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  1. Why weren't any of the girls in the driver's seat?! HAHA. I love those old ads. Chris
  2. My new purchase

    Congratulations on the purchase! Are there any engine pictures? All the guys on this board are very helpful and I've received a lot of information here. Chris
  3. I'll pick some up. Chris I have no issue removing the pan...but i'd REALLY rather not. Chris
  4. I was afraid it might. So stainless and aluminum are not a good combo? What about zinc plated? Chris
  5. So I picked up some 5/16-18 x 3/4" stainless hex bolts (serrated) and installed them on the section where the pan was leaking. I used three bolts so far. So far so good but that's just sitting stationary. I'll fire it up and take it for a ride this weekend. If it holds up well, I'll do the rest. I also put some Loctite on the bolts. I'm still using the rubber gasket for now. Chris
  6. Ummm...I probably saw a pan of that sort but likely decided against it. Maybe I'll put my old pan back in with the cork gasket.
  7. Do opinions change if I say that my pan is an aftermarket steel one? The cheap type you get summit with the drain plug. That's where the rubber gasket came from and I wasn't sure if this pan had to have rubber. Chris
  8. Hey guys, The rubber gasket on my pan is leaking a little and I have a couple of cork gaskets I got on clearance. Should I even try to use them or should I just source another rubber gasket? If I do use the cork gasket, do I need to pre-treat it with anything to ensure a leak free installation? Chris
  9. Looking for career advice

    Bob, I live in the People's Republic of California, San Diego to be exact This is where my parent's ended up when they fled Vietnam in 1975. As much as I would love to get out of this huge social experiment of a state, my folks are getting up there in age and my wife and I feel the need to stay close. That's a whole 'nother topic for another time. My wife and I will get out of California but right now is not the right time. So, it's only a matter of WHEN not IF. Chris
  10. Looking for career advice

    There is something to be said about the flexibility of a small company. I can pretty much dictate my own schedule and hours. It certainly helps with things that could only be done during normal business hours. Chris
  11. Looking for career advice

    I'd prefer doing some sort of engine design but my background is not there. My wife and kids and myself went to Frisco/Plano area and Toyota was hiring like crazy. Everyone I met there were extremely excited to have Toyota moving there. We were contemplating a move to TX but it felt just like San Diego. That area didn't have the "Texas" feel. Chris
  12. Looking for career advice

    If I had it my way, I'd be doing something in the automotive world. I've been looking but not much of that going on here in So Cal. Chris
  13. Looking for career advice

    Thanks for following up Carl. Those Aerospace hey day stories are told to me very often when I hit the trade shows. That's about the time my dad was hired as an RF engineer at General Dynamics! Thanks for keeping us "on-topic". -Chris
  14. Looking for career advice

    On this track starting now.
  15. Looking for career advice

    Reading the posts out loud to my wife last night, Pluto's post really helped me. His advice was key in my future planning. Chris