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  1. Red Riviera Bob

    '64 Riv A/C

    Check and confirm your clutch on your compressor is compatible with the electronic update. The electronic update cycles the clutch off and on frequently. The clutch in my A6 is NOT designed for the update. However, with driving the car. 100 miles a month who is to care? I believe it depends on what you want. I decided to stay with the STV. My STV WAS rebuilt. There are no more new STV’s that I know about. I’m rebuilding my entire system and keeping it stock. I still do not have cold air. I have leaks to fix. RRB
  2. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Tom, if the job was easy I would not enjoy the challenge. RRB
  3. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Gents, thanks for the highly valuable information regarding soapy water test, pressureized air in the system, listening for hissing in the evaporator tank, and use of green O rings ( not torn or pinched) with a little bit of mineral oil. All the fittings had green O rings with mineral oil installed at each location. Care was taken to keep the connections free of grease and debris. Im waiting on a 1 1/16” crowsfoot to use on a fitting under the dash. None of the local stores have that size crowfoot in stock so the tool is coming from Amazon. Ill be out of the country from Sept 23-Oct 12. I’ll resume when I return. Thanks to all, AGAIN for your help. Red Riviera Bob
  4. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Gents, Moving toward a solution I replaced thermostatic expansion valve, evaporator with new, had all the hoses rebuilt with triple barrier walls for 134a, had the another STV rebuilt, drained the compressor many times with mineral oil until the oil drained clear, replaced mineral oil ( 314ml ) in compressor. Put in a new drier. Flushed all the new lines and evaporator, flushed the condenser with CoolPro. I might say pulling the evaporator cabinet and putting the evaporator cabinet back and connecting hoses became almost second nature after the 16 hours or so. Nonetheless, no surprise when the system didn't hold a vacuum. Ill revisit the project and work on finding and fixing the leaks. The joints under the dash were quite difficult to reach and tighten. I'll want to spend another 2-3 days finding the leaks, then another 2-3 days sealing the leaks. I''ll probably have this AC ready for next season, maybe. Red Riviera Bob
  5. Red Riviera Bob

    a/c conversion

    Tom, all of your suggestions coincidently are parallel with me replacing everything but the vacuum modulator and the condenser. I had all the hoses rebuilt to 134a spec even though I’m going to use R12. I’m in hopes the rebuild of my 63 turns out leak free. New O rings that are lubricated with a little bit of mineral oil. Filled the compressor with 314 ml of mineral oil. All I have to do is finish the assembly, make sure everything is tight and pull a vacuum. RRB
  6. Red Riviera Bob

    Cleaning glass with steel wool?

    The 0000 steel wool did not hurt my windshield in the least. The clay bar does a very good as well.
  7. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Bernie, so I could have taken off the passenger side front fender and had better access? Never crossed my mind. In the past some of the “ easier” methods were more difficult than removing the “ original “ part the hard way.
  8. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Zim, don’t know if it will throw cold air when it is finished being reassembled. What I can say it is somewhat tedious because of reach and tight space fasteners that have to come out. IF, there is a correct tool for the Hard to reach stuff it m i g h t be easier. My present experience lends to alternative decisions regarding stock configuration, 134a, STV replacement, and/or aftermarket ac solution. Wasted $ on R12, pirate labor, and parts will make anyone pause and attempt to measure satisfaction, functional utility, And expense before doing this job a second time. It is a shame I did not have more and better information before I started the restoration I could have saved time and a couple bucks. Sure, I’ll lend a hand; you are not too far away. RRB
  9. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Congrats! My favorite many years ago was Kundalini ( breath of fire) yoga. Intense. RRB
  10. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Gents, here is a real pic of me working on getting the evaporator removed. Would have been easier to remove the evaporator had I disconnected the hoses under the hood. RRB
  11. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Ed, I don’t know.
  12. Tom, good thoughts you have. Your parts and consultation are 100% on the mark. You have helped me learn by doing. I’ve said a 100 times before I’m not a mechanic or mechanical, but I persist. The value of your parts and assistance has built an outstanding trust I have for you and your business. You help unselfishly and write in a direct manner that is understood. Thank you for your help. Guys like you and MANY others make this forum a great place to learn. I have some good natured fun along the way as well. RRB
  13. Ed, finally got the hippie phrase on acid understood. Some say the “ plodders” make it.
  14. Gents, one of my mechanic friends that guided the rebuilt 808 I got from TelRiv told me to torque the bolts that hold the steering box on the car to 70lbs. I tightened the bolts and neglected to revisit the bolts to torque. long story short the box was wiggling back and forth on the frame. I torqued the steering box to 70 lbs. Now, I put on new rubber bushings on the sway and track bar. I got front end aligned like TelRiv recommended. My steering box takes 2.5 turns lock to lock, before it took 4 turns lock to lock. The steering wheel sits right in the steering column and the feels like the front tires are firmly on the road. Trust me, the character of the boulevard ride is in my 63 Riviera 100%. I would recommend shocks you like, rubber replaced, rebuilt 808 Saginaw steering box from telriv and front end alignment. RRB
  15. Red Riviera Bob

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Ed, this being my third season trying to get cold air the earlier efforts of how gases were added escapes me. Although I have spent a measurable amount of money, as opposed to a significant amount, it has been a learning experience. I wanted to replace parts as needed and I’ve always liked having spares for back up. The tools have not been that much money. Labor and wasted gases have been a pinch, but I can stand the pain of lost money. The pay off will be great when I get this ac back together and cold air, just in time for Thanksgiving! RRB