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  1. Vintage Wire

    wiring update....couple more things on the wiring of the 39 commander.... Can anyone tell me what holds the glass lense in place on the license plate light? is there suppose to be a gasket between the glass and the housing? I am thinking it might be a spring clip to push against the glass. Is there suppose to be a gasket between the glass and the housing? and I am just amazed again at the technology in '39...first, they put a trunk light inside the trunk lid which to me is amazing for '39, it is powered by the "park light" wires. I thought it stayed on all the time with the park lights when I first saw it, because there was no visible on/off switch. But...I found the switch is built into the lamp socket...it has balls that make the circuit when the trunk lid is open, and breaks the circuit when the trunk is closed. How about that!!...cleaned it all up and it still works! Wiring is basically complete and car cranked and ran without the wires losing any of their factory filled smoke... here is what is left of the old wiring...spaghetti anyone? thanks all for your help !
  2. I welded it ! just kidding... A while later, I backed the car out so I could vacuum and blow out the inside of the car from all the interior re-wiring and the under dash wiring work I was doing. Amidst all the wiring debris, clippings, dirt, tie wraps, some hardware, etc was a key! When the steering wheel spun freely on the shaft.....I guess the spring underneath pushed the wheel off the key. then when I removed the steering wheel , the key probably fell out and hit the blanket I had on the floor to lay on...never heard it fall. silly me!
  3. hey guys, thanks for your replies! keyway issue solved.
  4. hi folks, I removed the steering wheel and to my surprise there are no splines...instead it has a keyway in the wheel and the shaft and a missing key. The nut holding the steering wheel on had always been finger tight, previous owner had it off for some reason. Anyway, I dont see this in the parts catalogue, it looks like it might be a special key so it does not fall into the hollow shaft. Anyone have any knowledge on this key? update....looks like a 3/16" woodruff key might be what it takes...the keyway in the hollow shaft appears radiused on the ends ...this would keep the key from passing thru into the hollow shaft. I have a 3/16" woodruff key but it sits too high for the steering wheel to slip on. I will see if a smaller "diameter" woodruff key is available or I could machine the height off of the key so the steering wheel will go on.
  5. upgradeing cant wait

    what a gorgeous car !
  6. Vintage Wire

    ahh sorry , thought I had it at the top of the posting...1939 commander 9A W3...4 door...its a late '39.
  7. Vintage Wire

    The clock has a ground wire terminal fastened to the clock, but no wire...as if the wire broke off ..and the other end of the wire (in photo above ) was behind the glove box. I get the feeling this wire is the ground for the clock. On another note, The ignition switch always hung below the dash by its wires....so I tried to install the switch in the dash and it is now clear this is an aftermarket switch....as it will not go into the hole in the dash. And there was an ignition switch lamp? I have the wire with socket and bulb and it was tucked behind the dash. How did this fit in/on the ign switch? Anyone have pics of the ignition switch..both in the dash and out of the dash?
  8. Vintage Wire

    I was wondering if someone fastened the wire to the metal just so it does not fall down and get lost when the speaker might have been removed. But wouldn't there have been two wires? I assume it had a radio because it has an antenna and the antenna cable was cut off just behind the antenna. So where does the radio go ? any pics ? (not going to get a radio, just curious)
  9. Vintage Wire

    Wiring is almost complete, but I have a question...there is a wire fastened with a screw to the sheet metal above the windshield...its on the edge of the center hole in the sheet metal..it leads to behind the glove box but it is not connected and there is no terminal. Since the wiring was in sad shape, I do not know if the terminal broke off or if it was ever connected. I don't see it on the wiring diagram either....can anyone tell me what it could have been for? one more .....the wipers appear to be tied into the two fuses that are hot all the time according to the wiring diagram and the original wiring I removed was that way....I guess the drivers really had to turn the wipers off independently just like the headlights back then since they were not connected to the "keyed" fuse? Just different a way I suppose.
  10. ahhh beautiful cars!!! really nice! good job guys!
  11. hi goat boy...nice looking car! On your door....so what you mean is the rear door needs to "shut" just a bit more to be flush with the front door? Make sure the rotary piece in the door latch is in good shape and operates good. I am dealing with a worn rotary latch on my front door and it has an effect on the door closing completely and latching. The striker plate should have some adjustment. Also, on the striker plate is a spring loaded "hook". ...I just replaced the striker on the rear door because the spring was broken....and it works quite well now. Now, another problem I had was on the same rear door , the front of it was "higher" that the front door. it was as if the front of the rear door needed to be lowered. Is this what you might be referring too? To do this, I removed the top hinge and bent it forward...this kicked the front of the door down. This was a bit harder to do. some pics will better show us what you are talking about. Like you, I never see '39 commanders at any car shows I attend...but I am seeing owners here on this site, so I know they are around. good luck
  12. '39 commander upholstery

    Pastor matt..hope yours is like mine ('38 vs '39),,,.....this is .... is connected to this..... and it fits in a notch in the rail...here the rail is move just a little so you can see the "notch" and how the lever should engage the notch. If yours is not working, it might be like mine...the lever where it pivots is froze. I am going to put some oil on mine ...quite sure that will loosen it up. It does not appear to that rusty after all. let me know if you need more.
  13. '39 commander upholstery

    Pastor Matt, have you figured out how the seat adjuster works? I have my front seat out of the car now. I can send a pic or two if you need it.
  14. Vintage Wire

    nice folks at RI wire, I probably have most of the wire needed for now. I have a question....I am under the dash on my back, stripping the woven covering off the bundle, and started tracing and pulling wires through the firewall. The woven cover and the insulation on the wire is turning to dust....is there any harmful stuff in the wire insulation? asbestos for example? I started using a paper mask, but still wondering. It is quite dusty.
  15. '39 commander upholstery

    thanks for the info Aussi John 1, However, I think I will be going a different route. Pastor Matt, if you find the rear vent seals, let me know.