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  1. 28 dictator fuel pump

    hi everyone, I am in search of a mechanical fuel pump for my 28 dictator. or at least a housing that I can put new parts from a new ac pump into. thanks - terry
  2. stromberg ux for my 28 dictator

    thanks for that picture, that helps a lot. and good hint on the army green.
  3. stromberg ux for my 28 dictator

    thanks Robert, I checked out that site and it doesn't look like he ships to Canada. any opinions on replaceing my ux Stromberg to an Stromberg oe, and does anyone have a spare one to sell? thanks - terry
  4. stromberg ux carburetor

    I am looking for a Stromberg ux carburetor for 28 Studebaker. pm please. thanks - terry
  5. the carbs for the engine from the car I just brought home, and the parts engine are both broken around the top of the float bowl. if anyone has one for sale, or suggestion on what else I can use as far as carb make and model, I'm all ears. I also am going to paint the engine before it goes in so I'm looking for what is the proper green for the block. I have some hunter green for a hit/miss engine I'm restoring but it looks too dark from the pics ive seen on here (?) thanks - terry
  6. 28 studebaker dictator finally came home

    nz, neither the good frame or the parts frame had the serial number plate, I should message white glove and see if there were any stude plates left, all I have is the body number on both the good car and the parts cowl. dave s. I was just joking, dad wants to stop around and pick up an old truck and car to fix up when he slows down. right now when he leaves on a trip he'll stay out for 5,6,7 weeks before he gets a load to come back to Ontario. also the parts cowl has chrome trim mounted cowl lamps, not the little ones right near the windshield base. does that tell me something about the series?
  7. dad says it would be a full load, but I didn't believe himof course dog had to come with medad and my shop friend think ive lost my mindkinda handy having father with tractor trailer
  8. 28 studebaker dictator

    Robert - it appears I have a series 2 dictator, gew-3. I have the long integral sunvisor, and the (spare, rusted) fenders that are with the car are fully crowned. this is from info on previous posts when I searched '28 series'. when I get the car home I can measure the door windows. somebody mentioned on series 2, the door windows are all the same size(?) thanks - terry
  9. 26 standard six pics (these ones actually show up!)

    more pics to come of 28 dictator. dad and I are going in his tractor trailer to pick up on Saturday. It comes with a parts car, which is basically broken down into skids of parts.
  10. 1927 Studebaker Factory Service Manuals

    I wish I had time to come to Joliet. when I was just working for my former boss, I got two weeks holidays in the summer. I would sometimes go on a run with my dad in the tractor-trailer. now that I took over the machine shop, I forget what holidays were. I would come with my dad, get dropped off at your warehouse, and probably be broke and need the trailer when he came back to get me! btw, I am awfully interested in your manual set, Seaton.
  11. overdrive parts needed

    I changed a 66 gm pickup from the original three speed, to a three speed with borg warner overdrive. I had to shorten the front driveshaft. If its done properly and yokes lined up and dialed exactly true ive never had a need to balance driveshafts. I just replaced the rear yoke on this truck because one side was worn thru from someones wore out ujoint coming apart years ago. and its a pretty simple job (for a machine shop)
  12. Early 1920s Studebaker ?

    I think I read somewhere that in aircraft or aerospace that all threads in aluminum are helicoiled when the planes are manufactured, right from new, for durability and strength reasons.
  13. 37 Coupe Express on eBay

    I always wondered what numbers matching actually means. like its the proper casting number engine block, serial numbers on transmission, etc. I had a j1976 bmw 2002 that had had the serial number that is in the windshield is stamped under the hood, is stamped on the engine block, is stamped on the transmission. and I mean the exact number. I guess now that's what I consider a numbers matching car. terry
  14. 28 studebaker dictator

    thanks rbk, I thought that short visor like on my Erskine was called a cadet visor. I have the long visor on my 28. I am going to have a look at amazon, I was curious and was going to post here what this is about the it is a Studebaker year book series. terry
  15. 28 studebaker dictator

    w according to my parts manual, indicates '5 passenger or berline' and I think I seen somewhere w also meant 4 door.