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  1. Getting the color right

    The Devil is in the detail: Outstanding research on the paint topic. RivNut made an observation the finish on the air cleaner was a satin, matte, or flat finish. The finish on my air cleaner had a gloss. I believe the gloss on my air cleaner was the from the VHT Red Wrinkle paint I applied.
  2. Getting the color right

    Jim, the Chevrolet orange that is used to paint Chevy valve covers looks real close to what I ve seen Ed show. I’m happy to be wrong on the color; however, I am trying to get a one step color application.
  3. Getting the color right

    Ed, I would bet a good auto paint man could paint match the color of the air cleaner and get the right wrinkle finish. I would add the painter would need an example in hand of the color to be duplicated. i agree, AACA would have no clue what the right color would be for the subject air cleaner. A recognized auto collector group like the ROA could publish and show what the air cleaner color looks like. You may not have a standard, but we would be closer to nailing down the color for the air cleaner Riv collectors are trying to land. Red Riviera Bob
  4. Getting the color right

    Ed, I can say PBR was one of my favorites. Ive been a R&B hound since I was a boy. Could an agreed upon color appropriate of the air cleaner be color matched at an automotive paint shop? Thank you, Bob Burnopp
  5. Getting the color right

    Mr. Konga Man, I believe a paint color code or name by the manufacturer of the shade appropriate orange/red would be helpful. ( Granada ) Red Riviera Bob
  6. Getting the color right

    Rodney, I’ve had a devil of a time getting the seams to come in place on the metal decal. I’m close with the seems and I am willing to live with less than perfect. BUT, 5 feet away the air cleaner is Rembrandt quality.😂😂 on another🎶 Please post a pic of your aircleaner with the white paint as opposed to the cream color. I’d be interested to see your fine work.
  7. Getting the color right

    Ed, I believe your brochure color AND I believe your description of the orange color on the air cleaner to be period correct. I suspect an agreed upon proof source of the color of the air cleaner by a recognized authority ( like AACA) is required to set the standard. I’m cool with the color you have provided.ive painted my air cleaner two or thee times. Stick a fork in me I’m done. I had fun doing the work and the air cleaner does a fine job sitting on top the carb. Your explanation of a cover song done by other than the original recording artist can be more pleasing to the ear than the original can be entirely true.I meant if a musician or singer covering a song note for note of the original tune knowingly sing or play the same wrong note that was originally recorded is okay if that is what they want. Example, I play “Sitting On The Dock of the Bay” the way Otis and Steve Cropper recorded the tune. Otis played the ii and iii chord as Major chords when standard practice in American music today is the ii and iii chord in a Major key are voiced as a minor. Another musician I know adds the Dominant 7 in the chords he plays for “ Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” and it sounds great. If I were to compete my car in shows with intentions of winning something I would have bias tires,stock exhaust system, and I”d probably wrestle away one of those more red/orange air cleaners from someone.😎
  8. Getting the color right

    The same thing happens in our American music. We try to cover a tune exactly as recorded only to find out the the musical piece has a note or phrase that is not as intended. Another way to convey the idea of copying is we are trying to copy something that is wrong.
  9. What came loose?

    I can only imagine why Rocket science would be.
  10. Truly a fine automobile. Excellent example of utomorive industrial art.
  11. Getting the color right

    Gents, here is another pic from iPad Pro in natural sunlight at 11:00 AM eastern standard time. You will notice the snorkel decal is missing and you can see the color the PO had. I waivered from Jim Connor’s instructions by using a lighter gray primer. If, memory serves me Jim wrote a dark gray primer goes on bare metal, followed by a cream color spray paint, then finish with red. One other gent suggested one would paint the ac cleaner orange in the first place.
  12. What came loose?

    Tom, you are right some of us are gifted with God given mechanical inborn ability. Degree or not, some of us have to take mechanical challenges r e a l slow. Other people learn as they go with no problems. I try not to beat anything to death trying to fix it, so I’m working on solving more challenging mechanical problems as I go. Nothing mechanical comes easy for me.😎
  13. What came loose?

    Mr. Kong’s Man, the bolt in the end of the shaft never came loose. The bolt is still intact in the shaft. The big thick washer was never put on with the bolt. The pulley and harmonic balancer are both intact. The pulley/harmonic balancer came off the shaft together as one unit. Thank you Red Riviera Bob
  14. What came loose?

    Ed, an automobile restoration shop mechanic did the work. My 63 Red Riviera was taken the shop that failed to put the washer on. The shop told me the washer came off with the pulley and balancer. I wanted to respond, “ I don’t think the washer jumper over that bolt that holds the balancer and pulley in place. I was born at night, but not last night.” ‘The bolt that goes in the shaft is intact. The bolt never came loose. The washer, as we know was not put on. I’m suppose to receive the washer in the mail today, Monday March 19. ill take the washer to the shop and let them do the work. I’ll get a half inch drive torque wrench drive that goes up to 250 lbs along with a pulley holder to check the torque. I have a lift I can raise the Riviera and access the bolt underneath the car. I’ll probably have to have my neighbor hold the pulley holder while I check the torque. That is how I would check the torque if Do check the torque. The bolt was on tight. Absence of the washer was the problem. ( I have enough nut and bolt experience to unequivocally know a washer must to be placed on with the bolt for this application) I’m disappointed in the shop for making the error of not putting on the washer. Thanks for the heads up on my problem with a good question. Red Riviera Bob PS. Other than this mishap the car is shaping up and coming together in a neat and clean manner. I’m satisfied with the appearance of the vehicle. I’m treating the under carriage with POR 15 in an effort to abate further deterioration. I’ve used rust preventer on my 18 year old Gravely mower deck and the deck is rust free to my eye. I’ll probably put on a new steering box along with new shocks on the Red Riviera. I believe I can handle the replacement of the steering box and the shocks. I’ll have a front end man inspect the tie rods and Ball joints for wear. I’m in hopes to have the car in shape so I can go any place CONUS.
  15. What came loose?

    Mr.Konga Man, the key in the shaft was a straight key or an axle key. True, the woodruff key is shaped in a half moon. “Key” in Industrial ceramics describes a ceramic shape, similar to the keystone shape in an arch. Nonetheless, the key in the shaft was a straight key and it stayed in place. The pulley/harmonic balancer stayed together and wobbled off the shaft because a washer was not in place with the bolt. ‘I’m going to let the shop that did the job put it back together. I’ll then check the torque every 30 miles or so and keep a record of torque results. Of course, I’m at the mercy of the shop. Unfortunately, their services are uneven in their offering. Body and paint I’m most satisfied. The shop’s mechanics on my Buick are sub-par. Thanks for the help. Red Riviera Bob