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  1. Riviera Wheel cover identification

    Ed, thanks for the very meaningful contact info. Red Riviera Bob
  2. I was convinced to stay with the original design and as many OEM parts as possible. AC is important to me and I cannot afford to be without a reliable system. Use best parts, best mechanics, and stay with original design operation. RRB
  3. Thank you for the heads up on this item. I have a younger brother after a beer or two wrings off all kind of lugs, bolts, etc.
  4. Bernie, those educated engineers saved my bacon plenty. the average for R12 on eBay is $45.-$50. A pound. My friend and pro mechanic handed me two 30 lb partial canisters of R12. He said go ahead and use it. I returned the the 2 30lb containers after I used 3.5lbs and gave him enough cash that made him smile. i have 2-12oz. Cans I paid $75.00 with shipping.
  5. Gents, I use Ethanol free gasoline in my 63 Riviera and I feel the 401 nailhead seems to like the ethanol free gasoline. RRB
  6. Mr Konga Man, in the 60's I was told WD 40 was good for freeing up rusty nuts and bolts. 50 years later I learn I was wrong. Now I use PB blaster to free up rusty nuts and bolts. If, worse comes to worse I use my Torch cart to get er done. ( I use the torch as safe as possible). WD 40 is good for lubricating and mosquito bites. RRB
  7. Riviera Wheel cover identification

    Gene, I'll telephone you Sat between 10-2 pm and see what we can arrange. Thank you
  8. Bernie, The application met all specifications according to sales marketing pros. The folk in the engineering neglected to tell the sales marketing managers to be aware of radio frequency interference. We were not told about this RFI stuff. Had I known the RFI was something I should know about I'd have called Scotty to the bridge and asked for his two cents worth.The local tech, a friend of mine didn't know if he was on horseback or on foot on this installation. When the installation failed to perform as it was purported to perform and we took the stuff back the local rep did not get a raise that year and I was charged about 6k to my account. Ouch. After that lesson I made doubly certain all i's were dotted and the t's were crossed on future scope of application. Please remember, I was schooled on how to read, write, and cypher. The trained folks got all the electronics stuff on how to wrap wires with tin foil. I probably would have been better off learning about electricity than reading Camus.👨‍🔧
  9. Riviera Wheel cover identification

    Pat, as soon I measured them at 13' in diameter I said to myself, I think I have the wrong size. thank you. i saw the aluminum die cast you talked about in ebay, but only 3 of the 4 center caps matched. The seller was too high for only 3 of the 4 center caps matching. thanks again RRB
  10. Bernie, I've heard you have three seasons in that part of the country: July, August, and winter. I swam in Lake George a long time ago and I must say the water cold in August. RRB
  11. Gents , I bought this wheel (4) cover figuring I'd have to do some clean up. Is this wheel cover for a 63 or 64? Doea anyone know if a silver trishield with black back ground is available for a center cap for this wheel cover? thank you RRB
  12. Gents, we always want the best job possible so our old cars continue to perform the way they were intended to work. I'm the first to choose the best solution. Example: when my manual control water valve stopped working there were no more manual control valves to be had. A named expert from the ROA recommended using a vacuum water control valve and gave instructions on how to install on my 63 Riv. I followed the experts instructions. I found the vacuum control valve a fine choice and a good solution. On the other hand I fixed a 63 Riv wheel cover that was rusted out pretty good with JB weld. Painted the inside of the wheel cover with POR 15. The wheel cover is on my car to this day and works good. ( now I have spare parts to rebuild the wheel cover). Now, the JB weld was half baked b/c there were other mechanical solutions that were much better, but I didn't know about rebuilding hubcaps. in 83 I lost a significant installation of new electronic accounting systems that was interfaced to mechanical meters. I didn't know about RFI then that caused the system to not work right. I took back the system and lost the installation. The same accounting system was installed in another state and the technician wrapped aluminum foil around the cable leads and the installation was successful. Wrapping aluminum foil around cables to shield from RFI? Half assed to say the least, but the installation was a success. I've seen some right comical half baked repairs that got the job done, because there were no other choices. RRB
  13. Ed, I'm sure my wheels have the 4 holes necessary to bolt the covers on. You are saying I need left handed bolts for two of the wheel covers OR 2 of the wheels have left handed lugs? RRB
  14. Jim, in the AC repair/replacement I stayed with your philosophy of original design by staying with rebuilt STV from Old Air and Actuator and the R12. I have a full time mechanic friend helping me and showing me how to put the vacuum system back together. My mechanic uses the shop manual a lot and requires the best parts I can afford. I won't argue. The forum points me in the right direction with good guidance, thank you RRB
  15. Ed, the evidence is certainly there for me see spaghetti junction.😎