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  1. Seriously! Beatiful.... not really . haven't seen it on much? this is a beautiful unrestored emblem.
  2. Looking for lower cowl trim piece 29 Dodge sedan DA Right and left are the same. Let me know what you have.Have parts for same to trade
  3. Oops sorry about that ,auto correct put Trinidad no me.
  4. Good choice of car Mr.Trinidad look ford to future pictures and restoration stories !! todd
  5. 1949, no drip rail, 50 has drip rail/ rain gutter.
  6. Nice !
  7. April 25, still snow here! You all have no idea how lucky you all are to have been born in the south! still at least two weeks away from nice spring weather and out door car shows......Yay
  8. Lol just answered my own guestion.....sort by...
  9. Why are all posts on these forums not in chronological order? Am I missing something,a setting I'm not seeing, not computer savy....but trying. Thank you
  10. Steele rubber products sells a similar product as Meyers does but has a little larger 'flap' of rubber that will seal window to exterior of body as the 'origonal ' one did. My 29 DA had this 'flap' of rubber as one piece with the chanel rubber, all my side windows had this as origonal including 1/4 windows. steele rubber also sells the top rubber bump rubber, the 'T' rubber for front windshield as well.
  11. Rescue green, a chrysler/ dodge color, saw it on a jeep in 2007 and today it's on jeep liberty, yes thank you it is an interesting color, does get lots of attention, not even on road yet, only a few have seen it.Until now ......
  12. Thanks very much Rick, enjoyed your storey, I too have a long storey I'll share when my car is complete, I live east of edmonton alberta, there are still lots of old carcues in the woods and fields around here. would love to see your car someday. Todd foster
  13. A couple fellows posted on this site in Dodge and Dodge brothers section which was very helpful .
  14. I do have the metal trim that goes around perimeter, just not in picture. The metal trim on my car sat on top of car not in ' drop down detail as shown in perimeter edge detail.' I was also instructed to use canvas instead of 'chicken wire ' and welt padding atop of that and then the top material over all that. I see the size of table you used which looks like it worked well as top is curved and hanging over edge of table would be perfect to keep top flat and still be able to staple material. I have attached canvas and will post pics once I've attached trim pieces. I still have origonal wood top perimeter frame but a friend wanted to reproduce a new one cause he's into steaming wood so why not and it turned out PERFECT to origonal. only two origonal wood cross bows that mount ahead of each metal bow survived the test of time .These I did not reuse or duplicate mostly due to lack of strength therefore I added bows under the metal ones for strength and to attach headliner to.Pics to follow. Thank you for the replys, the knowledge on this site as well as the stories are helpful, educational and informative.