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    When I read "Remove the short length of filler pipe at the upper end", my car had the hose and the clamps so I figured.... OK, Simple! Loosen the clamps and off it came! I had no idea until now that the short length is supposed to screw into the tank filler pipe. Learn something new everyday around here! Thanks Gary
  2. 1917 or 1918??

    So, even though this car (E-49) was produced as early as January, 1917, it is called a 1918 Model and titled as such? I'm fascinated with this thread, being pretty new to Buick, it's great to learn all this stuff. Earlier, someone posted the tire sizes that shows the E-49 listed for Years 1917, 1918 and 1919. I can see how this can get confusing. So you use just the "E" model to designate the car as a 1918 Model? Not '17 or '19? Very curious

    Regarding the tank filler neck (the filler actually attached to the tank) and the short length of filler pipe at the upper end. There isn't really a "length" of hose section. When the upper section is installed, it pretty much meets the tank filler neck. The hose is clamped to keep it all tight and of course stopping it from leaking. When I dropped my tank, I went to the Buick manual for instructions: (Removal of Fuel Tank) The manual discusses removing the "short length of filler pipe at the upper end" That's how my '37 Special is made. The upper filler pipe is nicely made with a rolled edge. Not cut off the tank filler. I wonder if Buick changed the design with the '37 Special "on the fly"? Gary

    Yes. ‘37 fills on the passenger side. There is a large rubber hose that connects the fuel fill pipe that protrudes through the fender with the tank.

    I have to drop my tank to get the sending unit out. Could you do it while the tank was still in the car?
  6. Matt.. That body really looks nice and solid! Great find!
  7. Wednesday December 13, 2017: Door Sill Plates Today I woke at 3:00 am. Left the house at 4:00 am sharp and drove to Boston to pick up my oldest son from college. After packing the truck, (3 flights up!) then a quick run to see my daughter (also in college in Boston) I drove home. I was tired after all that, but I did manage to take on a small Buick project when I got home: The door sills. Flashback to January, 2017: Driver's side. All the detail is pretty worn off from the driver entering and exiting for 80 years. Passenger's side. Hard to see, but the sill paint is all over the outer side of this door sill plate. Tonight: Condition of the underside of the sill plates. Close-up Pulled back a little. The side labelled is the passenger side, but after I cleaned them, I saw that they actually have two different part numbers stamped in. The "up" side. Driver's worn out (top photo). The passenger's side still has some original paint in the grooves. To clean the underside, I went out to the shed and used my trusty wire wheel. Nice and easy here, light touch. The up side required an hour of scrubbing with Bon-Ami, Cameo and Quick-Go right in the kitchen sink. After cleaning and scrubbing. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the edge that's going to show when the door is opened. It is smooth, but 80 years of crud, rust, blemishes.... It doesn't show nice. So, what I decided to do was wipe It down with acetone and..... I used this "Aluminum" color paint and primer combo and gave them a quick coat. I realize there are still a few dents, but this paint evened everything out. They look so much more presentable now. Installed. I know I don't have the detail highlighted with black paint, but the detail is completely worn off the other side so I may just leave It like this. Another view of the installed part. Again... a couple little dents remain but I think the end product came out nice. Certainly an improvement. I'm ready for bed! Long Day Have a great night out there Gary
  8. Larry; I'm looking for a nice set of pans so if you have a set, let me know. Also: The gas cap is from CARS, Inc. here in NJ: Part # GC346L. It is a nice quality reproduction. Fan Belt is NAPA, Part # 25 - 24457
  9. .... I vote "Do Something Crazy!!" Congrats.... great find! You'll be making good progress now. Great photos.
  10. Tuesday December 12, 2017: Fuel Cap and Air Cleaner Little things but really nice before and after photos. But First; Randy: The lamps the car came with were non-functional decorative shells only. No guts, no wires, no sockets and very rusty throughout. So I got these with the Buick Logo in the center. Matt: If you decide to part out the car, keep me on your list for the pans and the light switch. I really like the engine pans installed. KongaMan: I don't see anything under there that would necessitate the design change. But I don't have a '38 to compare it to. Tom: Thanks for the heads up. Do you think $150 is too much for that switch? I don't know what they go for, or what is a fair price? (I purchased a rebuilt one for only $30, but it doesn't work properly so maybe you get what you pay for??) I swapped out that other gas cap for this chrome reproduction with the lock. It really is a nice heavy part. Looks soooo much better. Air Cleaner BEFORE. AFTER. Bob painted it base / clear to match the horns. BEFORE photo of the air cleaner and the condition of the engine bay. Tonight. A year later. Amazing transformation of the entire area. Have a great night and keep the advice pouring in! Gary

    I can't wait for those drives! Beautiful!
  12. 1937 Special Reproduction Gas Tank

    I could not find any '37 tanks being reproduced. Just as another option, I shipped my tank to Moyer Tank Renu. They got all the dents out, and coated the inside with a powder-coating like substance and I'm extremely satisfied with the work.
  13. Hi Matt. I think we determined the difference is the overall length of the part. What I labelled "S" is for 1937 What I labelled "C" is for 1938 If I use the longer switch, I'll also need a longer pull rod to actuate it.

    The top "spacer ring" in the photo: Is it part of the carburetor or does it belong inside the air cleaner as a spacer for different size throats? I have a part like that inside the bottom of my air cleaner, kinda wedged in there.
  15. Larry.. Three things I asked Santa for... Rear Bumper Gravel Deflector, a nice set of Engine Pans and a properly working headlamp switch. (If anyone out there is reading between the lines..... ) Was the gas cap originally painted body color? I was going to buy the chrome plated locking one also, so maybe I'll just go that route.