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  1. Does anyone have pictures of the jets? I just noticed mine were missing and I'd like to acquire them or something similar. Found one...
  2. I haven't posted a picture of my car but I guess it's about it is. I was looking for something that I could still tinker on but I didn't want a complete project. I found this one in the CA desert and got it for a fair price. The paint isn't 100% my style but it is really clean. I lowered the rear and the front is sagging I think. I added the wheels and replaced the wide whitewalls with skinny whites. The engine is a 425 and I changed out the carburetor. An old Dixco tach was added to the dash and I got a new aftermarket side mirror. There is still so much more to do. I'm happy with it right now and I just need to enjoy cruising it.
  3. I've got reverse Supremes on my 64. They are 15x7. Here is what i had to do to make them fit. Keep in mind it's a 64 and the Supremes are wrapped in fat white Coker G78-15's. I had to hammer in a couple of protrusions under both rear wheel wells. I had to grind down the center hub of the brake drum to clear the wheels center bore without a spacer. I'm not sure if you'll need to do this. I am lowered about 2+ inches. I still get occasional rubbing on the rear. I am using a 5mm spacer up front for the hub bore clearance and I can't do full lock turns without rubbing. In my opinion, I would get 14' reverse if they have them and maybe get some sportway's on them. Hope that helps. Your car looks great as-is BTW. Chris
  4. I'm looking to replace my non-Buick mirror and have been looking at a couple of options, some not OEM. Could someone tell me the diameter of the OEM mirror? Thank you Chris
  5. My 65, another build to follow

    That radiator is gorgeous. I think the welds are MIG. The aesthetic effect can be achieved with both processes. I think for radiators and mass production, MIG may be quicker. Someone that knows more than me can correct if i am wrong. GREAT build by the way.
  6. Not to hijack this post but I have a similar issue with too big a tire to fit under the shelf. Does anyone know what the original spare tire size is for the 1st gen's? Thanks and sorry again for adding more questions to your post! Chris
  7. I used a right angle bracket with a 4-40 screw and a couple of nuts. I've attached an image. I hope that helps. Were you planning on changing carbs too?
  8. I'm running a pertronix 1 with the flame thrower. I ended up getting it replaced because I left the ignition on too long without the car running. Other than that...the car runs like a champ with it installed.
  9. I'm using a 1411 edelbrock and I have zero problems. If you want something that flows well and starts when you want it too...then it's and good option.
  10. 64 Front Disc Project

    Being a former S14 owner with a Q45 brake upgrade, I like the outside the box thinking!
  11. Abandg thank you for the thoughtful response. That amount of detail has helped me figure out that I have 64 horseshoes which is exactly what he needed. The second question I have is: do they install in matching number sets? Meaning do 162's install on one side and 163 on the other or is it a combination of 162 and 163 on each side?
  12. Hey guys. I just received a set of horse shoe trim and they all seem to be the same size. Is this correct? It always looked like one pair was larger than the other. Likely an illusion. I don't have any 63-64 Riviera's to reference and all my trim holes were shaved by the previous owner. Thank you Chris
  13. Why weren't any of the girls in the driver's seat?! HAHA. I love those old ads. Chris
  14. My new purchase

    Congratulations on the purchase! Are there any engine pictures? All the guys on this board are very helpful and I've received a lot of information here. Chris
  15. I'll pick some up. Chris I have no issue removing the pan...but i'd REALLY rather not. Chris