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  1. Red Riviera Bob

    " 1961 VW Beetle dim tail lights"

    I had good luck with my tail lights performing by grounding the taillight light bulb socket to the body of the automobile. Only but s thought that worked for me. Red Riviera Bob
  2. Red Riviera Bob

    Do you do your own work?

    bb1970, driving the Riviera and having fun cleaning the car up to look right is something I enjoy. I do as much work as I can challenge myself to do. Electric, parts changing, metal finishing I can handle. But, AC and Transmission repair is just something I don’t want to learn at this time. ( now I do make music with real instruments, real people and in real time that is 100% organic 😎) Red Riviera Bob
  3. Red Riviera Bob

    Do you do your own work?

    Tom, no Sir the “Major Tom” was a reference to a pop song a number of years ago. Actually, I meant the Major Tom ground control for FlatTop60. Like most of the gents, like yourself, are a wealth of knowledge, experience, and know how. Red Riviera Bob
  4. Red Riviera Bob

    First Generation Dash Pad

    Ed, how about having a dash recover with matching vinyl or leather? Red Riviera Bob
  5. Red Riviera Bob

    New Old Stock Air

    Bernie, good information. Thank you for the update. Would the condensed water from my steam iron quality as distilled water? Red Riviera Bob
  6. Red Riviera Bob

    First Generation Dash Pad

    Loren, is it possible to have your dash covered by an upholsterer in your area? One of the shops in my area said he would cover my dash with matching color in leather ted Riviera bob
  7. Red Riviera Bob

    Painting Exhaust manifolds?

    Gents, Calyx ( Ed, thanks for the name ) exhaust manifold dressing is applied so hopefully you don't have a mess in the application. You can put the stuff on with your finger(s). I got my 3 oz. at Eastwood. I might say Eastwood is a good supplier for stuff you use to "dress up" your car. They ship fast and the products Ive purchased from Eastwood have been first class. I don't own stock in Eastwood. The plug is because Eastwood has good products. Red Riviera Bob
  8. Red Riviera Bob

    Juniors vs. Seniors

    PRL, I”m a Senior Member and I have no clue why I have “senior “ member status. I’ll admit I really do not know much about auto mechanics. I try to help when I can. Red Riviera Bob
  9. Red Riviera Bob

    cast aluminum wheel covers

    Ed, Bring the ones that are in really bad shape, I like a challenge. Red Riviera Bob
  10. Red Riviera Bob

    Painting Exhaust manifolds?

    Scott, there is a product you rub in the exhaust manifold to keep the color right. I’ll send the name of the stuff in a pm. red Riviera bob
  11. Red Riviera Bob

    Do you do your own work?

    Major Tom? Ground control.
  12. Red Riviera Bob

    1963 Speedo cable

    Sir, don’t know where you ended up on your speedo with the 18 tooth. When I took my speedo gear drive/drive gear out I counted 19 teeth. Now that could be very well wrong. My rear end had a 07 stamped on the bottom. Now I put in a 19tooth and my speedo cable stopped,leaking. Is my speedo accurate? I’m just not quite sure a 100%, but close.
  13. Red Riviera Bob

    1963 Speedo cable

    Steve, I’ll get a ‘shot gun” man to handle the app on my cell phone measuring speed. Way way too many vehicles up here and not enough road to not pay attention 100% of the time to my driving. I think I’m good driver mostly because I drive in a defensive mode. There are crazy drivers in the DC /Baltimore corridor.
  14. Red Riviera Bob

    Do you do your own work?

    Mr. Konga Man, I would add mechanical aptitude as a necessary skill to do your own work on your collector car. I’ve found the mechanics I’ve used in my area are D+, if such a grade exists. I don’t have the know how on transmissions and air conditioning. I maybe in the wrong hobby, but by luck my 63 Riviera is coming along with my personal efforts and the weak mechanics I’ve had to live with in my area. I suppose if money were not an object a collector car owner could be take the vehicle to a named restoration shop for repair.The restoration shop would have to offer Proof of previous projects and referrals before I think anyone would spend money. Everyone has their own resources to achieve what they need and want. I was lucky the 63 Riviera I purchased was a solid car. The good part about my 63 Riv is none of the P.O. did anything to the car. The bad thing about my 63 Riv is no one did anything for the car. All in all I’m really happy I do not own a boat!
  15. Red Riviera Bob

    Do you do your own work?

    Bernie, well written. Mechanical aptitude skill helps in figuring how to “set up” the job. I just replaced shocks on my 63 Riviera. Pretty straight forward job most anyone could do. It took longer for me than it should for an experienced mechanic. The next time I change shocks should be easier. Red Riviera Bob PS. I cleaned and prepared the metal on the underside of the car and treated the metal with POR 15 and POR 15 Top Coat. The cleaning and metal prep was easy enough. The hard part was using the brush to apply the coating. I would have been better off with with an under coating spray gun and hose extensions to reach the boxes and channels.