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  1. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    I've posted over 100 new items to under the "Lights & Parts" page. Please check these out. Also, you can view my dad's obituary here: I wrote it. I think dad would have liked how I portrayed his full-throttle approach to life.
  2. My dad, Rick Blomquist, bought this 1932 Studebaker St. Regis on eBay 11 days before he died. I have no means to pick up this car and complete the transaction and the seller will not refund me even a portion of the purchase price. Is anyone in Michigan interested in this car as a project? Our loss will be your gain. I just want to avoid picking it up and I would like to recoup some of the money my dad spent on this. See the original eBay listing here:
  3. 1929 Nash Advanced Six Model 460 Coupe $39,900

    Thank you, I hope the AACA members can help me find a buyer for this car. It's a very fun car to drive, especially during a parade with a couple of kids in the rumble seat!
  4. 1932 Studebaker Commander St. Regis Sedan $59,900

    Yes, you're right, only five are known to exist. Given the quality of my dad's work, I believe this is one of the finest of those few examples. We lost dad on Saturday, but I'm glad we still have his work to admire. While I have to sell these cars, I'm creating a catalog of the hundreds of classics he's owned and restored over the years and turning it into a book. A short version will serve as an intro to our book about the restoration of the Bonneville Hupmobile we have for sale.
  5. The Nash 460 Coupe was part of Nash's “Advanced Six” line. Prior to 1930, Nash did not produce the larger, 8-cylinder “Advanced 8” line, so this 460 Coupe was among the top-of-the-line, "big" models from this iconic American car manufacturer. The 460 Coupe was equipped with a 278 cubic inch 6-cylinder engine with 7 main bearings and twin ignition. See full ad at Hemmings Motor News:
  6. 1930 Graham Special Eight for Sale $49,900

    This rare Graham limousine has been very well preserved. According to the paperwork we have with the car, the car was restored at around 70,000 miles and the odometer currently reads 75,254. See full ad at Hemmings Motor News:
  7. This stunning ground-up restoration of a 1932 Studebaker St. Regis Sedan is available on the market for the first time. Only five of these 32 Commanders exist today. See full ad at Hemmings Motor News: Restoration Photos at White Glove Collection:
  8. 1941 Graham Hollywood for Sale $54,900

    This 1941 Graham Custom Hollywood Model 113 has had a complete Concours restoration and won First Place, Best of Show, and People's Choice at the Graham Nationals. We believe this to be the single best example of the model 113 in existence today. See full ad at Hemmings Motor News:
  9. What year is this tail light?

    I have this Packard tail light listed for sale as fitting 1929, 1930, 1931, and 1932, but another eBay user said this was incorrect. Does this only fit a 1931 or 1932? Can anyone provide photos, almanac notes, or original sales material that would provide definitive proof?
  10. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    I am trying to find a buyer for the parts restoration and fabrication business. My dad builds and restores Trippe Lights, mirrors, running board lights, fog lights, funeral car lights, and even makes an LED lit base for Lalique and other glass ornaments. He also makes a whole set of switches and control cables with matching labels of all types. It's a good business, grossing a very good income via eBay, Hemmings,, and at one time via going to shows like Auburn and Hershey. I've still got to put together a price for that. I can provide anyone seriously interested with sales numbers and build costs. I will disclose all suppliers and processes to a buyer and give them all molds, rights to the name and logo, control of the website, trabsfer the eBay account, etc. For everything else, I need a good auction company that can work with us in La Crosse, WI. Can any recommend specific companies?
  11. My father, Rick Blomquist, has been fighting pancreatic cancer for over a year. He's kept up his car restoration and classic parts businesses, but now his health is really declining and I'm afraid he won't be able to keep up with it anymore. I'm hoping forum members can help me think of ways to sell the huge amounts of parts my dad has in his shop that aren't listed on his eBay store, which you can see here: But we have a shop full of tires (mostly for classic, about half with white walls), a warehouse full of leftovers from restoration projects, an assembly area full of more leftover and supplies, a garage bay with over 20 antique luggage trunks, and three cargo containers filled with wheels, radiators, generators, carburetors, motors, transmissions, axles, frames, fenders, dashboards, etc. Is my best way forward here to label these non-eBay items and take them to a big meet like Hershey? Are there other means by which I can sell some of these things without photographing, listing, and shipping them individually? My dad specialized in American cars from the depression, so we're talking old Studebaker, Graham, Nash, Buick, Chrysler, Ford, Packard, Cadillac, and other American makes from the time. As always, the help of this forum and community of old car guys (and gals) is appreciated.
  12. 1932 Studebaker Commander St. Regis Sedan For Sale

    See it on my dad's website: See it at Hemmings: Contact me if you're interested in purchasing this car. I'm entertaining all serious offers. This is a gorgeous restoration, a perfect #1 car. It's one of only 32 Commanders that still exist today.
  13. 1934 Nash Advanced Eight for Sale

    See the car at my dad's website: See the car on Hemmings: Please contact me if you're interested in this 1934 Nash. It's one of the single most beautiful and fun to drive classics you'll ever own.