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  1. peterjohn1948

    1930 Marquette Brake adjusting hole covers

    Thank you everyone for all the help, greatly appreciated Peter
  2. Hi, I have a 1930 Marquette and looking to buy the small brake adjusting cover that fits on the outside of the drum. I would need 4. Not sure what they look like. Maybe someone out there can help. Thank you for any info, Peter
  3. Just got back 1 year ago my 1930 Marquette Model 2 door sedan. I once owned it in 1969 and had to sell it. I kept in touch with the last owner who had done a lot of work on the car. Purchased it from his wife. After he passed she was selling his cars. Been going over the car and bringing it back to life. Pic of me in 1969 and 2017. Any Marquette Owners please get in touch 813-300-0437 or Thank God for this blessing Peter Floral City Florida
  4. Hi Looking to buy 2 or more rear main axle lock washers for my 1930 Marquette. The inside diamater is 1 inch across. It has 9 tabs on it. Thank you for any reply, Peter Floral City, Florida
  5. Hi looking to buy a demountable rim bolt Type 4 . Please see picture. Thank you for any reply, Peter
  6. peterjohn1948

    Lovejoy Shock

    I have this same one on my 1930 Marquette . Have a good one Peter
  7. peterjohn1948

    Spare Tire Cover (New) to buy

    Hi does anyone know where to get a good spare tire cover. I have a 1930 Marquette. Tire size is 5.50 x 18 Thank you for nay leads Peter Floral City Florida
  8. peterjohn1948

    Radiator Emblems

    Great thank you
  9. peterjohn1948

    Franklin Cars For Sale

    Mike thank you The one I would need is the 2 3/4 x 16 Thanks so much
  10. peterjohn1948

    Franklin Cars For Sale

    HI Mike, can you tell me if you have a hub puller for sale. The one I need fits my 1930 Marquette as well as Franklin cars. Thank you for any help, Peter
  11. Looking to buy a Speedometer worm driving gear 5-T. See pics. I found a number # 551606 Fits over the speedometer assembly on a Muncie 3 speed transmissions. Thank you for any reply. God Bless Peter
  12. peterjohn1948

    1928 president sedan

    Ken thank you so much
  13. Looking to buy a hub puller for my 1930 Marquette. It's been a hard part to find. See picture. It did fit other cars.Help It's a 2 3/4 inch X 16 TPI Thank you for any reply, Peter
  14. peterjohn1948


    HI I know this might be to late. But do you still have the parts. I have a 1930 Marquette and I think it would fit. email thanks Peter
  15. peterjohn1948

    1930 Marquette Marvel carb. air filter

    Found one thank you to everyone Peter