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  1. Hi Neill, For my 1937 Model 48, (2-door "trunkback" sedan) this is what I ordered from LeBaron Bonney: Style # 37-4411 , Body #6889 1-Headliner Kit Fabric A-806 1-Panel Kit Fabric 2-N Bedford Cord 1-Seat Kit Fabric 2-C Bedford Cord 1-Trunk Kit Fabric TL-25 1-Front Carpet Fabric F88-1 1-Rear Carpet Fabric F88-1 2-Sunvisors Recovering Fabric GM220 2-Robe Rail Recovering Fabric GM320 2-Arm Rest Recovering Fabric 2-N Bedford Cord I used their recovering service for my sunvisors, robe rails (Fabric covered ropes behind the seats) and the front seat arm rest/door pull. The kit as I ordered it was very complete and had all welting, nails, tacks.... I hope that helps you out. Gary
  2. Is there a chance that the heat from the manifold is vaporizing the fuel in both the glass bowl and the fuel lines when she warms up? At this angle, the glass bowl really looks close to the heat source.
  3. Hello all; I'm just patiently waiting for my kit to arrive. I am really disappointed that I missed my self-imposed deadline of March 1, and even more that I missed this Spring driving season to break the motor in while the days are cool. I'm always reminded of the "God Grant Me" saying..... Accept the things I cannot change. This setback is simply out of my control and I have to chill out, and hope all the waiting will result in a quality product. I started the engine today just to hear that beautiful straight eight purr! All the gauges are functioning properly, good oil pressure, no overheating, no water / oil leaks, no weird squeaks or rattles. I do notice that If she sits for a week, I need to give the accelerator a couple of "pumps" before flipping the ignition switch to start it. If I start it two consecutive days, it requires NO pumping at all. It just fires right up as it should. I think my Marvel is letting air in, or allowing the gas to run out.... don't really know. I think that's why some guys install an electric pump in the line to "prime" the carburetor for starting. Makes sense. When she starts, she runs rich for about two minutes. Then you can actually hear the engine pick up as the automatic choke pulls off and the mixture leans out. But, this is an incredibly busy time with the family and all those springtime chores in and around the house, so I'm always running. But the day that kit arrives, I'm going to forget all about the sprinkler system, the pH of the pool, the lawn fertilizer, the vegetable garden, the power washer, the deck stain........... I'm diving right back into the garage to finish her up! Thanks so much for following along, and hanging in there with me as I wait to complete the final phase of my restoration. Hope you all have a great week, and hopefully I'll be posting real soon! Respectfully, Gary
  4. Gary W

    Lock Nuts

    Did you try McMaster Carr? If you know the size and thread count they have an extensive assortment.
  5. Matt...what bulb did you ultimately use in the switches? I have the same issue, very dull "HEAT" and a bright "LITE". Is there a number on the correct bulb you used?
  6. It's really not a bad job. The harness is clearly wired so just follow along step by step and you'll get it installed just fine. Lay it out first, get your bearings as to what wire goes where, make a few of your own labels if needed. It's pretty straightforward. If I can help at all, don't hesitate. Good Luck!! Gary
  7. Why is it that whenever you borrow a friends _________________ (lawnmower, leaf blower, snowblower, car, truck, hammer, t-shirt.....) SOMETHING ALWAYS HAPPENS???? Matt.. Safe trip! Enjoy the tour! Looking forward to photos when you return. Gary
  8. Hi Randy; No updates from LeBaron. I haven't done anything with the car except start the engine a couple times a week and let it warm up, idle a bit and shut it down. I can't think of anything to do with the car until the new upholstery kit arrives. Bummer The bad dye lot was with their Brown Bedford Cord fabric. (N7...?). They have a new supplier for the fabric, but how long it takes to remake all the bad kits..... I don't know. It took about three months for the fabric to turn green. I hate that my project is just stalled for the last few months, but some things are completely out of my control. I had high hopes that I would have a thousand miles on her by now! The woodgrain was done by Mr. Bob Kennedy out on your side of the country. 1.562.693.8739. A real gentleman to deal with and an artist with the grain. Thanks for checking in! Have a great weekend and I'll get posting as soon as this kit arrives. Gary
  9. Gary W

    Cowl Drain 1937 Special

  10. Gary W

    1938 Buick Century Timing Marks...

    I used this gold paint, thinking the timing light would really illuminate it. It doesn't. Use a good white paint to highlight the marks and run a line like Matt did above.
  11. Gary W

    Correct wire colour for 1938 Special

    Hi Rodney; On my '37 Special I went with the Yellow wires with the cross tracers. I not 100% sure they are "correct" but they look great under the hood. Labeled, measured and making the first cut All assembled. Here's the link of that day:
  12. Gary W

    Morten's 1940 Sport Coupe 56s

    Is the fan thermostatically controlled or just flip a switch?
  13. I don't think the glass was tinted originally. When I ordered my full replacement set of glass for the car, I was informed it comes "factory clear laminated safety glass". I believe he said I could get a tint at an additional cost, but I wanted it original so I simply ordered a clear set. I cannot find any corroboration in any of my manuals one way or another, so I went with his advice. Gary
  14. Are your seats installed? How do you drive it around? Did you run a dedicated ground wire to the sending unit? Might help the gauge.