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  1. can I get the contact to Classic Carb in AZ please
  2. the car came to me with a 6volt pump. I put on a regulator and dialed it down to 1/2 pound (half) to not over power the float and needle
  3. I had it apart and put in a kit from Bob's. New float also. Wish I could get a new needle and seat too ! I have worked on lots of carbs over the years and back in my muscle car days I liked making Rochesters work. Learned a few tricks way before the internet could ever help! (the80s). I really want to be able to idle in parades and such and take Charon out for dinner at our favorite spot on Saturday nights! I will in time. Well I'll start taking numbers as they say and start calling Tuesday to the couple people mentioned thank you all once again! Grant
  4. Thank you all!! I agree the fuels today are nothing to brag about. Here are 3 pics of the carb.
  5. I'm looking for a rebuilder for my Marvel carb. Wont adjust. Its always rich. Black smoke at any engine speed. No its not blue! lol. Or a good carb to buy. I'd be happy to swap out for another. Motor is fresh and I don't like running it this way. I look forward to any input and help to point to a competent person or business. Thank you, Grant
  6. the car with 10w40 holds easy 15psi oil pressure when fully warmed. Engine I'm told had 600 miles after a complete rebuild. I'm approx. it now is under at 800 miles. I just want to protect the engine . I have no details on how it was built.
  7. Hi , was thinking 20W/50 for my 1928, Dad thinks too heavy more like a 10W/40 should be used. Thoughts?
  8. I a couple Months ago bought a starter switch from Brillman.
  9. Thank you Gentlemen!! This helps alot
  10. I have the large tag on firewall. Haven't found it on right frame rail as of yet. I'll lift the floor board tomorrow to see if its near the battery. My numbers search on starter and such show some of these to be 1929.......likely over the years replacement being what they are.... Thank you Gentlemen!
  11. On my 1928 where do I find body tags and such to ID the car as a '28? My engine is this cast number and other tags on it.
  12. thank you for the info dibarlaw. Previous owner painted mine black.
  13. Dibarlaw, the photo you provided, is this engine correct in all aspects? Color? I noticed the Buick script is not painted black on side covers.
  14. Ok thank you dibarlaw! My car has black when I bought it. I see both are offered through Bob's. I was wondering which were more period correct.
  15. OK purists!! Need info here.......were they Black wires or yellow originally?