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  1. Rocky, good idea. I've seen Welders, fabricators, and blacksmiths come up with some great solutions in metal work. ( My Great Grand Father was a blacksmith who made his own horse shoe nails.). Thank. You for the tip. Red Riviera Bob
  2. Jim, I found a used A/C muffler for sale in TN. THE SELLER SHIPPED WHAT I believe a very good used 63 Riviera A/C MUFFLER.. thank you again for the advice. Red Riviera Bob
  3. Gents, where can you find an A/C Muffler for a 63,64, or 65 Riviera. Buick GM part # I have from the parts manual is 1361788. Any help is appreciated. Thank you Red Riviera Bob
  4. Hello, like to keep my Riviera original and I'm in search of an Air Conditioner Muffler. Thank you
  5. Black River, I say, "When you are cool, you just can't hide." neat, clean, lean- tastefully done. Thank you for sending along.
  6. Zimm, thanks for the leads. I'm familiar with the Eastern Shore of Maryland to a degree. The Eastern shore is so different from central and western Maryland. I grew up in Gambrills, Md. And family is still in the neighborhood so it's is no problem to find Anderson's shop. I've read some of Anderson's articles and yes he makes sense. Since Anderson makes sense in his writing he demonstrates he should be able to calculate a fair deal for his shop and the customer. Businessmen who know how to calculate all the costs as opposed to guessing at high fees usually come up with a fair deal. I learned some stuff as I came up, but welding and mastering any craft or skill working with my hands was not some of things I learned. However, as a corporate salesman I'd did pretty good. Handling a shovel, pick, chain saw, small to medium size truck driving and material handling as a kid has stayed with me. I learned auto mechanics work just enough to protect myself from unscrupulous mechanics was the best I could do. Thanks again for your help. I appreciate very much.
  7. Winston, inspiration is not needed. What I really need is the desire to part with some more $. I had to buy the car last year- then I have put in 1/2 again as much as I paid for the car during the year. So all told I love the car and I'm satisfied with my expenditures so far. My friends tell me I have deep pockets ,but short arms! My lovely wife tells me I spend money like it grows on trees. Fortunately, I have not spent more than I can afford to pay as I go along. I'll get to the body work as soon as I catch my breath. Thank you for the link.
  8. Flat Top, I like the way you think. However, I would guess I should have some clues on how to weld before I buy a welder. As much time as I'm at the fabricator's shop I'd think I'd learn how to weld by now! Thank you for the help.
  9. Zimm, I live in central Maryland- Baltimore County 12 miles north of the Baltimore City Line. Please, if you can remember those shops on the Eastern Shore that could repair my problem I would be grateful. Thank you for your input and help in finding a repair shop.
  10. Mitch, you are a mind reader. I'll look under the package tray and see what exists around the back window. I have to agree vocational training for our high school youth would pay great dividends for all involved. We have a high school in Baltimore COUNTY Maryland that teaches vocational training as well as enough comprehensive subjects that 88% of the graduates continue on to college. What a great idea, teach the kids how to work with their hands and then teach them how read, write, and cypher to a higher degree. All the time I spent in high school French class was a waste of everyone's time. Im pretty sure I can connect enough dots and find the right shop to replace the quarter panel. Thank you for the tip.🤓
  11. Thank you for your follow up and comments regarding the package tray and leaks around the back window. I will give the area an inspection and see what else I can add to the list.🤓🤓
  12. Ed, I put the Riv on my new lift. Here are the pictures of the quarter panel black stripe you mentioned.
  13. Bernie, I did see a tiny rust spot under the corner of the rear window. Wow, I didn't think I'd have to dig this deep, but while I'm at it I just as well go ahead and see what is happening. thank you very much
  14. I'm in agreement with your analysis of the pic you see I sent along. Makes plenty of sense to me to do just like you suggest. I'm not sure if the area that I live in ( Central Maryland )has shops interested in anything, but insurance work where they can supplemental the heck out of the job. ive visited one shop and in essence he was not interested in the job. He said for $3k he could patch it and paint the area, but not guarantee the work. Not much of a salesman trying to help people. im sure if I continue to dig I'll find the "fix" at a fair fee for work completed. thank you very much
  15. Here are pic of the area that needs attention.