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  1. The garage my Dad owns was his dads before him (started late 20, early 30s) and about 20 yrs ago my Dad gave me a box full of nuts & bolts all for Model T's from when my Grandfather ran the Garage. It sure has come in handy as I have 5 Model T's now, and I still have lots of nuts and bolts and other misc parts left over. You can go in the old stock room and there are all kids of hidden gyms from the 40s, 50s and 60s. We came across a brass windshield frame for an 10/11 Model T about 10 yrs ago, Dad who had ran the body shop since the early 70s never even knew it was there. It was something he figures my grandfather stashed away in the 30s. Jeff
  2. Mounting radio in 1933?

    Here is a pic of the Philco in my Dad's 33 Studebaker President. It has been in the car since my Dad bought it in 63. I wish I had a better pic to show more detail. It is not something I have ever researched so I don't even know if it is the right year radio. If I turn it on it just produces a humming sound. My dad would know more about it if i asked him. Jeff
  3. My son Jason in the driver's seat with his buddies at grade 8 grade alittle over a years ago. And much as he loves our Model T,s you could not wipe the grin off his face when he got to sit in a friends very original Boss 302. Jeff
  4. Speaking of dust covered cars, here are the 2 from Hershey for those that have not seen these pics.
  5. Out from long team storage

    Craig- I had lots of conversation in person and thru email with RQ about 10yrs ago when he was putting the article together in the Antique Studebaker Review about the 7( can't remember for sure) of the remaining 33 Studebaker 92 series cars. My dad always enjoyed going and visiting with him when he used to come to Hershey. Very Knowledge guy. The plan is for the car to stay in the family
  6. Out from long team storage

    There were 2 large Case signs at Hershey this year both in the chocolate field at 2 different vendors. One had the Case eagle perched on the globe and stood about 6ft tall, the other looked to be a neon dealer sign that was about 7ft tall. Both were in very good shape and the neon sign was quite expensive asking $18.500. But where are you going to find another. Jeff
  7. Out from long team storage

    Don-Glad to see the car has arrived safe and sound. I hope you get it running and are able to drive and enjoy the car as they are meant to be. Bill- Yes that is my Dad's 33 Studebaker President Speedway.He has owned that car since 1963 and has no plans to sell it, just drive it as often as he can. A car show never goes by without the question of selling but that car is my Dad's pride and joy ever since he first purchased it. CHuDWah- I noticed the spelling error but was not able to go back and edit it after the fact for some reason or I would of. I got a good laugh at myself for that mistake as I work with a guy who is a spelling and grammar perfectionist so I am usually very good at double checking everything before I send things out but that one got by me, LOL
  8. Out from long team storage

    Case is sold. I would like to thank everyone for their responses and input on the car and to all the guys who PM me with interest in the car. I am glad to see that the car will be going to good home and hope to see the car not just sitting in a barn but back an the road where they should be. Jeff
  9. Out from long team storage

    Terry As a kid I took a keen interest in the Case even though it was in the back of the barn, I don't know why but it was always a car I thought I would like to have for myself, but I now have 4 Model t's and that was the first style car that dad had that I fell in love with. The problem with keeping the Case is there is also a 23 & 29 studebakers, 38 Caddy, 39 packard 120 coupe, 21 Jordan, Baby Grand Chev, 51 Merc, and more all in similar original condition. That goes along with the 3 licensed and drivable car, his Model T, Model A and Studebaker. In the end I would think only 4 or 5 of the 15+ cars may be kept between my brother, sister and myself. John Thank you and I will definitely look at contacting the J. I. Case Collectors' Association. Rusty We live in the Niagara region, 20 min west of Niagara Falls. I have been thru Newcastle numerous times (on Model t tours mainly) but don't remember the Case dealership specifically.
  10. Out from long team storage

    My plan is to put the rear fenders back on the car along with a couple of other items that were removed when restoration was started in the 60's. Hopefully this weekend as time permits I will look to see whether the motor is free or not. As my Dad said when we pulled it from the barn last weekend," it should run I drove it around when I bought it", but sometimes I think he forgets that was around 1965, 50+ years ago, LOL. He did drive the car around a bit when he bought it, but not much as the tires were shot. My boys got the job of cleaning the car out when I got it home. PS- both my boys enjoy the old car hobby and look forward to the time they can get out and drive them, just as I did at their age. The have both come to Hershey with me and my dad since the time they were born minus a couple of years due to school commitments.
  11. Out from long team storage

    Thank you cahartley for the link and yes I have been to that site. And that is where my dilemma begins, if there is one thing I have learned from reading on this site is that rare does not equal valuable. The Case seems to fall in the area where you are not old enough to be part of the HCCA and not new enough to be part of still very collectable late 20's to early 30's group of cars. It is one of that large group of cars that seem to of fallen off he radar of car collectors. Then how do you put a value on something like this car to be able to sell it. There is one car auction on YouTube that auctioned off a Case . One auction does not give a good frame of reference of previous Case cars sold to be able to put a reasonable value towards it to put it up for sale. I don't what to ask $15000 when it is only worth $5000 or the opposite, I don't want to ask $5000 if it is worth $15000..... Agh Jeff
  12. As a first time poster but a 20 year+ member of the AACA and a long time "reader" of this great forum, I thought as I was removing this car I should take a couple of pics(hope they came thru) of a car I removed from my fathers barn the other day. I know people are still amazed at what people have stored away, and hoping for some of these interesting cars to see the light of day again. My father a long time collector has bought and sold 100s of cars when he could buy them for under $50,(in the 60s) and kept some of the more interesting ones with the hope of doing something with them one day. But as with many of collectors time catches up with you and you don't realize that you are not 40 anymore and still have all these cars that you are "going to get to one day" but are not. My father is in his early 80's and is still attending old car events in his 1911 Model T or his 1933 Studebaker, has with the passing of all his younger sibling realized that it is finally time to be a little more proactive in selling off a some of his cars. Being proactive for him is allowing me to start with one car and get it out of the barn and see about advertising to sell. The car in the pictures is a 1920 JI Case 7 passenger touring. With some of these more lesser known make it is hard to find much(good) information on or even who I can contact for some help. I have spent lots if time with my friend google the last few nights but it is a lot different looking up info on a Case automobile then info for a Model A or 55 Chevy. With the vast knowledge on this forum is there a member who can assist me with some info or even some direction for a contact, any help or info would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any question I will respond as quickly as I can, I have lots more pics too if everyone would like to see more and /or I can take more as it is sitting in my shop at my home now. Thanks Jeff C, Ontario Canada