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  1. My car is not here but I'll have access to it tomorrow. I'll let you know where I tapped the power and the ground. Chris
  2. I've been buying my Buick parts from bestoffercounts on ebay, including the retainer. He's a great guy. He's got a website too. For the battery...I got one from Interstate but the lower cost offshore model. I believe it says green power on it. 27f group I think. I'll check when I get home. Chris
  3. I fully concur. My car's odometer has flipped once I'm sure. Does that mean the timing chain may have been taken care of? Again, the car runs beautifully but i want to catch up on the maintenance, if that's even possible! Thank you Chris
  4. I'm just randomly worried about sludge. The car runs fine and the dipstick reads true. I always try to live by the motto: "If it ain't broke...". I'll still change out the mounts. Thank yoU! I was planning on doing the valve cover gaskets and maybe some new covers so I'll go this route first. Chris
  5. first64riv

    1956 Continental Mark II

    good luck with sale! That is one of my bucket list cars. Chris
  6. Hello all, My Riviera runs fine right now but I am concerned with sludge in the oil pan. Is there a way to tell if there is an issue with sludge build up without removing the pan? I know the engine needs to be lifted a bit for the pan to clear and that's why i hesitate to do it. If I decide to change the engine mounts and the transmission mount, would there be a lot more steps involved to dropping the pan? Will any of this involve removing the transmission cooler lines from the radiator? Thank you in advance. Chris
  7. I vacuumed tuned my edelbrock carb. I followed a YouTube that was made by edelbrock. It was quite easy and I didn't really do much since it seemed well tuned for the southern California environment. I used a vacuum port off the carb.
  8. This is the one that I purchased for my 64 425. I've used it on my 66 Impala and my 64 Riviera and they run great. Good luck!
  9. Bill, After you select the vehicle you are searching parts for, there is an "rss" link image/link you can click. In the same area, there is also an html image/link. Click the html and it should send you to the closeout merch. I wrote this from memory so forgive me for inaccuracies. Chris
  10. I'm not sure how many of you know about Rock Auto clearance prices and how to find them but here's a link I use. I hope it works. 425 401 Chris
  11. Here is the one I bought It works fine for me but there may be other recommendations.
  12. I'm no guru but I've been doing external maintenance on my transmission lately. I would first start with the easy stuff: check for a good vacuum to the modulator. If it's good, then maybe you're modulator is faulty or stuck. The modulator is fairly cheap and it might be worth purchasing just to rule out a variable. Thank you Chris
  13. Hey guys, Has anyone here replaced their shift shafts seal? I plan to buy the tool from NAPA but wanted to make sure the seal is an easy DIY. Thank you. Chris
  14. I've had PN 1181 in my 64 for about a year now. No problems except for operator error. I left the ignition on and it burned out. I also had one in my 66 Impala with no issues. Chris