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  1. Thanks again. I'm getting new tires for my Red Riviera 63 and found your thread regarding the T4 code as optional on the 63. if any changes I make on the 63 from original will always be reverible to original equip. Spec.without physical modification. I believe is smart way to go.
  2. Cleaned and painted ready to go. Lutherville Md. you pay $15.00 usps priority mail. $50.00 firm $65.00 total Bob Burnopp 443.386.7356 PayPal preferred- fast shipping and handling
  3. Black River, a clean one of a kind Riviera with it's own personality. Looks Great! Red Riviera Bob
  4. Pat, do you have any direction of where I might find these cast aluminum bolt on wheel covers? You have piqued my interest in what they look like. I believe, although I can be wrong I have the original wheels on the car. When I bought the car I found it sound and solid. The car was original and no one had done a thing to the car. In the mean time I catch up deferred maintenance as well as preventive maintenance. The alternator output harness had to be rebuilt because it had shorted out against the condenser. Instead of wrapping tape around the short I had it rebuilt or replaced. Any case if you can tell where to find pics of the aluminum bolt on wheel covers I'd be grateful. Red Riviera Bob
  5. Mitch, I'm going to include a pic or two of the dead car I put my patched wheel cover on. In many cases a person cannot make something work with what he has available. I felt the liquid metal could be a solution in view I knew of no other way to do the job. The patched wheel cover is on the car now and I'll see if it lasts for a measurable or significant amount of time. 'I checked out some of the work you do in restoration and it is certainly first rate work. Red Riviera Bob
  6. Very cool. Imagination can take you where you want to go. Thank you for the picture.
  7. I love it when folks get a good deal by using their head and thinking things out. Great! Red Riviera Bob
  8. Mr Seafood, thank you for the complement. Red Riviera Bob
  9. Bernie, a mans chariot is his to decorate and ride like he wants. Personally, I'm keeping my one and only 63 Riviera as stock as possible. Now I might put on simple steel chrome wheels like what is on the car now, except chrome. Then find a 3 prong spinner to put on as the center cap ornament. Sort of like an extra pair of shoes for my car. Im not a person who wants to compete in car shows. I'll go to car shows, but I don't want anyone picking over or criticizing what I do or don't do. Then when I get tired of the chrome wheels all I do is knock of the spinner and put the original wheel covers back on. I appreciate you sending the package. Now, I. might have to ask some help on how the thing goes back together. Don't laugh, I'm just not mechanical- but I do get 'er done.
  10. Sir, you really have it all correct. A good used cover is the way to go and throw away the junk. I put it up knowing I'd get some good feedback for putting a "patch job" on an automobile restoration website. I was thinking there might be, just might be a fellow who doesn't have an extra $100 or so right now for a hubcap. Maybe the patch job could help someone. You are right going "half baked" is not my style, but when I have a chance to save something of value for not much effort it is hard for me to throw an item away. And you are right about consumer products today not made to hold up for a period of time. I'm probably one of the last to remember Sears had a lifetime guarantee on shovels. When I wore a Sears shovel out or broke the handle I'd take it to Sears and they would give me another shovel. I use Gravely walk behind garden tractors that are 60 years old and still run and work! Thank you for your comments.
  11. My dash pad was in good shape, but it did not match the newly installed upholstery. The upholsterer stained the package tray to match as well as the dash pad to match the new leather option for a 63 Riv. At first I was reluctant to use a stain thinking the stain would fade. I keep the car garaged 24/7 unlessI drive the car about 700 miles a year. Here is a picture of the dash stained.
  12. Bernie, You would probably believe it if I told you what Dad left behind when he passed. He died in the same small cinder block house he built when I was 3-4 yrs old. He had four rental units he owned and rented for over 50 years. Trust me, I spend like I want, but not like modern day Americans. It is amazing how people save up money and walk around in bib overalls and drive 20 year old works trucks. My father in law had a heck of a time getting someone to talk to him when he went to buy a boat ( some call it a yacht ) because of his very modest ways and appearance. I'm spending money on this 63 Riviera to have it as a real nice Sunday & holiday driver. My wife is taking smelling salts! I told my wife there are no luggage carriers on the hearse! ( can't; take it with you). Thank you.
  13. Bernie, thank you for your great offer. I'm happy to pay shipping and what you need for the part. I appreciate you seeing the patch job for what it is. I'm new to the car collector / classic car world. It never occurred to me you could rebuild a "hubcap"🤓. I came up in the country with depression era parents and grandparents. ( we would save good used lumber take the nails and straighten them.) Maybe some fellows have a tight budget and could use a tip like I offered. Too much is thrown away. I own 60 plus year old Gravely two wheel tractors to do chores around the property, like grind stumps, bush hog, cultivate, snow blow, etc. A new Gravely two wheel walk behind is $6740.00 with no attachments. ill figure out how to PM you and give you information to get me the stripped disk. Many Thanks, Red Riviera Bob
  14. 63 Red Riviera relaxing in central Maryland Baltimore County.
  15. First rate automobile. It's great you take good care of Dad's automobile. Enjoy!