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  1. Old 16 is a treasure. Gary
  2. Consider the Dort or Gray Dort if Canadian. In 1923 and '24 Dort had a six Cyl Falls engine and a spacial model with those rub strips on the rear of the body and platform over the fuel tank for a trunk. They also had Budd Michelin disc wheels with six lugs. Regards, Gary
  3. Russell, you must be busy if you are getting around to buying a car now. The Convention is in two weeks. See you in Oklahoma, Gary
  4. I remember your dad from when he showed your Whippet Cabriolet long ago. I think I have an old photo of the car and he in Chatham. My roommate from collage drove a '55 Special sedan and that is how it began for me. Attended the SWO Flea Market this morning in Essex, didn't purchase much but had a good breakfast in their diner. Best regards, Gary
  5. Bev and I are attending for the first time from Canada. Registered for the HCCA Convention in Oklahoma City and will be hauling our '13 Buick in a new trailer. See you folks Friday at noon. Gary
  6. Interesting the windshield has a slight laid back rake so I would suppose to is from a later model of Buick but before 1920 (from the plate). The 1915 should be straight up and down. So a replacement top and windshield, perhaps at the same time, though still a two man top. This model c25 was discontinued at the close of 1915. Gary
  7. yup, Hupmobile model 32. I remember it well, singing with French accent. Gary
  8. Congratulations Colin. Looks like a very nice pre war Buick. Please begin by cleaning, reading, using the car and driving, lots of help here, you can learn as you go. Best of Luck, Gary
  9. I vote for 1915 c25 Buick, the light touring. The rise from the hood to the windscreen is more pronounced in the 25 series. I am restoring one presently and it is good to see an old, original photo. Larry check the Buick Crestline book to see the difference in hood height. Interesting Buicks were all black then but not today. Gary
  10. Put me down for one as well, I have a good one in my model 31 if needed for a sample and I am missing the part for the C25 I am restoring. Thanks, Gary
  11. Roger; The Festival committee has had the "past attendees only" in place last year and yet I met many who were there for the first time. It seems another group had a tour following the OCF and many took the opportunity to go to both events. I recall seeing licence plates from far away as Kansas. I would think your odds at getting accepted, with a Franklin, is excellent. To be fair to the Henry Ford, they likely have a viable plan which is obscured to us mere mortals. Gary
  12. Roger, You should attend the OCF and please do not be put off by comments. It is a wonderful venue for driving old cars. Though the many changes have many scratching our heads as to the possible concept behind them. I am sure the park will be memorable. Please go, the OCF has always been my wifes favourite car activity. Bring your new Franklin and enjoy. Gary
  13. I have heard from two of my friends who are regular attendees and neither is going anymore. Frankly if my friends give it a miss I will as well. They are mostly angry with the shabby treatment of the LDR ( Lansing to Dearborn ) What has happened in Dearborn, seems like a bad dream. Time to wake up. On a positive note Bev and I are attending the HCCA Convention in Oklahoma then choices like the New England Brass and Gas, there are at least three other week long tours for pre16 cars this summer. The OCF is not the only game in town. The spring AACA meet in Auburn should be interesting if a large group of classics show up for judging and the Gilmore in May, as posted above, sounds appealing. Gary
  14. Sorry, Marty. I did not mean to sound as if you were running away from a situation. What I meant to ask in my own clumsy way was there no advance notification of a change coming? Which you have already answered, thanks. After so much time and effort you deserve to put your feet up and enjoy. The OCF is more than days in the park, we enjoyed driving to our hotel with gas lights burning, motoring to Leon's for Sunday breakfast, the pizza party following the Lansing to Dearborn run and so I plan to give them a try. Hope to see you. Gary V
  15. My vote would be to let the management have it's say and let us see how it goes. It's still Greenfield Village in late summer, my car has working gas lamps, been going since 1998 and will likely be accepted. I agree the application fee is heavy handed, the cut back to two entry wristbands is a head shaker and what else is coming. Don't know, wait and see. The OCF is far from dead. I read the last page on the Ford forum. These changes are clearly aimed at the Ford group to reduce their participation numbers, I believe. Naturally they are angry, it is their festival as well. I for one, none Ford guy, am willing it give it a try. Will miss your wit and wisdom Marty. I guess from your reaction did you see this shift coming before you retired from the OCF? Gary Van Dyken