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    yes filbily, that's 100% right about paypal. that would be safe, I guess the worst with the scam is if you send a bank draft or do the email transfer thing. I had to get a paypal refund for an owners manual for Erskine I bought on ebay last fall when I started out with my '29. I have bought parts all over the states on ebay, and my owners manual with lubrication chart and paper envelope for my '26 standard six came from Australia. every purchase has been honest and came through except my Erskine manual, which the guy was from Ontario where I live, my closest purchase on ebay. go figure! my tires and carb I bought from people on here, had pictures, I emailed the money and got my carb. 100% honest people. and yes everybody has to start somewhere, which is why I didn't report the message I got about reeds until 4 days later when I read this post about scammers. on that note it is good when people in any hobby stick together like in this forum!

    hello everybody, I got a pm from a tom reed, Allen, Texas 75002, saying he had the parts I needed. had his email, asked for mine, and I did give him my phone number. his username is reeds. he had no posts and just joined 5 hrs before this pm. I have bought a set of tires for my Erskine from a fellow on here, great transaction, dad met him at a truck stop in alberta to bring them home for me. ( dad is a trucker) I also bought a close to proper schebler carb from a fellow in eastern states, another great transaction. this scam stuff sure makes a person nervous though!
  3. I just installed a steering stabilizer, for model a's, basically a shock absorber that brackets to the axle and the other end brackets to the steering tie rod, for a customer. he said it fixed the shimmy right up. I got this kit from macs auto parts. terry
  4. standard six wanted list

    Robert, thank God for people like you! I wish I had time and storage to save parts like what you are doing. I am from Neustadt, Ontario, Canada. I wish I was close to you, with my two projects, id be living in your parts storage! my dad trucks through the states constantly, maybe I can get him to stop in sometime! I would be glad to know if you have a complete headlight switch assembly for my standard six. I was thinking that if the gears are the same that mesh and rotate the switch, I could take the one off the end of the steering column and get another cast for the end of the switch shaft. ill be able to check that out when my parts manual reprint arrives. thanks - terry
  5. standard six wanted list

    well the list is gonna start - for the 26 standard six just checked and I need the headlight switch that is mounted out on the end of the steering gearbox, or at least the gear on the end of the switch that makes the 90' turn from steering column lever to rotate the headlight switch. probably going to be a needle in a haystack! my 29 Erskine is coming along nice, I don't think I need too much for it! I gotta get some pictures posted! Robert, I understand what your saying about the Erskine and 1926, I have the two cars, so that's what I meant by looking for stuff for both cars. I would be interested to know what parts you have, and what manuals you have, originals or reprints? thanks - terry
  6. standard six wanted list

    if anyone has any manuals, literature, or spare parts for 29 Erskine, or 26 standard six, (or compatible years), I am interested. I have been purchasing a few things from ebay, and have bought items from members on this forum. I would rather purchase from this forum members if it helps us out! thanks - terry
  7. 1927 Studebaker Standard 6 Piston & ring assembly

    check the wall thickness of the rings. the expander will go under the ring with the thinnest dimension, and would be the extra oil scraper, to go in the third groove. check that thickness, but it looks like you got the rings in the right grooves. sometimes an oil scraper ring will have an undercut around the outside edge, to face down, in order to scrape the oil down the cylinder, but it doesn't look like your ring set has that feature.
  8. 1927 Studebaker Standard 6 Piston & ring assembly

    I would think it should go under the second from bottom ring, which is essentially another oil scraper. follow any instructions that come in the ring package, any aftermarket ring set I have installed have an instruction sheet.
  9. standard six serial number

    thanks very much studeq, the first thing I will do, as I did with my Erskine, is order the service and parts manual reprints and an original owners manual from ebay. if anyone has Studebaker manuals or publication from aprox 26 -30 to sell, I'm all ears! thanks - terry
  10. standard six serial number

    thanks for everybody's help on this one. I will try to get some pic's up of both my cars after I get the standard six home tomorrow night!
  11. standard six serial number

    hi everyone, I am going to be picking up a standard six, advertised\registerered(?) as a 1926, serial\chassis number 1954268. if anyone has a serial number listing, or how to decipher to find year made, etc. or can decipher this for me, id like to know! I searched for online for Studebaker serial number listings, but cant find any(?) thanks - terry
  12. Piston Ring Search by Size?

    you can check and use their online ring finder catalog. I came up with part #s 4019,2c7758,7897,7986,2c710. these five ring sets match your bore and ring width. check it out yourself you can pick ring width and number of rings on each piston and pick out your own set. I have to do this all the time when I'm rebuilding antique engines.
  13. 1928 chev cylinder head

    I am overhauling a customer 27 truck engine. I dismantled my spare engine to check pistons, and when I checked the casting number on my spare head it has a shamrock shape with letters S P Co., one letter in each leaf. what is the meaning of this mark? do I have something that is Chevrolet oe high performance? hopefully I have something ultra rare I could sell for $10000 and buy this 1926 Studebaker ive been looking at! I'm joking of course, but curious as to what that sp co. marking is? thanks - terry
  14. Coupling discs

    did you see the post in commercial advertisements on this forum, its only about six or eight topics down on the page?
  15. 1926 (Standard) Six and 1950 Land Cruiser

    I will for sure be putting at least half the purchase price back into the car to get it ready. I may have some extra window cranks left over from what I seen in his boxes of parts. if and when I get this car home, I will post some pics and maybe what is left over for window cranks is better than what you have.