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  1. Can anyone identify these 2 cars?

    Nice picture Dave, thanks! I'll bet "like a boat going through water" was an apt description of driving on Fayette County roads in the 1940's! That house is on what is known today as Hwy 194. In the old days it was known as "the Sand Road". My thanks for everyone's help!
  2. Can anyone identify these 2 cars?

    Hey Don, No the house is in Fayette County. If I remember correctly, our tags were number 33. I had to ask around the family and do some research why a car with Shelby County tags was in the photo. I learned that the photo is from 1942. My dad's army division had been sent to Camp Shelby Miss. for basic training. After that, they were sent home for 12 days. His sister and her husband (who lived in Memphis) had come to visit. That was their car. A few days after that photo was taken, he had to be back at Camp Shelby where the division boarded a train for San Francisco. There they boarded a troop ship for New Zealand, the first stop on their way up the "Solomon Ladder". After the Solomons Campaign, they were in the invasion of Aitape, New Guinea. After that they were in the invasion of the Philippine Islands. My dad said that he only survived because after the invasion of New Georgia there was an opening for corporal of transportation and he had the rank and time in service to get the job. There are lots of books about the soldiers' love affair with the jeep, and they tell it just like my dad did. He never wanted to talk about the war but he would always tell me about the jeeps! I hope this hasn't been more information than you wanted. My thanks to the forum owners for their bandwidth.
  3. Can anyone identify these 2 cars?

    Thanks hursst!
  4. Can anyone identify these 2 cars?

    This afternoon I drove out to the house where the first photo was taken. It's been abandoned for years now. Funny how time keeps right on passing by. One more from the photo album, if anyone can identify any of these. Thanks for your help!
  5. Can anyone identify these 2 cars?

    Don, you have better eyes than me! What does it say, 2-256 TN ? Thanks for everyone's help!
  6. Can anyone identify these 2 cars? Both photos were taken around 1945 or so. Thanks!