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  1. I need 1936 Plymouth 16 inch rim

    Wheel is sold and delivered; problem solved.
  2. 1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    I'm just seeing this post for the 1st time in early Feb 2018. I'm very sorry to hear the sad story of your friend's demise. It looks like he was a very accomplished mechanic and restorer. Please accept my condolences. If any of the pictured parts are still available please let me know. As you already know from the Dodge Brothers forum I have a 36 D2 5 passenger sedan and the grill shell and everything forward of it/attached to it is the weakest part of the car, condition-wise. I see a few very nice grill shells/grills in the pics and would be interested in talking about them if you PM me. Also, the most rusty area of my D2 is the floor pan between the front seat and the firewall. Probably got wet repeatedly from a leaking windshield. So any parts cars that are being cut up and could donate that area to my project are worth talking about as well. Thanks.
  3. Who needs a 1935 RS coupe project?

    Heard about this from a friend in Tucson. Looks like it has a luggage rack and the seller says it had dual sidemount spares. Wow.
  4. I need 1936 Plymouth 16 inch rim

    I definitely have one (and only one). I also have 4 hubcaps for a 36. And a radiator. And both hood halves. And both bumpers. And the instrument cluster. And the headlight pods with stanchions. And more that I can't remember right now. These parts came with a 36 Dodge sedan I bought last year. Where are you located Oldwhizzer? Ideally I'd trade the Plymouth parts for D2 parts.
  5. Looks like a good deal

    Looks like the head gasket needs some attention pronto!
  6. Barn Find 1933 Dodge refresh

    I was also baffled about accessing the battery on my 36 but a forum member helped me to see the light. The seat bottom upholstery with some framework and springs does simply lift out of the seat shell. The bottom of the seat assembly is like a shallow pan. Came right out on my 36 and I got a nice surprise. Tire changing tools are stored on the passenger side of that pan and there's a large opening on the driver's side to access the battery.
  7. Mystery Head Bolt?

    I've owned my 36 D2 sedan for only a year so I'm far, far from being an expert. But it looks to me like someone replaced most of the head-mounting studs on your car's engine with bolts. My 36 has studs for all the fasteners and the nuts are just barely below the top of the stud when tightened. I think the top of your engine was damaged or someone got a "brilliant idea" about replacing the studs with bolts. Hopefully a forum member with more experience than me will respond and straighten this out.
  8. Can anyone identify this car?

    Chevy, huh. That surprises me. It looked larger and more upscale than a low level GM offering.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's not a Dodge but it sure is interesting. It's so smooth and glossy! The rear mounted spare reminds me of my 36 D2. The hood ornament is probably a dead giveaway to those more knowledgable of mid-1930s car that I. Enjoy!
  10. 1936 Dodge D2 TS Newcomer

    I also wish that you had taken pics. That must have been quite a sight!
  11. The above-mentioned auction ended and the car has been relisted for the same BIN price. Looks like a very nice example originally delivered to Santa Maria, CA. Anyone know why Dodge switched from the straight eight of the early 30s to the 6 cylinder?
  12. 1937 - 1942 Dodge BRAND NEW Master Cylinder

    Do you have a website? I have a 36 D2 sedan and would like to see what's available for my car (which has been parked for 30 years). Out of curiosity, what change was made to the brake master cylinder between 1936 and 1937?
  13. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    I've scanned my D2's microfilm record:
  14. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    Another find: From a December 14, 1911 issue of The American Machinist I found archived on the net I read "The Thornton-Fuller Automobile Co., of Philadelphia, has been incorporated to manufacture and sell motor vehicles by S. S. Thornton, L. Fuller, and William Fuller." So it seems that the company was originally founded in late 1911 to assemble and sell vehicles and then evolved into a Dodge Brothers/Simplex dealership. My D2 was, therefore, probably just a regular vehicle ordered for stock and sale on their lot. I'm hoping I can find some so-called tax maps that show exactly where the dealership was located.
  15. My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

    From a 1917 issue of "The Accessory and Garage Journal" found online: "William C. Mullin has become service manager of the Thornton-Fuller Automobile Co., dealer in dodge Brothers and Simplex cars at Philadelphia. He has been in the sales end of the local organization for some time ande takes over the service following a trip to Detroit to study the organization end of the business." So I have now established that the Thornton-Fuller Company, the dealer my D2 was shipped to in late November of 1935, had been in business for quite a while. At least as as early as 1917. Interesting reading about the auto industry at this time. Here's a link to the article: Fuller auto assembly company&f=false