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  1. transmission fluid and fill

    fill hole on left side of casing. Ive ran 80/90 in mine
  2. Marvel

    got her running very decent. Discovered previous owner or before him installed a screw too long that block the main from delivering proper fueling. removed and retapped hole for larger and shorter screw. Much better. Walked up to 45mph with ease! Dad and I working off and on this car we have discovered a lot about it what is rightly done and wrongly done......too much wrong I can say. Just carburetor so far has had 3 major issues! Ignition was all wrong and bad. Goes to prove looks aren't what they always are. Getting this old girl mechanically sound is tough but satisfying .
  3. Transmission seal 1928

    I haven't gone in depth yet. The wrap is still. Its my next project after brake setting. Its not at input shaft but at the ball area. If I need to get a length of felt or rope seal I'll besure to get before tearing it down. I'm using a neighbors hoist so not wanting to tie it up. He has his own cars to work on. Don't want to ruin the free hoist usage that's forsure!
  4. Transmission seal 1928

    rear......driveshaft side
  5. Transmission seal 1928

    ok thank you. I fill up and it just looses it. I can get some 600W as I use it in the '17T rearend. I appreciate the info raydarr
  6. Transmission seal 1928

    I'm just wondering if its a rope seal assuming it is and what am I up against to change this bad leaker?
  7. rear axle hub

    Hi guys. My wife's '17 rear spokes have loosened . so I got the hub puller out and can not move it. Turned it up so pullers split was up top and soaked for a week with a strong penetrant. Right side came off easily. It had shim steel in it t take up wear. Any further ideas on how to remove this stubborn hub? Thank you
  8. Marvel

    thank you Fred. like you I'm not concerned to turn this into a Prius fuel mileage type of car lol. But thank you all the info I much Appreciate it
  9. Marvel

    Jon sent you a message
  10. 1928 Model 54 Master

    JohnD1956 that is scary!!
  11. 1931 Buick 896-S Country Club Coupe For Sale

    beautiful Buick !!!
  12. 1928 Model 54 Master

    Thank you avgwarhawk! And it was really dusty from storage too lol
  13. Marvel

    Jon do sell the spring separate?
  14. 1928 Model 54 Master

  15. Marvel

    Update : Had a chance this week finally to get back to sometime with the car. Found out spring in the brass adjuster for high speed air valve ( for lack of better description) is weak. Made a shim for it (temporary fix) made the carb balance out. No more lean bog. Also redid the packing on idle screw. No leaks there and got the needle to seat all the way and settled down the heavy rich smoke out the tail pipe. Still work to be done!! Distributor needs its advancement worked on too. Now my question, Where can I buy the correct spring to the brass screw barrel for the air board? Car drove good tonight but lacking power. Struggle to get past 35mph. I know the spring is coil binding most likely and motor isn't likely breathing enough air. Air board isn't traveling enough due to coil bind Thank you for all the members help......sure glad I found this group!!!