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  1. Junkyard remnants

    Many THANKS to all of you for your time and help with this project, Ted
  2. 1985 Olds Delta 88 Royal $1,000

    Gary, I know you asked for texts but this is easier for me. I am interested in car and have a few questions/requests I would like pictures of the following please; rear seating area, trunk, landau top condition, bottom edges of doors and wheel wells. do you have replacement trim for the passenger side fender does Michigan have safety and emissions testing? If so when was it done last and did it pass the inspections have you done a CarFax report on the car, am concerned about car being in a flooded situation. Please send your email address to tedlazenby@gmail.com so we can continue the discussion that way. Thanks, Ted
  3. Junkyard remnants

    Terrific, thanks so much for your help! Ted
  4. Junkyard remnants

    I found this wood framed car in a junkyard in Idaho and can not figure out what it is. Our senior center pinochle group has decided it's 1936, 1937, or 1938 and is probably a GM car. When I first looked at it from the front I thought there was a trunk lid but there is not.
  5. Please help ID this gauge cluster

    Thank you all for your help! have a great day! Ted
  6. Vintage Bumper For Ford? GM? Other?

    Okay, so the search continues! Thank you so much for your help, a possibility eliminated makes us closer to the right answer, Thanks, Ted
  7. Vintage Bumper For Ford? GM? Other?

    Great, thank you, appreciate the help
  8. Vintage Bumper For Ford? GM? Other?

    Thanks guys, I'll keep up the search and let you know what I find (I'm thinking the marks are reflections too)
  9. Vintage Bumper For Ford? GM? Other?

    See the small differences, the search will continue.......... I can see similar bumper ends just in front of the right hand front tire Thanks for the help, Ted
  10. Vintage Bumper For Ford? GM? Other?

    Wow, it sure looks close to me, thanks! How did you come up with the probable answer, and a picture to boot? Appreciate the help, Ted
  11. I wound up with this bumper (one of a set of two?) and can not figure out what it's for. All help, suggestions appreciated.\ Thanks, Ted
  12. Steering wheel ID - 1920s?, goes on?

    Larry, Gunsmoke, thank you both for looking at my steering wheel. I'll keep hoping additional information for a while yet, but eventually it will get sold. Have a great day and thanks again! Ted
  13. Hi, I got this steering wheel with some Model A and Model T items but I can't figure out what this steering wheel goes onto. As the shaft it goes on is larger than one on a Model A, could it be for a truck or a brass era car? All help appreciated! Thanks, Ted
  14. Please help ID this gauge cluster

    Fred, thank you so much! Have a great day! Ted
  15. I've tried everywhere I can think of and have no idea what it's from, all help is a ppreciated. The larger gauge has the numbers 71 and 4362(8?)6R on it but that is all I can find. Thanks, Ted