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  1. Red Riviera Bob

    For sale `63, `64, `65 parts

    Cast aluminum wheel covers I’m in the hunt. Cracked, disrepair? Send a pic, please. Ready. Red Riviera Bob
  2. Red Riviera Bob

    turbine wheel covers

    In the case the webs are already in good shape cleaning and polishing the webs will not be so difficult. However, with appropriate power tools and sanding blocks getting the webs buffed out is still going to be time consuming. Of course, my opinion based work experience. You may have an approach I don’t know. Hopefully, you’ll achieve your goal. RRB
  3. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Suction Throttling Valve

    Gents, does anyone know of a method for testing an STV for functionality before installing the part? I've had a devil of a time with the STV's I've had rebuilt with the piston sticking. One builder said once the piston sticks the STV has a tendency to continue to stick. If there is an STV testing method please advise and thank you. Red Riviera Bob
  4. Red Riviera Bob

    turbine wheel covers

    LS, the cleaning, wet/sand, polishing and buffing takes some time to get the hang of the work. It is not hard once you break the code of the "how to". Finishing the wheel cover with appropriate studs and flange nuts along with powder coating really sets the cover off. Steel wool cleaning and polishing requires a Herculean effort if you have 30 hrs to spend on each cover. Red Riviera Bob
  5. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Gents, What is the best name brand or type or style "O" rings for the 63 Riviera AC hose connections? Thank you Red Riviera Bob
  6. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Buick Riviera brake lights

    My friend, I passed on what was told me on the forum. I really happy the info helped you. Helping one another is what the forum is all about. Good Job! Red Riviera Bob
  7. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Buick Riviera brake lights

    The ground is the bulb socket as it sits in the metal cannister that houses the bulb. The factory design and ground won’t cut it. Solder a cooper wire to a full metal bulb casing and put an eye hook on the end of the wire. Take a self tapping metal screw and find a safe place to ground the bulb socket the car. I’ll look for some pics and send them along. %ed Riviera Bob
  8. Red Riviera Bob

    What year?

    ED, thanks a lot, yet again. the information helps me. RRB
  9. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Buick Riviera brake lights

    I'm no expert, but I got my tail lights, turn signals, brake lights ALL working on my 63 Riviera by using a bulb socket that was metal AND grounding the bulb socket ( pig tale) to the trunk body. I changed the fuse. Hope it might be of some assistance. RRB
  10. Red Riviera Bob

    Getting the color right

    Well, here is what I believe to be an original paint job on a 63 Riviera aircleaner. RRB
  11. Red Riviera Bob

    Getting the color right

    Gents, attached is a picture of another ( and final final) effort to come up with a color that satisfies me. Since there is no paint code for the air cleaner ( that I know about) different hues of the same color could have very well been sprayed at different times during the production period of the 63. Colors anything change overtime. So, here is my latest effort at “ getting the color right”.
  12. Red Riviera Bob

    What came loose?

    Mr Konga Man, they needed that much epoxy to cement the hole they were trying to cover up. Pls look at the pic showing the plug they put in the inside of the cover. RRB
  13. Red Riviera Bob

    What came loose?

    I checked to see if there was any wobble in the harmonic balancer. All was tight. I did not use a torquewrrnch to double check. The toque at 220 lbs was not I checked. RRB
  14. Red Riviera Bob

    What came loose?

    Gents, the cover was no good because when the nut on the end of the crank shaft and harmonic balancer flew off the flying parts knocked a hole in the timing cover. My beef is with Eastcoast Restorations in Finksburg MD for shoddy workmanship. The shop just plugged the hole with fiberglass and epoxy. The timing cover began to leak oil and when a replacement was reinstalled that is when I saw where the shop plugged the hole. Can you imagine that? RRB
  15. Red Riviera Bob

    What year?

    Tom, I do keep the Riview. I’ll run it down. THANKS AGAIN RRB