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  1. Gary W

    Steering Box removal...

    Not at all! The restoration cost $ 377.99 + $ 75.65 Shipping for a grand total of $ 453.64 I sent the entire column and gearbox as a unit, which meant I had to use a big box (I used a bicycle box) which jacked up the shipping cost. But, by shipping the entire unit, Lares also replaced the upper column bushing with a long life nylon bearing so when installing, you no longer use the spring and retainer. As far as lubrication, Lares uses their own blend and sends instructions not to touch anything. But their technician told me that you can use any good quality wheel bearing grease or 600W oil. Personally, in my Model "A" Fords I use Penrite Brand Steering Box Lube. It's a 1200W, EP, "non-leaking" lubricant that I've had very good luck with. I got it from Restoration Supply (Part # LUB009) I don't know if it is acceptable in the Buick, but I'm hoping the Buick won't be requiring any attention for a while. Hope it helps! Gary
  2. Gary W

    Steering Box removal...

    Hi Dave I never separated the two. I sent the assembly out to Lares for a complete rebuild, and it came back all in one piece the way I sent it out to them. Very happy with their workmanship.
  3. Very talented man! Beautiful workmanship.
  4. My son set up a time lapse video to capture the chassis build. The entire 8-hour build is condensed to 30 seconds. Five people worked and it turned out to be a very educational experience!
  5. Couldn't agree more! I used the wire wheel on every single part of the car before paint!
  6. Gary W

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    With all your meticulous prep work, this should turn out to be a super fine paint job! Can't wait to see it! Good Luck in the booth! Gary
  7. Hi guys! So glad to hear your kits are being produced and delivered on time! Rod.. My 2-N Bedford Cord panels started turning green in about two - three months. And it was very "splotchy" green..... not the entire panel at one time. And it happened while the panels were still in the boxes! No sunlight / UV exposure at all. I think I should be taking delivery next week if the original schedule holds true. Can't wait! Gary
  8. Gary W

    38 Century Driveability Hiccups...

    Can you turn them inside out and then shrink them? You won't see the logo.
  9. Tuesday June 26, 2018: Interior Kit Update : I just had a pleasant conversation with Mr. David Costello up at LeBaron Bonney to confirm my new fabric choice for the panels. So the original order from February, 2017 has been modified to reflect the following: Panels: 2-LM / GB-5 Seats: 2C / 2-LM / GB-5 (The GB-5 is the brown leather that is used to trim out various parts..., edging for the carpet) The new order will go down to production, then they have to fabricate the new kit. I should expect delivery of the replacement kit on or about August 1, 2018 I'll keep you posted! Gary
  10. Gary W

    1942 buick color last one built

    Just found one more, although your photo appears to have a gloss paint job, which I guess means the last flint car is not a "black out" car, here is some more information: "Two-Toned Grey Buick Specials used by the Navy"
  11. Gary W

    1942 buick color last one built

    It doesn't necessarily state the last Buick was built in Flint, just that THIS photo is the last car that came off the Flint line. I presume every assembly branch had a "last car" produced before the war. On the "Black Out" models, the chrome was painted body color, usually in the battleship grey tones. Buick was able to use up their stock of bumpers and thus the last Flint car sports a chrome bumper. Hope it helps your project! Gary
  12. Gary W

    New Image upload size

    Just for clarification.... I'm going to be installing my interior next week (hopefully!!), and I have a tendency to post a lot of photos as I go along. (So I've heard......) (Sometimes I have posted up to 12 - 15 photos in a single post so others can watch and maybe get the confidence to take on a new project.) ....... I'm probably the reason for the new rule!! Does the 10 mb limit apply to "Today's Post", or the entire thread? I have my Nikon set to take large file photos, simply because I like to look back at my photos and it's amazing what you can zoom in on and spark your memory from a year ago. What program do you all use to resize your photos? Basically, if I get the photos down to 1mb, you are allowed to post 10 at a time? Thank you! Respectfully Gary Wheeler '37 - 48
  13. Monday June 25, 2018: Samples arrived from LeBaron Bonney As promised, my fabric samples arrived in today's mail. I immediately compared the samples to my wood grained parts, the armrests, the headliner.... I think it'll work out just fine. This is what I got today. My seats are the 2-C Bedford Cord. I chose the 2-LM for my panels. It's more of a mohair/broadcloth(?) than the 2-N Bedford Cord but I think it'll look very authentic. The scan doesn't replicate the colors accurately. The 10-LM is too light and the 7-LM was way too dark. My original door and side panels actually were more of a smooth fabric, not the cord-type fabric. Then I looked online and saw some other Buicks and the panels do look smooth, not a corduroy like the seats. This car has the cord seats and the smooth panels so I guess I'm on the right track. Here is my door panel as removed from the car. It also is a "smooth" fabric, not ribbed. (ASIDE.... why can't I upload photos? I keep getting a "You are only allowed to upload 9.52mb" error message which I have never seen before) I called LeBaron and ordered the 2-LM so hopefully I'll be back in the garage this time next week! Have a great night! Gary
  14. I did the same thing with my '37.... UVIRA coated reflectors and a dedicated ground wire to each socket. They look fantastic when lit, and I kept the original 6V bulbs. I did not use halogen bulbs. Keep up the great work! Always look forward to your posts!
  15. Looking great Matt! I taped my chrome off and sprayed the louvers. I didn't feel comfortable disassembling the entire hood vent and it turned out very nice. Keep up the great work!