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  1. Pete in PA

    '36 Dodge Coupe tail light backing plate

    I just looked at my 36 non-touring sedan this morning. The bracket on the left above looks exactly like the one on the driver's side of my car. Horror of horrors I discovered that the bracket on the passenger's side is MISSING. I do have a spare tail light from a 36 P1 but the bracket attached to that doesn't look like the one pictured above on the right.
  2. Pete in PA

    '36 Dodge

    I'm fairly new to the 1936 D2 party having purchased my four door non-touring sedan back in October of 2016 but I can offer some info. Yes, all 1936 Dodge passenger cars were designated "D2" but the vehicle identification number did not start with D2. The VIN for 36s started with 4015051 and ended with 4276687 and the VIN can be found stamped on a rectangular plate affixed to the front passenger side door jamb. The number you've given appears to be the motor number and I do realize that some states used the motor number as the VIN. But Chrysler considered the number on the rectangular plate to be the VIN. Does your car still have that plate? Engine numbers for the D2 started with D2-1001 and ended with D2-266089 so your D2-152041 seems to have been built more than halfway into the model year. What body style is your D2? Of the 265005 D2s built the vast majority were four door touring sedans (174334 built). The next most popular body styles were the two door touring sedan with about 37,500 built and the two door business coupe with about 33,000 built. The remaining body styles were all much less popular having less than 6000 example of each built. Only 750 convertible *four door sedans* were sold. So find the VIN plate and tell us what you have. Also the exact body style, color, and condition.
  3. Pete in PA

    1936 Dodge horn button assembly

    Well that sounds complicated!
  4. Pete in PA

    Spare cover

    For future reference here are some pics of the one-piece cover used on my 36 D2 slantback:
  5. Pete in PA

    Spare cover

    That looks similar to the one on my 36 D2 "slant back" but not identical. On my car there is only one piece and it kind of wraps around the spare tire. There aren't two pieces that join to encompass the spare. And there's a flat area cut away at the bottom inboard side. So either Dodge and Plymouth didn't share the same part for 36 or your guess that it is a 30-36 part is off by a year or two. It's such a similar part that you must be close. I'll take some better pics in a few days when I'm at my D2.
  6. Sorry to hear this. Congratulations on having a spare engine on hand. I periodically see stuff like this at the shop where I work. Last week it was a 2010-ish Hyundai small SUV with a transverse 4 cylinder. People ran it out of oil which no engine likes, LOL. Number 4 rod bearing spun and the rod cap bolts quickly failed. Cap goes flying inside the oil pan and rest of the rod gets caught between the spinning crankshaft throw and the block. Hilarity did not ensue. Hole straight down through the oil pan, big hole through the back of the aluminum block and smaller one out the front. Game over for that engine. Wish I had shop some pics.
  7. Pete in PA

    Grandfather's 1936 Dodge D2

    I work at a shop that does UHaul rentals as a small side business. In UHaul terminology what you're looking for is an "auto transport" so that might eliminate some confusion. I've used them several times and they work quite well. As Scott notes they do lack a winch so a non-running car can be difficult to load. As a relatively new D2 owner myself I'm interested to hear more about your car. I can't tell from your pics which body style it has. It's so easy to let large chunks of time pass between sessions with my Dodge. And having it in a cramped, unheated garage during a cold winter doesn't help. But spring is near and I'm looking forward to making some significant progress on mine this year. Where are you located?
  8. Pete in PA

    1936/1937 headlight bezels

    Perhaps you'd be interested in the whole shebang from a 1936 P1. I got these parts and a bunch of other small stuff with a 1936 D2 I bought a year and a half ago. See my other posts for pics of a lot of that stuff. (example --
  9. I've been going through a large box of old photos as my dad cleans out his home in preparation for moving to an assisted living facility. Here's an interesting photo developed in late 1941 showing my maternal grandfather, Arthur, in front of his house located near Hamburg, PA. I believe the car in the foreground is a 1941 Nash. I don't think it was his because he was a poor farmer and didn't have money for a new car. I think that the PA license plate says 1941. The little girl in the yard is probably Arthur's daughter, my aunt Marie. The car in the background is passing by on another road.
  10. Pete in PA

    I need 1936 Plymouth 16 inch rim

    Wheel is sold and delivered; problem solved.
  11. Pete in PA

    1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    I'm just seeing this post for the 1st time in early Feb 2018. I'm very sorry to hear the sad story of your friend's demise. It looks like he was a very accomplished mechanic and restorer. Please accept my condolences. If any of the pictured parts are still available please let me know. As you already know from the Dodge Brothers forum I have a 36 D2 5 passenger sedan and the grill shell and everything forward of it/attached to it is the weakest part of the car, condition-wise. I see a few very nice grill shells/grills in the pics and would be interested in talking about them if you PM me. Also, the most rusty area of my D2 is the floor pan between the front seat and the firewall. Probably got wet repeatedly from a leaking windshield. So any parts cars that are being cut up and could donate that area to my project are worth talking about as well. Thanks.
  12. Pete in PA

    Who needs a 1935 RS coupe project?

    Heard about this from a friend in Tucson. Looks like it has a luggage rack and the seller says it had dual sidemount spares. Wow.
  13. Pete in PA

    I need 1936 Plymouth 16 inch rim

    I definitely have one (and only one). I also have 4 hubcaps for a 36. And a radiator. And both hood halves. And both bumpers. And the instrument cluster. And the headlight pods with stanchions. And more that I can't remember right now. These parts came with a 36 Dodge sedan I bought last year. Where are you located Oldwhizzer? Ideally I'd trade the Plymouth parts for D2 parts.
  14. Pete in PA

    Looks like a good deal

    Looks like the head gasket needs some attention pronto!
  15. Pete in PA

    Mystery Head Bolt?

    I've owned my 36 D2 sedan for only a year so I'm far, far from being an expert. But it looks to me like someone replaced most of the head-mounting studs on your car's engine with bolts. My 36 has studs for all the fasteners and the nuts are just barely below the top of the stud when tightened. I think the top of your engine was damaged or someone got a "brilliant idea" about replacing the studs with bolts. Hopefully a forum member with more experience than me will respond and straighten this out.