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  1. Can anyone tell me the parking area closest to the green field so i can program my gps?
  2. Doble steam cars

    I was just wondering when was the last time a Doble steam car was for sale and how much did it sell for. I was looking at Jay Lenos car on youtube and a friend asked me how much would somthing like that sell for-I have no idea the only time I saw a Doble for sale was at Hershey about 35 years ago-I remember they were asking 18K for it. of course toady it would go for much much more.
  3. Time Passages auto restoration

    I tried the phone number it just rings and rings-don't they have a website or if I could get their address.
  4. Time Passages auto restoration

    I tried couldnt find them.
  5. Time Passages auto restoration

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to get in contact with time passages auto restoration. I saw the 1929 Minerva town car that they did at Hershey and was really impressed. I have a 1955 Packard 400 hardtop, while mechanically the car is pretty much done it does need a new paint job and detailing ( it is a rust free arizona car) does anyone have contact numbers and or adress for them? I think they said they were in Holidaysburg Pa