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  1. AZVET

    Thankful to own a Reatta

    I took my 88 for a drive in the countryside today. It was sunny and 72F here in NW Arizona. A lovely day. I have fixed all of the problems that it had over the last 2 1/2 years of ownership and it is a pleasure to drive. Smooth, somewhat powerful, reliable and looking pretty sharp. I get a complement almost every time I take her out. I think we get jaded after listening to everyone's problems over time and sometimes don't appreciate what we have. Where else can you own a car that was designed by award winning stylists for only a few thousand dollars? I'm not sure about your area of the country but around here you have to shell out major dollars to purchase any kind of classic car. Then you have to spend more money to get it safe, reliable and show ready. One of the things that make owning a Reatta relatively easy is the help, advice and used parts from the members here. We couldn't do it without you brothers and sisters😍
  2. AZVET

    Antenna problems

    This is my 88. I believe the relay is the black plastic square part that is mounted to the upright tube.
  3. AZVET

    Catalytic converter broken

    Magnaflow makes good, reasonably priced exhaust systems and parts.
  4. Spend some time reading the Reatta Resources link above. I like Jim Finn for good, tested used parts and great service. Also check the Reatta Reference Guide above. Most of your questions are answered there. Welcome to the madness!
  5. AZVET

    1990 Reatta as my first car?

    I found several 2003 and newer Toyota Corollas on Dallas Craigslist for decent prices. These seem to be highly recommended by the experts.
  6. AZVET

    1990 Reatta as my first car?

    I agree. Look at a newer, more reliable car. Have it checked by a professional mechanic before purchasing. Do a You Tube search for Ratchets and Wrenches or Scotty Kilmer on how to buy a used car.
  7. I was pulling out of the local Circle K yesterday and saw an 80's Buick coupe with 88-90 Reatta rims. I was unable to get a pic but a Google search turned up an 88 Lesabre T Type with our hub caps. The center caps were all black though. Did any other cars use these wheels? How about the 91 Reatta wheels?
  8. AZVET

    Hello you sexy thing!

    I also found this but not liking the front end:
  9. AZVET

    Hello you sexy thing!

    I found this while searching pictures today. What a sharp looking 1990!
  10. AZVET

    1988/89 Door Handle Strap

    We bought some furniture that came with dense foam packing blocks. I cut out some pieces to fit, stacked 2 together and jam fit them into the door handle spaces. I think they came out quite well.
  11. AZVET

    Oil cooler adaptor

    Here is the one that was on my 91 Corvette
  12. AZVET

    Parts catalog

    I have a 1 page listing of items that Barney Eaton offers. Some interesting things on there. I would publish it here but he may not want his competition to know his pricing strategy. Contact him by PM and he should be able to send you a copy.
  13. AZVET

    Antennae is bent

    Watching baseball all day today. I did notice that the replacement antenna on my car had a extremely minimal amount of weather sealing.
  14. AZVET

    Antennae is bent

    The best thing about this job is that the assembly is very convenient to get to. Here is the label on the one in the car. Looks like a replacement to me.
  15. AZVET

    Antennae is bent

    I went to Walmart after worship service and football. They had cleared out their yard supplies and replaced everything with Christmas stuff. No weed whacker line. I then went to True Value and they only had the X shaped stuff in $17 packs in the correct size. I did find a small pack of .085 for about $6. I melted the old wire out of the metal holder for both ends then heated them red hot and inserted the plastic string. This seemed to be the correct fit for my 88. I also super glued the tip end as the string did not go in very far. I let it dry and then had problems getting the small section to slide up out of the middle section. I then took my Dremel and sanded down the plastic lumps and super glue. Fit fine after that. There is a very good video that shows a Buick Grand National getting a new mast and cord. A You Tube search will bring it up. I did learn something today! Do not use gasket maker to seal up the halves of the antenna case. What a freakin, nasty, sticky mess. I should have bought the proper silicone caulk. I had a tube of the black gasket maker left over from my recent intake manifold install so I figured I might as well use it. Bad idea as it got all over everything. After installing a couple of the metal clips I realized that I had the tube installed the wrong way. I had to pull it apart, flip it over and finally got it together after dinner. This made another sticky mess. I really hope this thing works. If it does not then its off to the Pick and Pull tomorrow. I am in for the evening so I will finish bolting the antenna in tomorrow morning and let you know the results. Did you know brake clean removes gasket cement?😥