discussion there. $80 plus actual shipping cost. First to PM me gets it. Don't be asleep at the switch here as I am mailing it to 2 Seater on April 24 so he can test it for the research he is doing on new vs used accumulators. After he tests it I will put in on eBay.
  5. Selling a Reatta

    1. Pay someone to detail the car - money well spent. 2. Fix anything that is wrong with the car. 3. Take it to one of the many collector car auctions such as Mecum, Barrett-Jackson etc. 4. Look at some car magazines and notice how they use lighting and posing to make the cars look great - do the same yourself. 5. List it on several of the on-line car sites. 6. Set it by a busy street with the price prominently showing and tape a good info placard to the window.
  6. new engine random knock....thoughts?

    I have a good harmonic balancer from my 88 Reatta. I will sell it for $35 shipped to the continental US.
  7. Changing injectors

    There is a business called Fuel Injector Connection that many in the Corvette hobby use. His prices are very good on Bosch IIIs and he will actually pick up the phone and advise you if you run into a problem. I have dealt with Chris at FIC and highly recommend his business:
  8. Right Hand Drive

    There is a place in Swartz Creek named Paragon Corvette that deals in classic Corvette restoration parts (NOS). GM uses them quite a lot. They are all car guys and might know of this alleged car. Do a Google search and contact them. You might get lucky.
  9. Brake Accumulator Ball

    I am on their waiting list too (since Jan 27).
  10. Barrett Jackson

    Barney, I met 3 Reatta owners at the Route 66 caravan when it stopped in Kingman last year. I do not remember the owner's names though. One of them had a white convertible with tan interior (I think) and the other was a red convertible. One of the cars had converted from the air bag to a non-air bag steering wheel. The third person I met was Mike Rukavina who owns a business called He did not have a car at the show but seemed to know a lot about these cars. For some reason I got the feeling that he had quarreled with some of the Reatta Owners Journal members and did not like the group.
  11. Barrett Jackson

    I recently moved to Western Arizona. This gives me the opportunity to visit the auction either in Las Vegas or in Scottsdale. I was all set to attend Scottsdale this week but my wife came down with a nasty cold and we had to cancel our motel reservations. I was able to attend SEMA in Vegas this year and that was amazing. Still want to scratch the Barrett Jackson auction off my bucket list. Has anyone ever seen a Reatta for sale at one of the Barrett Jackson auctions? I try to watch a lot of the action on Velocity but have but do not ever recall seeing a Reatta. I have never bought a car at auction but did sell a Corvette at Mecum around 2001. It was quite exciting and although It did not reach the reserve (which I removed) I did get a decent price. The transaction went smoothly and I had a lot of fun. Do you think it would be a good place to sell a Reatta if the car was in great condition?
  12. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    I thought that the site was shut down. I tried to sign on a few days ago and it suggested I subscribe to this site.
  13. Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    I purchased this Arizona 88 almost 1 year ago and have been repairing/maintaining/upgrading it since then. Grey interior and very rust free with under 120,000 miles. I just switched over from Ronnie's site.