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  1. Hi Looking to buy 2 or more rear main axle lock washers for my 1930 Marquette. The inside diamater is 1 inch across. It has 9 tabs on it. Thank you for any reply, Peter Floral City, Florida
  2. Hi looking to buy a demountable rim bolt Type 4 . Please see picture. Thank you for any reply, Peter
  3. peterjohn1948

    Lovejoy Shock

    I have this same one on my 1930 Marquette . Have a good one Peter
  4. peterjohn1948

    Spare Tire Cover (New) to buy

    Hi does anyone know where to get a good spare tire cover. I have a 1930 Marquette. Tire size is 5.50 x 18 Thank you for nay leads Peter Floral City Florida
  5. peterjohn1948

    Radiator Emblems

    Great thank you
  6. peterjohn1948

    Franklin Cars For Sale

    Mike thank you The one I would need is the 2 3/4 x 16 Thanks so much
  7. peterjohn1948

    Franklin Cars For Sale

    HI Mike, can you tell me if you have a hub puller for sale. The one I need fits my 1930 Marquette as well as Franklin cars. Thank you for any help, Peter
  8. Looking to buy a Speedometer worm driving gear 5-T. See pics. I found a number # 551606 Fits over the speedometer assembly on a Muncie 3 speed transmissions. Thank you for any reply. God Bless Peter
  9. peterjohn1948

    1928 president sedan

    Ken thank you so much
  10. Looking to buy a hub puller for my 1930 Marquette. It's been a hard part to find. See picture. It did fit other cars.Help It's a 2 3/4 inch X 16 TPI Thank you for any reply, Peter
  11. peterjohn1948


    HI I know this might be to late. But do you still have the parts. I have a 1930 Marquette and I think it would fit. email thanks Peter
  12. peterjohn1948

    1930 Marquette Marvel carb. air filter

    Found one thank you to everyone Peter
  13. Hi looking to buy a hub puller for my 1930 Marquette. Size is 2 3/4 x 16 thread. See pic thanks for any information. I know you can have them made but looking for vintage first. Peter
  14. peterjohn1948

    1929 McLaughlin-Buick Model 2941

    Great car. God bless
  15. My daughter Kaylin took this recent pic of me. The pic on the left was taken 1970 with the 1930 Marquette which I just got back. It is the same car I bought in 1969. Reunited and it feels so good. Peter Amabile Floral City Florida