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  1. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    1) There is currently a D2 2 door touring sedan on ebay for $15k. Just my opinion but he's dreaming a big dream. It's far from correct or restored but good luck to him. VIN is D2225053 which is obviously the engine number so it's a fairly late production D2... Why do I repeatedly see D2s offered for sale with the engine number given as the VIN? Do sellers not realize that there's a VIN plate on the RH a-pillar? 2) I bought an "Instruction Book" for my car off ebay. It was being offered by the AACA library and the only first edition instruction book I've seen for sale. Printing date is given as September 1935 and since my car was built in mid-November (I think) this seems to be the right edition for me (there are 4 editions). Penciled on the inside cover is (presumably) the VIN and engine number of the car this book originally came with: 4044675 & D2-31710. So the VIN is about 9000 units earlier than my car and the engine number is about 9500 earlier. I'd love to know what body style the manual came with but that's not gonna happen. Oh well. 3) Anyone know when subsequent editions of the Instruction Book were released. I see from other ebay auctions that the 3rd Edition was dated February of 1936. I'd like to know what date was assigned to the 2nd edition. My car could be covered by that second edition. 4) As for progress on my own D2, my focus remains on unscrewing the fuel filler pipe from the gas tank. I think that heat will be the solution but there is NO WAY I'll be using a torch or open flame of any kind. Can you say KA BOOM! We had a tool at the shop I work at and I'm told it worked very well. Until someone cooked it by ignoring the allowable run time spec. I'm thinking of picking up one of these. Anyone have any experience with them?
  2. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    My son and I did go to Hershey on Saturday, a beautiful day to stroll and look at beautiful cars. I was disappointed to see that the only D2 that was supposed to be on the judging field was not there. The closest thing was a black1936 P2 coupe and I had a nice talk with the owner of that car. There was a 36 D2 touring sedan all the way at the back of the preservation field (not judged). It was black, much, much later production than my car, and it seemed to be in about the same condition as my car. At least teh wiring was as botched as mine and the paint and interior looked similar. If that guy can show a D2 touring sedan having 175k example built then I sure can show my 5 passenger sedan with less than 5k examples built. Right? LOL My overall impression of the judging field (after not having been to Hershey for probably 20 years) is that the crowd looked old to me. I can't remember when I've seen so many electric scooters or golf carts or guys with canes. But my son and I had a great time. He was awed by the styling of late-50s to early 60s cars. The grilles, the tail lights, the instrument panels... Back when there was so much variety. We'll definitely be back next year and not for just one day.
  3. 1937 Dodge Brothers help

    Let's see a pic of that 36 ornament! I may be interested in buying it if you aren't going to use it. The ornament that came with my 36 looks great but the mounting tang is broken off!
  4. I haven't been to a Hershey show for many, many years but will attend this year on Saturday with my 10 YO son. We will be walking the fields looking for 1936 D2 Dodge Brothers parts and bringing along the 1936 Plymouth parts that I don't need. (Parts that came with my D2 purchase.) The weather forecast still looks great!
  5. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    My 5 passenger sedan D2's VIN puts it about 20k units before your 4072128 so I stand by my statement that my car was an early production car. The engine number of my sedan is about 17k units earlier than yours so, again, the pieces fit together. Where are you getting the body number? The numbers on the small body tag are way, way off compared to mine and it reinforces my belief that that number is related to the sequential production of bodies in that *style* but who knows. It can't be a coincidence that the body number on my sedan tag ends with an S and the nymber on your touring sedan tag ends with a TS, can it? I have not yet received my info from Chrysler Historical so I can't comment further on paint/upholstery/options. Hopefully that info will come soon!
  6. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    Looking at my recently-obtained copy of Krause Publication's "Standard Catalog of Chrysler 1924-1990" I see that: 1) 1936 model year Dodge production began in September of 1935 2) the 1936 Dodges were introduced on November 2, 1935 3) 1936 D2 serial numbers started at 4 015051 and ended at 4 276687; production run of 265005 4) 1936 D2 engine serial numbers started at D2-1001 and ended at D2-266089 All this info shows that my D2 was built about 39,000 units into a 265,000 unit production run. Basically in the first sixth of the run. I look forward to receiving more information from Chrysler Historical!
  7. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    Like I said before, the very first new part I bought for my D2 was a Rhode Island wiring harness. I haven't installed it yet but as of today I have a much better understanding of what it is connected to and how it is routed. The box on the firewall was definitely being used as a hi/lo beam relay switching device. Just one of the many reasons that I know this is that today I traced the original hi/lo beam wires from the dash and found that they were cut and taped back. Plus I'm pretty sure that the switch shown below in the 1st photo is an "added later" switch. At this point I have no doubt that my car is an early unit, late November/early December is my educated guess. The cylinder head has an "11-19" casting date and the transmission case has an 11-16 casting date. Even the left rear leafspring cover has a clearly visible 11 35 stamping but I can't read the middle of the number. The engine number is D2-41226 so I need to figure out where that is in the production run. I now have the car supported on jack stands at the rear end and ramps at the front end and was able to survey the underside quite nicely. While things look very good overall the floor pan at the front is a mess and I'll have to replace that. Onward and upward...
  8. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    Spent a couple hours with the Dodge yesterday. Definitely nothing before or after the "3022" that is stamped into the firewall. I started to remove the non-stock wiring under the hood and it seems that the box mounted on the firewall near the steering column (see pic below) was being used as a relay for the headlamps. I say this because of the wires connecting it to the dimmer switch. I've made marks on the wires and relay so I can draw a schematic and see if/how the setup worked. Something to do on a cold winter day... LOL Lots more wiring to remove. Most circuits are connected to the turn signal unit behind the instrument panel. I'll be using that again but will fabricate a much nicer harness.
  9. Tire size for a 1961 DODGE lancer

    Don't see why not. The 700 is only half an inch taller than the 6.50 (x2) and you should have plenty of fender clearance for that.
  10. 1936 Dodge Heater Removal

    This thread title got my attention since I also have a 36 D2. Taylormade has described the heater hose situation so I'm not replying to address that. I would like to know more about your D2. I checked your profile and saw that you started posting about it in 2013 and that the car was your grandfather's. But I didn't see any overall pics or mention of the body style, color, etc. Love to hear about that if you don't mind.
  11. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    I'll have to look very closely at the stamped number on my car's firewall to see if I missed a digit. As for the other stuff, yeah, I'm always interested to learn that stuff, too.
  12. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    Jim, thanks for your input. Yes, the vehicle number stamped on the right side "A" pillar plate is what shows up on my car's title. I wasn't questioning what the car's VIN or serial number was; I was just curious about what the other number I mentioned might mean. Thanks for reminding me about the Chrysler Historical build card. You've spurred me to print the request form and fill it out. I look forward to seeing what that card says. Can you tell me 1) how many 36 Dodges you have, running, in restoration, and parts? What are the firewall stamping and firewall oval plate numbers on those cars? My own 36 is the only one I've seen and I have no idea what the range of, say, body numbers might be. My family took a vacation to WV and Asheville, NC late last month and I was hoping to pass near enough to you to set up a visit and see your car but we had to make a stop in northern VA first. That ended the visit idea!
  13. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    Wow, thanks for that! And it's great news because it seems that I already have exactly the right generator/regulator. Double great because I bet my new wiring harness wouldn't have wiring to match the current setup.
  14. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    Today's episode of The D2 Show is about numbers, numbers, and more numbers. I hope that some members can help me to make sense of them. First, the known: my 36's VIN is 4053746. With VINs running from 4015051 to 4276687 I'd say that makes my car fairly early production. Late 1935 or early 1936 production would be a good guess. Now the unknown; look at the pics following this post. On the passenger side of the firewall is a 4 digit number stamped in fairly large characters. That number is "3022" and I'm wondering if it's the body number. If so I don't understand how the VIN could be roughly 38,000 units into the model year and the body number be so low. OTOH, if that body number is for *four passenger sedans* which had a production run of 5996, the number seems too *high* for that point in the production year. Your thoughts appreciated... In roughly the middle of the firewall is an oval aluminum plate that has the number "D2 4145S" stamped into it. Kind of the same observations/questions about this number as with the "3022." A couple of posts ago jpage said that the voltage regulator should be mounted right on the generator. I believed him but had trouble picturing this setup since my car is so different than that. Obviously my car has been modified and now has a different charging system. Fortunately the guy I bought the D2 from had stripped a 36 Plymouth of all useable parts and one of those parts was the generator and mounting brackets. I located that part in the garage and !!! it appears to be the generator that I need!!! The plate on the generator is stamped "Model GAR-4068E" and "Serial 5-0034217." A separate plate on the Auto-Lite "Two Charge Regulator" reads "Model TC-4301-A" and "Serial 5-0024325." I'm betting that the "5" prefix for both serial numbers is for calendar year 1935. I need to do some research on these part numbers unless someone knows about them already. My car also came with the starter from the 36 Plymouth and since that is a loose part I could easily read the numbers on the data plate. They are "MAW-4010" and "11P 047428" In other news I removed the fire extinguisher bracket that was fastened to the passenger side firewall. I hate to speak ill of the dead (and the guy who did that installation is almost certainly dead) but wow. If that was the best he could do it's a wonder that this car survived. It looks like a grabbed a handful of screws, washers, and nuts from a garage drawer, drilled a few crude screw holes through the firewall, and tightened them. Sort of. I'm glad to see that mess removed. As always your comments appreciated.
  15. 1927 DB fast four cabriolet, on the road!

    Beautiful car! Just went by Winchester a couple of weeks ago on our way from Leesburg to Caldwell, WV. MIL lives in Leesburg and we get down that way several times a year. Would love to connect on one of our trips if you are interested in a face-to-face meeting. Also, my 36 D2 4 passenger sedan will need upholstery work at come point and we could talk about that!