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  1. 85Bh bendix conversion

    Finished .needle conversion to Bendix ,59 continental radio . For square bird service . Note the T bird Face HAS the slot cavities For the town & country bar . I just drilled em out with 1/8 bit then filed Flat with smooth file . works good so far . Apparently they were going this way in 58 , but (no body ) slows down the production line .
  2. centering steering wheel

    drive car to empty lot /level ground . the outer most bulge of the front tires ,mark with chalk on the pavement both sides . push the car Strait forward . and make sure you correct the wheel to get even between marks . if you have to steer to the left the right will need moved the most , and it's inverse is true . mark the front tire bulge on the pavement again and make two verticle sticks 2x4's . the vertical wood will be above the chalk . turn wheel center , then look down both sides of car . with a toe in you will see none of the front tire looking forward if you do (move that tie rod both sides should be real close . .then measure with a tape to get total toe right . the more neg caster seems to work better on mine . camber is Flat with the ground. oh the vertical sticks are for the rear wheels since squarebirds have wider front foot stance .
  3. centering steering wheel

  4. what year bird emblem?

    looks like 70-71 peice
  5. hey Where is that plastic 7/16" carb spacer to keep heat down . ? this will go along way even with the coleman lantern fuel we use as gasoline ,
  6. Steering Problem '57 T-Bird

    He is right the toe is chewing the out side of the tires off . Run as much caster as you can get , ( neg on 50's fords ) is best ,even with radials . so far the one skyliner that came to my rack i put 1-3/4 neg on the right and 1-5/8 ish neg on the right and drove it . wheel Glided to center easy , and rolled strait down my Test street .
  7. Tell us your T-Bird Story

    mine is kinda odd . Dad bought it home one day . he thought he would move it and make a buck . But i started working on it in 1978. a convertible And it needed everything . A 60 convert. Engine locked up with 33'k on the mtr and now it shows 43,453 miles . Dad said i had To agree to red Or he wouldn't pay For the paint job . I put a 390 in it and it's 63 tranny . it does well . In late 82 i put a Mcculloch vs57 huffer Above the power steering pump and run a modest 6psi. the exhaust was opened up to 2.25" all the way back . with formal turn downs . It now has disk brakes with 1997 ford ranger 14x6" aluminum wheels , If you bend the tabs in ALL the way around the cap & its lip too . the caps knock on and hold well . use a mallet . top got a new pump and fresh Type F juice . 215x78 -14 coker classics 32 psi is a ton of air . The other day my new autolite platinum plugs took a crap . /all Black / i drained the gas into a big bucket for inspection .At 3.5 months the gas was rotting in the new tank . it looked light brown . Poured it in the daily beater . and put new fuel in ,with nos F14y's maybe just maybe the fuel isnt hot enough anyway. At idle (zero boost ) it does well /smooth . Vacuum advance ( 12370-a ) does as it supposed to in the book . And is verified by a clear distributor cap . a 3/8 tubing is feed into the cap to boost Remind the advance to Do its thing . It does . So Far So good, runs strong . feels 350 -375 ish hp on pump gas . might need some 99 av fuel . Any one looked at the FMr-2 radio conversions from Blankenship ? Do they hold up ?
  8. Need Help tracing 57 F series T-bird history

    Bill Strainiie Drove a code F bird For vv cook chevrolet on the beach in 57 the rear glass got sucked out he said !
  9. 1957 thunderbird power steering control valve leakage

    seal no# 6226-07-E70 is a high temp seal From "The o ring store " these seals are used it other cylinder venues and work well (so far ) also get them to send you 6226-07 &6226-11 ,heck get two each of all of them . but the E70 worked for me . 1000# grit wet sand by hand the seal surface of the spool . not real hard but a good scuffing . modern power steering fluid For modern seals .