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  1. cast aluminum wheel covers

    Chas Andre, my experience in bringing my set to the level I want has cost $1100.00 that includes, initial cost of the complete set, materials, new orbital sander, welding fix, repaint, and dip with clear coat. My time is not counted in the real costs. Now, in a perfect world if you can find a complete set in outstanding shape jump at $1500. The only way you can realistically get them lower is if they are sold as a "sacrifice" or they are less grade than outstanding. That is my 2 cents worth. RedRiviera Bob
  2. Ed, finally caved in and bought a 60 gallon 2 stage single phase Quincy 230v air compressor. The pancake compressor I was using was driving me crazy. I borrowed a portable higher capacity compressor from my son in law and it was better, but not what I wanted. RRB
  3. PWB, The challenge to get the cast aluminum to shine with Mothers is how good of shape is the cast aluminum? My rims were solid but they needed a lot of wet sanding. First the rims were media blasted and second they were repainted by rim repair shop. Next, I had to wet sand with 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 2000 grit. Then I buffed them out with the blue stuff you apply to the buffing wheel. NOW, we can put the crowning glow on with Mothers. NEXt, they go back to the rim shop to have the paint touched up where I hit with the sander. Then, they get clear coated. Having said all this IF a set of cast aluminum rims with caps and center caps in outstanding shape were for sale I'd jump in minute at $1500.00 for the set of 4. Thanks again for your compliment and input regarding Mothers. Red Riviera Bob
  4. Smart move. Wished I had stayed with my first choice, Clark”s. Red Riviera Bob
  5. I use it and I agree Mother’s is great stuff. Mitch no JB Weld on this project. A local Rimrenew owner was intrigued with my project of cleaning up the cast aluminum. He liked me I guess and said let him paint the cast aluminum. He then gave directions on getting an ORBiTAl mini sander. Then he gave me the list of 2” grit sanding discs to get. ( 320,400,600,800, 1000,2000, and 4000. ) He said wash off the grit from the rim between grit changes. He said the smoother you get the metal the better the shine. Next he said use white and blue polishing stuff you put on a hugging wheel after the 4000 grit. Next he said use metal polish ThEN bring the rims to me to clear coat. They have yet to be clear coated. One of the rims was broken around the circumference and a buddy of mine MIG or TIG welded the piece back in the rim. Looks good let’s hope it holds. Last secret, a lot of work. Thank you again for your input. Red Riviera Bob
  6. Gents, first attempt to shine up some cast aluminum rims. Red Riviera Bob
  7. Mr. Riviera, Hill Jenkins needed a tab bit of persuasive direction on what was period correct was for the cardboards. The story is long and boring, but inthe end Jenkins Interiors is going to do a " do over" of all the period boards and send them at his expense. A bit unusual in today's climate of business attitudes toward the customer. Mr. Riviera, what is really neat is the amount of first rate assistance delivered in a first class manner from the members in the ROA. I've been a member of the ROA for about 16 months or so and every piece of information I've received from the members has been outstanding. Thank you for your help. Red Riviera Bob
  8. Thank you Sir, a little adjustment here and there will make it a bit sharper. thank you for your compliment. Red Riviera Bob
  9. Jenkins Interiors original owner has passed away. The son now runs the operation. Could have been someone pulled the wrong items out of inventory that had already been made up. i feel optimistic Mr Jenkins will make good on his offering. 'Thank you for your input. Red Riviera Bob
  10. JFrame, now I wish I had gone to Clark's. Clark's were my first choice, but I went in the wrong direction. Fortunately, for the times I've gone in the wrong direction I have not lost too much. Hopefully, the seller will be reasonable and make good on my requests for correction. I'm not a perfectionist, but I want it right as humanly possible. thank you for your input. Red Riviera Bob
  11. Patience, persistence, resilience will get you closer toward your goal. A lazy person with many talents can't keep up with the guy who plods along with a goal. RRB
  12. A few! I could go on,But, this not forum for what came out of those studios. I don't have to say any know. Red Riviera Bob
  13. Ed, it appears I was neglectful of my homework.i was going to buy the kit from Clark’s. Gene said go to Jenkins Interiors in NC. The founder has passed away and the son has taken over. Gene was probably remembering what the founder turned out.i believe with some more work and not too much more money I can get the installation close to right. I’m not fixing the car for shows, but I do want the goods as advertised and for what I paid. Hopefully, the seller will be happy to make it right. Ed, as always. many thankd RED Riviera Bob BTW, shining up cast aluminum wheel covers is a l o t of sanding. I mean a lot of sanding with a 2” orbital air sander takes time.
  14. JFrame, once knew one heck of a guitarist from Florence Alabama. The guitarist moved up to Pittsburgh PA and played with the Billy Price Band. I forgot the boy's name, as I can hardly remember my children's middle names Ha! (Just a joke ) Thank you for your suggestions as I was thinking the same thing about the side boards. Take the side boards and tuck them under the wheel well cover. To make sure I understand, do mean tuck the material under the boards surrounding the trunk lock area? ( you referee to as the "back panel" ? Appreciate the compliment on the material. I'm satisfied with the quality of the goods. I'm not sure it is fitting OR was fitted the way it is suppose to fit. ( no joke, I have hard time figuring out how to put on a fitted bed sheet!) 'Red Riviera Bob