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  1. Purchasing a 37' airflow

    I have the chrome trim that fits over the right fender skirt lock for a 1937 Airflow, rechromed original, if you might need for your 37 Airflow.
  2. Please advise how to send payment to you for the wood spokes. Thanks. Gary
  3. Could I call you and discuss shipping and payment instructions? For the price , I will buy them and hopefully they will work. Or you can call me at 402-873-7410 I am also looking for interior door regulator and handle for driver door. Also need the ashtray insert for rear door. Thanks. Gary
  4. I only have one wheel that has bad spokes on it. the others are all solid, but, for the right price I suppose I should get the whole set! Thanks.
  5. The dimensions look awful close, measuring with wheel still mounted on rim. I will pull the rim tomorrow and check the dowel diameter to be sure it is the same. I assume these are oak? Look like it. How much do you want for these? I saw your older post from 2011 that you wanted $150 for set of four? I will get back to you. Thanks. Gary
  6. Sorry took so long to check back on my post and see your response. Could you compare my dimensions and send me a pciture of yours? Thanks. Gary
  7. 1930 Erskine

    I have an extra dash instrument cluster from a 1929 Erskine. Don't know if it was the same as 30 or not? Send me a picture of yours or I can send picture of what I have and see if it will work for you. Also have a few other extra 1929 parts for Erskine, including a radiator and radiator shell with Erskine porcelain ornament. This would cost much to ship there, I am sure. Gary
  8. I have enclosed a picture of my wood spoke wheel. Tires are 20". The wheel rim O.D. is 19". The exposed spokes from edge of center hub to edge of wheel is about 6 1/4 ". There are 12 spokes. If you have other 1929 Erskine parts, I also am looking for window and door inside handles. Also need the ashtray insert for the rear door. Let me know what you have. Thanks. Gary
  9. I have one wood spoke wheel that has several split spokes on it. Looking for a one with solid spokes that I can restore to match my others. Not sure if other Studebakers are the same? Thanks.
  10. 29 erskine starter pedal?

    Parts car I had is no longer available.
  11. 29 erskine starter pedal?

    My 1929 Erskine has a round starter pedal in the upper middle of the floor. I assume it is original to the car. I just bought a 1929 Erskine as a parts car, but, it has been switched to a different starter and a button was added on the dash to start it. It is missing the starter pedal though, since it had been changed. Gary
  12. Too late for Hershey, but, if you would have a generator for 1929 Erskine, I am looking for one with good solid end plate for the distributor mounting. Thanks. Gary