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  1. good! sounds like you will be back on the road soon! I wonder how many studes used that type of u-joint...it resembles the old "rag joint" used on steering boxes. I replaced my '39 u-joints recently and to my surprise they were the common 1310 series u-joints used in majority of rear wheel drive cars thru today.
  2. My '39 clutch disc was beyond repair, Dave Thibeault was able to source a core and rebuild it and my pressure plate...excellent workmanship! give him a try.
  3. hey SC38DLS....I looked at my "chrome hook"...and it is what you say...I never knew that !I I had no idea it moved! After 32 years, I am still learning about this car! Cowtown ,,,I might take you up on your offer but not just yet. Still looking around at the options. I do plan on taking the seats to a shop I have used and they are cheaper than anybody else ...but still fearful it will be way more than what I want to put in it. I will approach them too, to see if they would just sew them up and let me put them on. I have done interiors, sculptured door panels, kick panels, headliners, installed purchased seat covers, but I have never sewn anything.
  4. The new cardan u joint will be better. I hope they can find the same spline yokes. If not, they might could saw your splined hub off and weld it to the new joint. We did that back in the 70's before parts became more available. Hopefully they can get you going soon. Post pics so we gearheads can see what was done.
  5. My wife and I sewed some vinyl sun visors 30 years ago with her sewing machine and it never sewed right again....so I better not even mention to use the one she has now. I was thinking if I could buy a real upholstery sewing machine cheap enough, I would do that.
  6. 1939 president...did you ever find these clips? I am going to need some too.
  7. hi trimacar, is there anyone out there that has patterns/can make and sells seat covers and headliners for the older stuff ('39 commander)? If not, what are your recommendations for a one time use sewing machine, what to look for , features, where too buy, etc. This is not a show car...its a survivor....just need it covered up inexpensively ...and your thoughts on the material for a prewar car? I think I want vinyl for ease of cleaning.
  8. Ahh what bad luck. I hope someone has a conversion kit for this. I am still new to this site and dont know all the suppliers and their capabilities, but Dave Thibeault helped me locate some parts, give him a try. Also RBK might can help. Maybe someone can rebuild them?
  9. Gates said that belt is 5/8" (17 mm) wide and they have no control of the description after it leaves their facility. So that answers the question... that the 5/8" wide belt is the replacement belt. At any rate, I order the 3/4 " wide alternator pulley. After mounting the alternator, I will get my local NAPA dealer to source a 3/4" wide belt with the new length. (I dont like the way the 5/8" belt sits deeper in the pulley!)
  10. r1lark....this is what I saw and it has his email...its an older post but its a start.... forums.aaca.org/topic/196171-need-upholstery-in-2013/#comment-994246
  11. I had thought about getting the sewing machine and maybe give it a try too. There is a distributor here locally for all the supplies so I don't have to go to upholstery shops and pay mark-up prices. My seats dont have to be show quality, and it will probably be vinyl so they can be cleaned up easily. I found Triamcars posting. I see you have seat belts ...and I was wondering what is that chrome hook on the side of the bench seat? I have that too but no clue what it is for.
  12. I am starting to look around for seat upholstery and headliner. For the seats, I know I can have my local folks do it. But, I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with any of the advertised vendors that do seat covers and can recommend anyone for a prewar car? I have some experience putting covers on and I have the hogwire clips and tools to do it. The same goes for the headliner...any recommendations?
  13. I know your a little hesitant to put it on jack stands and run it, but that could clue you in too. I do it, but me or someone else is in the car in case we need to hit the brakes. I would imagine the u-joint bolts sandwich things tight so the holes would not be out of round unless you had a loose bolt. If its the drive line vibrating and not a wheel, my bet is the hundred year old rubber has failed in the joint. But let's hope it's a wheel instead!!
  14. SC38DLS... I hope this makes sense ...this might help clue you in if its a wheel or driveshaft.... a driveshaft vibration will be at a higher or faster frequency...than a wheel vibration which is at a slower rate... I picture in my mind whether or not the wheel is spinning as fast as the vibration. A bent rim can cause it too. but I assume you did not hit anything. good luck
  15. glad you got the spring ...so your spring hit the crossmember like mine did. regarding your first pic with the battery in it ...looks like you took the pic from underneath looking upwards.......is your battery under the floor ? I see what looks like a panel to remove to access the battery. Mine is in the engine bay. Describe the vibration you are referring to.....did you hear it before the discovery of the spring on the floor?