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  1. @alsancle I've posted the new history I've written for the car at the H.A.M.B.: Let me know if you can think of anything else I should include on the thread.
  2. @alsancle Where would you recommend I post this on the H.A.M.B. message boards?
  3. @alsancle thank your for taking an interest in all of this stuff. I'd like to share this with more folks interested in the Bonneville Salt Flats, early stock car racing, or just vintage custom race cars in general. Where else do you think I should post this stuff or who should I be contacting?
  4. Here's a cool note on timing. Or at lest I think that's what this is getting to.
  5. Here's a list of mechanical changes. I have several blue prints of fabricated parts that go along with this, but I have been unable to scan those oversized items yet.
  6. Here are some later notes on the Hupp. Some have dates, some do not. I like Mrs. Lucille Knoch's note about "our friends the Duesenbergs" especially. What a thing to be able to say! 1975-10-28-don-crites.pdf 1985-04-11-don-crites.pdf 1985-04-11-lucille-knoch.pdf description-of-hupp.pdf
  7. Here are the documents from 1936 to 1937. These include some pictures of the Salt Flats and of course more letters. Companies included here are Automotive Gear Works Inc, Hupmobile, McCord Radiator, Kendall Refining, and Firestone Rubber. Here's a picture of Dr. Norbert & Lucille Knoch. I believe this is from later in the Hupp Salt Flats Racer's career, but I'm not sure. I'm working off of scans right now, so I can't examine the back of the originals for dates. 1938-12-9-schwitzer-cummins-company.pdf 1938-12-19-schwitzer-cummins-company.pdf 1939-04-07-pirrung-racing-babe-stapp.pdf 1939-04-08-babe-stapp.pdf 1939-04-11-american-bosch.pdf 1939-04-22-pirrung-racing-team.pdf 1939-04-23-babe-stapp.pdf 1939-05-29-air-associates-incorporated.pdf
  8. Here are the documents from 1936 to 1937. These include some pictures of the Salt Flats and of course more letters. Companies included here are Automotive Gear Works Inc, Hupmobile, McCord Radiator, Kendall Refining, and Firestone Rubber. 1936-12-16-automotive-gear-works-inc-e-h-vogel.pdf 1936-12-23-hupp-motor-car-corp-j-f-bowes.pdf 1936-12-30-hupp-motor-car-corp-j-f-bowes.pdf 1937-01-07-mccord-radiator-manufacturiung-co-e-o-bodkin.pdf 1937-01-12-hupp-motor-car-corp.pdf 1937-01-22-hupp-motor-car-corp-j-f-bowes.pdf 1937-02-11-hupp-motor-car-corp-j-f-bowes.pdf 1937-02-11-hupp-motor-car-corp-j-f-bowes-automotive-gear-works-inc.pdf 1937-02-18-automotive-gear-works.pdf 1937-02-19-hupp-motor-car-corp.pdf 1937-05-04-automotive-gear-works-inc-lester-m-wright-chief-engineer.pdf 1937-05-13-kendall-refining-company.pdf 1937-12-70-firestone-tire-rubber-company-brownie-carslake.pdf 1937-salt-flats-timing.pdf 1937-salt-flats-with-driver.pdf
  9. Here is 1933 through 1934. These include letters from the Ethyl Gasoline Corporation, more from Hupmobile itself, the Gambill Motor Company, and the Ray Day Piston Corporation. 1933-05-26-ethyl-gasoline-corporation-julian-j-frey.pdf 1933-06-21-ethyl-gasoline-corporation-engineering-laboratory-julian-j-frey.pdf 1934-01-11-hupp-motor-car-corp-f-j-snyder.pdf 1934-01-12-gambill-motor-company-inc-h-d-gordon.pdf 1934-01-19-hupp-motor-car-corp-f-j-snyder.pdf 1934-10-10-hupp-motor-car-corp-cylinder-bore-reading.pdf 1934-10-12-hupp-motor-car-corp-cylinder-bore-reading.pdf 1934-11-02-ray-day-piston-corporation-ray-e-day.pdf
  10. Here are the document I have dated 1930 through 1932. This includes the original title, and Dr. Knoch's early correspondence with the folks at Hupmobile. 1930-06-26-racing-ref-louis-vollmer-springfield-mass-united-auto-body-may-7h81024.pdf 1930-title-copy.pdf 1930-title-original.pdf 1932-06-23-E-S-mcpherson-assistant-chief-engineer.pdf 1932-06-24-hupp-motor-car-corp-f-j-snyder-.pdf 1932-07-11-hupp-motor-car-corp-f-j-snyder.pdf 1932-07-15-hupp-motor-car-corp-f-j-snyder.pdf 1932-aaa-championship-standing.pdf 1932-prize-money-to-top-drivers.pdf 1932-summary-of-6-major-races.pdf
  11. Would anyone be interested in looking at all the document I have associated with the car? I have 50+ pages of letters from Dr. Knoch to Huppmobile, gear manufactures, aviation fuel companies, etc. I also have letters from his wife discussing visits from the Duesenberg brothers and how she baked cookies for the boys at the Niederhut Company. I guess I promised to do this back in December, but I finally have the work done.
  12. @Imperial62 I'm looking for comps on this car. Do you know of any recent auctions featuring rare race cars, salt-flats cars, or anything related to Ab Jenkins?
  13. I have two pairs of REO headlights with depress beam lenses for sale. You can contact me via phone or text at 202-615-0600 or email To order online, use the links below: REO Headlights with Depress Beam Lenses $1499 REO Headlights with Curved Depress Beam Lenses $1599
  14. This Saxon has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Each and every piece was taken carefully disassembled and painstakingly restored. The engine was completely disassembled and checked with plastic gauge—all standard. The wooden spokes of the wheels were each individually restored and reassembled with brass hubcaps. It is finished with 2-Stage paint with clear coat. This car is currently owned by my father, Rick Blomquist of White Glove Collection in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I am selling the car on behalf of my father and the family trust. Please call Cord Blomquist at 202-615-0600 to inquire about the purchase of this Saxon. More Photos and Details about this Saxon are available here:
  15. Do you think anyone in the Nash club would be interested in the 1934 Advanced 8 my dad has for sale? I think this Nash is one of the finest looking cars I have ever seen--and I've been going to shows with my dad since I was 8 years old. I've seen great design on more expensive cars, like the L-29 above, Duesenbergs, Auburns, Cord, etc. But this Advanced 8 is the same brand of design excellence at a much lower price. If anyone knows someone who has the budget and loves great old classic American cars like this, please tell them to get in touch with me. I'm available at or 202-615-0600.