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  1. I'm in the process of replacing the water pump on my 1949 with a straight 6. The water pump came with a new plate that has a raised boss area around one of the bolt holes. I have a full gasket that goes between the pump and the plate and a smaller half gasket that goes between the block and the new pump. So to make sure I understand what the raised boss around the bolts hole is for, I'm assuming since the gasket between the water pump and the block only makes contact with half of the surface the raised boss will make up the thickness of the gasket since there is no gasket around the raised boss bolt hole? Hopefully I don't confuse anybody... Dan
  2. I just got my manifold back after getting it welded. So far it took care of the crack and no leaks. I did try to enter that eBay number and I don't get any hits on it? Dan
  3. A few other projects got in the way; such as a leaking master cylinder and wheel cylinders. So, I'm replacing most of the braking parts over the next few weeks
  4. Mine is cracked just below where it bolts together to the intake manifold. It sounds like your might be a little worse off than the one I have. I'm trying to find a good cast iron welder to see if it can be repaired, but the crack goes all the way around the exhaust manifold and it may be a difficult fix.
  5. does have the 1bbl carb.
  6. I'll get a few pictures and some measurements and post them in a few days
  7. I think I will take your advice and drop the pan and see what treasures I can find hiding in the bottom of it....thanks!
  8. I'm a new owner to a 1949 Chieftain that the previous owner of 50 years took very good care of. How would I tell if I need to pull the oil pan to clean the sludge from the bottom of the oil pan and the pump screen? Unfortunately the previous owner passed and I don't have any idea when or if the sludge has ever been cleaned......and, can the oil pan from a straight 6 be dropped with the engine still in the car?
  9. I did check with Kurt last week and he did not have any Straight 6 parts. I'll try Joe......Thank You!!
  10. I'm having a heck of a time finding an Straight 6 exhaust manifold for my 1949 Pontiac Chieftain. It is one of the last parts I need to get the car back on the road again. If anybody can help me out finding one, I would be greatly appreciative.... Dan
  11. Thank you; I did also post for the wanted exhaust manifold on their site
  12. I'm looking for a nice exhaust manifold for my 1949 Pontiac Chieftain with a straight 6 flathead 239 engine. If you have an an exhaust manifold, please email me at THANKS in advance Dan