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  1. Dan Griffin

    1942 DeSoto with overdrive

    To go with your new 1942 DeSoto I have a new 1942 DeSoto 10x14 full color 14 page sales book. No overdrive but it shows factory A/C. If you are interested give me a call. 479-973-4331 Dan Griffin
  2. Dan Griffin

    1958 Cadillac starting issues

    The bushings may be worn allowing the arnachure to drop down and rub. When things get hot they expand and take what clearance it had when cold. Check battery voltage when cranking cold 9.5 to 10 volts. Crank when hot if the voltage is less then 9 volts the armature is rubbing. The armature shaft may be bent from heat and that would make it drag. Griffin Auto Electric
  3. 73 Fleetwood - 75 all models - 76 Fleetwood all in good condition. $10.00 for all + shipping Dan Griffin
  4. 1965 SAAB station wagon ( only ) sales brochure. Like new condition. $10.00 + shipping Dan Griffin 0 9
  5. 1937 Plymouth For 1937 brochure nice condition. $12.00 + shipping. Dan Griffin
  6. Dan Griffin

    Engine block, head and crank shaft to ship

    Look up Fastenal and click services that will tell you what to do. Do not go to the store first. Dan
  7. Dan Griffin

    Engine block, head and crank shaft to ship

  8. Dan Griffin

    Recently found '31 CD8 Roadster

    Do you have a title for the roadster? Dan Griffin 479-973-4331
  9. I have a good 31 Chrysler Michigan title in my name. Car was a 6 cyl $50.00 Dan Griffin 479-973-4331
  10. Dan Griffin

    for sale

    Delco Remy dist.cap part # 1931512 still in unopened box. Fits mid 50s Nash. $6.00 Dan Griffin 479-973-4331
  11. Thanks he must have started writing in 54. Dan
  12. In the first few pages is there a short piece by frank Burrell ? Should be a small shot of a Cad wire wheel. Dan Griffin in the
  13. Dan Griffin

    Buyers Beware of scam!!

    Dose the ph. # 510-846-9832 ring a bell with anyone? Dan
  14. Dan Griffin

    31 Chrysler

    I have a good title in my name for a 31 Chrysler roadster. $50.00 Dan Griffin 479-973-4331
  15. 41 buick 50-70 coupe body do not need front clip. Call Dan Griffin at 479-973-4331