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  1. What am I missing here?

    Might be a good plan. Time will tell. If I had a vote I would cast it for a sedan because of higher comfort and you can give rides to interested folks rather than sexy flowing body shape. Good luck, Gary

    My '13 Model 31 has the same stove pipe exhaust, the pipes do not last very long and I have replaced them a few times already. Presently, I am running a muffler from a '38. It fits without modification and I can change back to original if and when the times call. The car is quieter and durable. Gary BTW Terry you made a fabulous job.
  3. What am I missing here?

    To give you an idea I bought a '39 Century sedan last fall in excellent black paint, replaced interior in a nice correct looking fabric, side mounts and fender lamps for $10000 CAD which is about $7000. I bought it from a local Kijiji ad so anyone could have picked it up. I do not know why it was so reasonable, right time and place, I guess. Now my wife and I have a car for pre war events. Good luck, Gary
  4. Wanted 1912-14 Cadillac front leaf springs.

    Eaton Springs, Detroit, Mi. banner ad as above Gary
  5. I have a good friend who this year bought a sort of tent trailer but is an A frame with hard roof and sides and goes up in a minute aided by counter balanced springs. It is a quality, ( read expensive) product. He pulls the rig successfully with a ford fusion. Perhaps a lighter trailer. If you and Rita are interested I could find out the manufacturer? Gary
  6. Interesting topic, there is no best way to travel. Everything is pro and con. Bev and I pull a car hauling trailer with a truck and we carry tent camping gear and camped during the trip to the recent AACA Vintage Tour. Camping gear adds little weight, takes a bit of space in the truck box, security and washrooms are provided by the campground and hotels are still an option. I hope to try a weekend tenting trip driving our '39 Century in a local Provincial Park soon. Ten years ago we used a '69 Skylark to pull an open car hauler about 4000 lbs, worked but not well. Later we had a '96 Roadmaster wagon, better but still not great. Gary
  7. Motor Muster and Old Car Festival part 2

    Thanks Larry. Bev and I applied to the OCF last night. Also this morning I received a message from the Snappers encouraging attendance. This year only the Lansing to Dearborn run is open to all pre '16 autos. It is interesting the President of the Henry Ford is so actively involved, looks good for the future. Gary
  8. 2017 Vintage Tour

    Bev and I had a wonderful time on the Vintage Tour, thanks. Can someone post a photo of us backing up the hill before Hammondsport? Bev suggested I fuel up in Watkins Glen but with only twenty miles to run and half a tank of gas I thought I would wait until that night. Ran out of gas on a long upgrade, then with Bob Giles riding the running board we rolled part way down the hill to a level driveway where the engine started and hundred year old car, hundred year old solution I reversed to the summit, with the fuel tank now above the carburator. Reminder to self, keep fuel topped up in the mountains. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable week. Gary Van Dyken
  9. That is an excellent ad, everyone selling using these forums should take a lesson from this. I do not like the red fenders but it is a personal choice . Best of luck with your sale. Gary
  10. Good for you Larry to make the long drive. Best of luck with the return trip. Who drove further, from where and in what pre war car? Gary
  11. 1923 Essex Cabriolet For Sale!

    Rather than asking questions on this forum if you are interested in acquiring a car which could be used in the AACA Vintage Tour and the A4C"s pre war tours please contact the lady directly and ask your questions. Seems like a descent car at a very fair price. I have pare war car and a Snapper's car and am attending the Vintage Tour or I would certainly pursue this non Ford Best of luck with the sale, Sarah.
  12. 1923 Essex Cabriolet For Sale!

    The area code of the phone number is Toronto, Ontario. Regards, Gary
  13. Wayne; I do not have a photo and find this site difficult to post photos with the Apple system However if you go to the Buick forums, Me and my Buick, then DEI post called my 58===58=== half way down on page 24 is a photo Doug posted of our 1913 Buick model 31 touring car. Also my friends '09 EMF. See you at Wellsboro, This will be our first tour with the AACA. Gary
  14. That's funny, I'm reminded of a saying in the HCCA. If your wife wants to redo the kitchen or you want a swimming pool or you want to step up to a Stanley steamer and everything is expensive. It goes something like this " You can always sleep in your car but you cannot take your house to a horseless carriage tour." Dynaflash, could you swap cars you have for something different you want? I realize you pointed out one is a keeper, maybe something else, as you say your not a young man. Regards, Gary
  15. About 1975 I spotted a very pretty 1964 GTO conv, in dark blue and low miles. The used car lot wanted $5000 for it when most similar cars could be had for 2000. I thought to myself the GTO would never be worth that much, it sold quickly though I don't know the details. In 1997 my friends and family though I had lost my mind buying a 1913 Buick for more than a new car costs. We are taking our Buick to the AACA Vintage Tour in a few weeks, still driving and having vacations in it. What would I do today with a 20 year old new car? What is the point, buy what you want to drive, let the future take care of itself. Regards, Gary