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  1. This is the one that I purchased for my 64 425. I've used it on my 66 Impala and my 64 Riviera and they run great. Good luck!
  2. Bill, After you select the vehicle you are searching parts for, there is an "rss" link image/link you can click. In the same area, there is also an html image/link. Click the html and it should send you to the closeout merch. I wrote this from memory so forgive me for inaccuracies. Chris
  3. I'm not sure how many of you know about Rock Auto clearance prices and how to find them but here's a link I use. I hope it works. 425 401 Chris
  4. Here is the one I bought It works fine for me but there may be other recommendations.
  5. I'm no guru but I've been doing external maintenance on my transmission lately. I would first start with the easy stuff: check for a good vacuum to the modulator. If it's good, then maybe you're modulator is faulty or stuck. The modulator is fairly cheap and it might be worth purchasing just to rule out a variable. Thank you Chris
  6. Hey guys, Has anyone here replaced their shift shafts seal? I plan to buy the tool from NAPA but wanted to make sure the seal is an easy DIY. Thank you. Chris
  7. I've had PN 1181 in my 64 for about a year now. No problems except for operator error. I left the ignition on and it burned out. I also had one in my 66 Impala with no issues. Chris
  8. Fuel is going to evaporate when in the open so I believe he is relating the choke to initial start position. I had a similar issue when my car sat for a's the nature of the beast. A few cranks of the ignition and pumps of the accelerator wakes her up pretty quickly.
  9. first64riv

    1964 RIviera and TH400 leak

    I wanted to update everyone on this in case anyone else was dealing with little leaks here and there. So after installing the pan with a rubber gasket in Dec 2016, it started to leak when parked again. I had puddles but they weren't large enough to be of concern. Besides, I had access to plenty of cardboard. Fast forward to July 2018 and I finally decided to change the rubber gasket on the pan to a Fel-pro gasket. Well, it's held up well overnight and no drips anywhere. At this point, I will say rubber gaskets are garbage when used with stamped aluminum pans. The pan that i am using has the raised ribs along the flange and I purchased it at Summit Racing. It's the generic black one, not the fancy chrome one. I'm now waiting to see what else will start to drip now that the pan is sealed. Thank you and hope this helps others. Chris
  10. first64riv

    New Classic Buick Owner

    I had the same issue on my Riviera though. Make sure all the parts are there for the spring assembly. I was missing a perch. I ended up fabbing my own perches. It helped equalize the height.
  11. first64riv

    '64 401 Nailhead Questions

    Paul, I am not aware of any Buick clubs in San Diego. I'm not really a club kind of guy. I'm kind of an every man's car kinda guy. I'm not even sure what that means...haha. You know about Cruising Grand right? I have never heard of Bob's carbs. I haven't been around the classic car scene too long. Glad to hear from you. Chris
  12. I have a picture somewhere on another thread. I think it's in the post your riviera thread. I'll try to find it...I'm lurking on my phone makes things a bit difficult.
  13. first64riv

    New Classic Buick Owner

    MrEarl, Where is this? It's a beautiful setting...if I were to guess - Heaven? haha. Chris
  14. first64riv

    '64 401 Nailhead Questions

    Where in Carlsbad are you located? I work in the area, Palomar Airport/El Camino Real. Anyways, congrats on the purchase. I have a 64 Riviera with a 425 but I did the tune up thing when I first got it. One major thing wrong was the timing. I got that sorted after I installed my Pertronix ignition. It ran a lot better after that. Do you know the state of your carburetor as far as last rebuild goes? I purchased a new Edelbrock because the previous owner threw the wrong carb on it to begin with. That was an unexpected purchase. Best of luck and I'd love to see the Century some time! Chris