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  1. 28 studebaker dictator

    w according to my parts manual, indicates '5 passenger or berline' and I think I seen somewhere w also meant 4 door.
  2. 28 studebaker dictator

    thanks rbk, I knew and read about cord's passing on here, I bought a serial number plate from him earlier this year, and have seen his ebay parts store. I see no serial plates for any cars at all on either white gloves website, or the ebay store, so I wondered if someone has taken over that part of the business? about the versions of the dictators how do I find which I have? the only clue I have is the body number plate is gew-3. does that mean the third series? or does it not mean anything? thanks - terry
  3. 28 studebaker dictator

    yes, I will be leaving the title as is with the body number, just like on my 29 Erskine has a made-up vin, I suppose when that previous owner licensed it in 1967, he or they didn't know where to find the proper vin number. I just would like to purchase a repop tag from white glove, but I'm not sure he has them anymore. I don't see them on his website or his ebay store. I got one of his tags to replace the missing plate on the 26 standard six I bought in the spring. between late last summer I traded labor for the Erskine and bought the 26 and 28 this year. like the advertisement says "this is a Studebaker year" (I think my family is going to put me in an institution)
  4. 28 studebaker dictator

    yes thanks, about assembly line sequence. I didn't know that. I know about the serial number location, the previous owner didn't believe me when I told him on the phone. when I came to view the car with my box of manuals and owners manuals ive been collecting, I think he started to believe me that there should be a tag on the frame. thanks - terry
  5. 28 studebaker dictator

    its a four door, GE W 3, I forget the bottom four numbers, ill post them tomorrow, my paperwork is at home. the previous owner has used the body tag as the serial number on the ownership. I don't suppose there is a way to determine serial number from the body tag, I think I read that the museum only has records back to mid thirties(?). thanks - terry
  6. 28 studebaker dictator

    hi everybody, I am in search of front and rear fenders for a 28 dictator I just bought yesterday thanks - terry
  7. 28 studebaker dictator

    hi everybody, I am in search of front and rear fenders for a 28 stude dictator I just purchased yesterday. thanks - terry
  8. NOS ignition parts

    please send me a list and pricing on ignition and switch parts for a 29 Erskine, and a 26 special six. thanks very much terry
  9. freeing up an engine

    ive never tried the grease fitting trick, I read about it when I was working on a seized hit n miss, I tried everything else I read about and nothing worked. some people wrote in that they had cracked the cylinder wall from the pressure from a grease gun.
  10. Wiper Motor Shot

    yes, I do have an owners manual, as well as a part manual reprint. I will check them out tonight. the car I showed in the pics is a '26. I also have more pics in a post I just put up this aft, now that I took some time to get onedrive figured out on my phone. it works really well, and its a bizarre feeling to tap away on my phone and suddenly the pic is on my computer screen. the trico I showed in my pics is a spare I found in a box of auction stuff, I have no idea what car it originally came from. terry
  11. Wiper Motor Shot

    other than patent numbers there is a '2' in the center of the hump in the casting. I have looked at them on ebay and there does look like there are lots of configurations of them. hope that helps
  12. Wiper Motor Shot

    I put the center stud through the hole, and threaded the chrome nut on just to see that it would fit in. it fits perfect. unless the hole had been drilled larger by a previous owner, I haven't modified it at all. if I would have had to remove original Studebaker material just to take a picture, you wouldn't be looking at it! terry
  13. first thing will be to remove the oil pan, clean out sludge, then get rid of garden tiller gas tank, and install one of the vacuum pumps that came in parts boxes
  14. Wiper Motor Shot

    here are some pics of my windshield frame outside, wiper motor in place from inside the car, the motor on a bench, and an inside and outside view of a trico I had that I showed in place, for my curiosity and yours terry
  15. 29 erskine pics finally

    some underhood pictures. I was trying to drag attachments off of my email before, which didn't work.i did my wiring over with cloth wire and loom, and added the oil filter. the starter button in the floor is wrong, but if someone could send pics of their start pedal so I can see how it is mounted and make one.