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  1. Without hesitation I am not a professional mechanic. I can hold my own on basics of auto maintenance, but I'm not an engine rebuilder. I do a lot of investigation so I"m informed about my problem with the car. The mechanics I do use are independent and I find through referrals.
  2. Yes, sir. A very fine looking Riviera indeed. I like the wheel covers and white walls.
  3. I've loved cars since I could name every car coming down the road. If I had the space and the money I'd own a 64 Chevy SS, 50 Chevy DeLuxe, 53 Buick two door, and a 58 Buick Riviera. I could go on for two weeks telling folks what cars I really like and would own if the least bit doable.I've attached a short video filming and recording my new exhaust system on my 63 Riviera. Red Riviera Bob. IMG_0418.MOV
  4. Ed, thanks for the safety tip on the battery. Red Riviera Bob
  5. Ed, I'll take action on the battery cable change. Thank you as I embrace safe practices. I'll get the service bulletin Jim has for $10.00 im not certain if my post made it to the AACA no hot air. Nonetheless less, after the broken bell arm was fabricated and replaced in the control panel AND vacuum water control valve was installed per Jim Cannon's instructions so I have hot air. Had it not been for Jim's tech tip on the ROA WEBSITE on how to replace the water control valve id still be wondering. thank you Red Riviera Bob
  6. Thank you very much. I was wiping down the engine compartment when I took the stock Red air cleaner off so I could see better. ill take a picture of the engine with the red air cleaner. The engine is silver color. Thankfully previous owners did not change a thing. Red Riviera Bob
  7. The Black & Red and Red & Black color combination are popular for many people. The Red is fine with me. The condition of the car was what I had as top priority in my search .
  8. 1963 Red Riviera 401 Nailhead Red Riviera Bob
  9. Mr. Earl, thank you for the complement regarding Red Riviera.
  10. Yes, Sir a lot of red. Not my first color choice, but I liked the car"s overall condition at time of purchase. Red grows on you.
  11. Mr. ed I'm trying desperately to get some pics of my Red Riviera 63 posted, but can't remember Or Figure out how to do it!
  12. Joe, you are right. I have the original owners manual and service manual as you referred. Others I've tried are worthless. In addition I bought the FAXON copy of the Buick Parts manual from 1940- 1970? I was unable to find in any of the Buick manuals where the water control valve on the 63 Riviera was mounted and connected to the cable. Nonetheless, I was able WITH an honest hard working mechanic who allows me to participate in solutions get repairs made. My 63 Riviera is a Sunday driver; however, clean and original as humanly possible. No mods to the body, wheels, or interior in the least. Admittedly, I had the exhaust replaced- but is not the original configuration. You have as many collectable autos as I do have Fender, Gibson, The Heritage, Martin guitars! thank you for taking the time to provide good advice. Riviera Bob
  13. Mr Earl, I joined the Riviera Owners Assoc. in an effort to repair another problem I had with my 63. I couldn't get any hot air to come in the car when I tried the heater. Well, long story- short. I found the broken bell arm ( control lever ) in the control panel in the dash of the car. Had a fabricator make a. new bell arm and reassemble the control panel. Then I found out the cable was still binding up on the existing manual water control valve. Well, John- a frequent knowledgeable contributor to AACA- offered a solution by replacing the manual water control valve with a vacuum control valve. In the process of replacing manual control valve with vacuum water control valve so I can get some heat for the "Mrs." Mr Earl, thank you for your tip. PS- Also, I like things to work in my cars. Well, I let the cigarette lighter stay broken as I don't smoke.
  14. Ed, thank you for very much for sending on the COMPLETE repair solution for control panel on my 63 Buick. First class professional level work by the originator. thanks again.