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  1. thanks for the info, Dan. I wasn't looking to substitute a different engine, just to find any repair or general information on them. what website for Erskine's were you mentioning? I tried emailing the Erskine registry, but didn't get a reply. Does anybody know If that site is still active?
  2. hi everybody, I have been searching for any websites that may have info on the continental engines in erskines, I have been searching the net for other car makes websites that use the same engine as the Erskine, but I haven't had a lot of luck. any ideas? Terry
  3. for sure don't glassbead while in the engine, I guess I meant to say to take the caps off and do the cleaning\soldering. I like making pan gaskets out of paper, not siliconing too much. I am pulling the pan on the Erskine to clean out the sludge before I crank it over too much, and will be making gaskets out of gasket paper. I don't think id trust jb weld or other epoxies for something this important and moving at the speed of the crankshaft, and this hard to get at if it breaks again!
  4. I started using silver solder rod lately to weld castings for hit miss engines, making tractor fuel lines (soldering steel brake line into brass banjo fitting ends). same idea as brazing, but way less heat, use quiet neutral flame on oxy acetylene, I doubt you will need enough heat to melt the Babbitt out, maybe put cold water wrag against babbit inside, but take caps off and both pieces have to be absolutely clean, ie. glassbead and wire wheel buffing, just like regular solder
  5. studeboy, is that an Erskine dash in your pic of the dash closeup? it looks just like the gauge frame that I have in my car, and the green looks the same as the bit of green that is splashed on the seat frame boards and fenders inside my trunk. I guess that may be a clue to the original color of the car? thanks - terry
  6. hi everybody again, I know I'm gonna be a pain in the hind end here, but I'm just wondering if someone can post a picture of their starter pedal, and maybe where it comes throught the firewall. Or a website that shows it? my car has had the switch removed from starter (I can get a new one from my tractor parts supplier) but I need to make a pedal, if I cant find one. I shoulda bought a model a, that has a parts car in everybodys barn thanks - terry
  7. ken, thanks very much for the replies, do you have a price and pictures? terry
  8. thanks for the info, Robert. yes I have been on the computer reading everything I can about the car, and I have emailed the Erskine registry with no response, (to include my car). I also did run into that s-w instruction scan a few weeks ago, but I'm gonna print out the link you gave before I forget where it is again! ken, I would be interested if you have anyof those 4 bolt units for sale, are they stewart warner as well? I will use the skinny 8 bolt tank I just bought for now until I find the correct model. and yes I'm replacing the electric somebody put in years ago. trying to go original.
  9. thanks very much, I got a s-w vacuum pump from ebay, it doesn't look as big around as yours, looks like the diameter of the top section on yours that the fittings are coming out of. the picture is great, thanks a lot, now I can see how I need to make my mounting brackets too.
  10. hi, I'm new here and just got myself an Erskine 52e. can anyone tell me which model stewart vacuum fuel tank these cars came with? the one on mine was removed long ago. thanks - terry