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  1. worn out distributor bushing allowing point gap to change too much.......that's 1 of the issues with my 1928.....just a thought. check for side play at the rotor
  2. my gauge doesn't work either....... I'll have to look into these fixes
  3. OK fellows I sent the drive into him yesterday! Again thank you for the lead
  4. Welcome to the club! Beauty of a '41 you have!
  5. Glad to have helped out! If you need more pics I'll gladly take more, say close ups ok. Just email me.
  6. Its more a 3-3.5 car out of 5. Wife likes rides on a Saturday or Sunday to supper in town. As time goes on ( we have only owned the car since Sept 2015) I've been improving on its mechanicals and looks. In time I'd like to do more with the car other than local events. Maybe be good enough to attend a judged event! Then really see where the car stands. I don't ever not want to be able to drive it it some. Never on the highways though. My dream is to get it to solid 4 or a bit better out of 5. What I needed pics for is I haven't found a exact look that Buick did. Then maybe my friends at a local shop could make them for me.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone would know who is making them reproduction? or makes them? I'd like to add this to my car someday in the future. Or does anyone have pics of them on a car would be great too.
  8. Thank you Larry and Tinindian. And Tin no offense taken whatsoever
  9. wish I was able to attend........ someday!!!
  10. lets see if I can get my pic up for you
  11. Hi. This is my first time writing a question here. So here I go! I'm trying to locate a Bendix for my Buick. Starter is being rebuilt and it is a unit to build. I cant find a good or new Bendix drive. Please help. the car is a Model 54 Master Roadster 274ci. Thank you for any help
  12. Hi. whats the proper firing order for the 274ci ? Also hot or cold lash for this engine? and what setting for valves? Thank you