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  1. Pinging when floored

    Rodney, smart man. The ethanol stuff is really hard on our small engine equipment. You are treating your Riviera right by using non ethanol gasoline. Red Riviera Bob
  2. Correct 1963 Riviera wheel covers

    Mitch, I’m trying to sell myself the appropriate description of the cast aluminum wheel covers that bolt on the steel wheel of a 63 or 64 Riviera is NOT a rim. Some refer to the bolt on cast aluminum wheel cover as cast aluminum “rim”. Set me straight on this nit picking semantic regarding the cast aluminum ‘Rim” or wheel Cover? thank you for your help Red Riviera Bob
  3. Pinging when floored

    Rodney, perchance your gasoline contains 10% ethanol ? In the US we contaminate our gasoline with ethanol in efforts to keep from poisoning ourselves from pollution. Once I changed to non ethanol gasoline the pinging went away. Red Riviera Bob
  4. Courtesy light kit LED

    Rodney, Ive changed a number of the bulbs in my 63 Riviera to LED. I like the dim incandescent lighting of the original, but I 'd like to "see" more. Superbrites, a supplier , allows you to choose color of the LED. I chose bright white and it has really increased the amount of light in the cabin. I have not changed all the incandescent bulbs in the dash to LED because it is not necessary. I'll take a pic soon and post it on the forum. Hope all is well. I remember a family friend had these giant "O" gauge ( I think ) electric model trains that were top shelf. My Grandfather went the other direction with miniature trains HO? models? Can't remember- a long time ago. Red Riviera Bob
  5. bulb replacement for 2nd gen

    you are 100% right about the driving experience with dim incandescent lights. Unfortunately, I can't see as well as when I was a kid so I just had to put in those little LED's to brighten up a bit. Not too much brighter, but good enough I can see. Red Riviera Bob
  6. Bill, I bought my rubber stuff and window fuzzies from Clark’s Corvair. Everything went well for me with Clark’s goods. Red Riviera Bob
  7. Bill, great story for hopefully an American manufacturer. Terrific the company fulfilled there obligation to provide you with what you paid to receive. Red Riviera Bob
  8. Correct drain plug washer

    Rodney, would you please tell me the manufacturer and/or part number- if handy? I need an extra plug and washer and would like to buy what fits first time out. Thank you for the tip on the door jam switch and a source to have it fixed. many thanks, RRB
  9. Here are couple snap shots of Red Riviera out this past Sunday.
  10. 63 Riviera Questions

    Baltimoretint, i live in Lutherville and have a restored 63 Buick Riviera. If I can help in any way give me a private message and we can set up a phone conversation. Bob Burnopp ( Red Riviera Bob)
  11. JFrame, I have 2 (two) 15” 5” wide wheels that I really don’t need. I’m crazy because I really don’t want to sell them. The wheels are original and I believe to be in real good shape. IF, YOU are in a jam let me know. RedRiviera Bob PS- I’ve found auto mechanics have different levels of acceptance for what is ok and what is not ok. I have a friend who is a fine mechanic in every sense of the word for small engines, Diesel engines, auto electric, hydraulic, marine and the list goes on about how good he is. My firiend is quick to,point out items I should attend to on my car- like, too many bugs on the windshield. My friend has double standards- if you saw what he drives back and forth to work you would not believe the rattle trap he drives! My point- maybe another wheel man would say , Hey the wheel is a little out, but nothing that can’t be fixed. I would get a second opinion.
  12. Paul, I use the Mothers Billet Metal Polish with great results. Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish works good too. I have not tried Simichrome. RRB
  13. Fine looking automobile for sure!
  14. Fix for door jamb switches

    Mr. Konga man, for what it is worth 60Flatop gave a tip on grounding a wire to the metal socket. i was having trouble getting the solder to and the copper stranded wire to stick. 60Flatop said something to this effect: spread the copper strands out in a fan shape and try soldering them in that fashion. My luck seemed to improve with my grounding. Red Riviera Bob
  15. Fix for door jamb switches

    The Thank you, understood. Will take action on the door jam switch. Did you ever find a solution for scratch removal? Red Riviera Bob