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  1. Don't you hate being right all of the time. Erieau was the destination, my neighbour and other friends have cottages there. The car did come from Windsor and it does look great, I like the '39 styling, with larger glass and waterfall grille. The 320 engine keeps up to modern traffic too. From the photo you can see I need running board mats and the moulding for it is off because it has many tiny dents, the car has sealed beams headlamps which should be changed back. Glad to have it running for now. Gary
  2. My wife and I attended a car show in a place which calls itself a drinking village with a fishing problem. I have been sorting this '39 Century out since I got it last November and this show was just 7 miles from my home so at the last minute I thought to give it a go. Quick wash in the driveway, scrubbed the whitewalls and off. A good day between Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay. With test drives and this successful round trip I managed to add 40 miles to the odometer. Ready, steady go. Gary
  3. Our first Old Car Festival was 1991, then it was less than 200 cars and entirely parked on the Green. It was a great event even at that. Where else can you see a Dodge Brothers, Dort and Duesenberg and speak with the owners and maybe catch a ride? We shouldn't give up on the Henry Ford. Gary
  4. I can understand downsizing the OCF and even stopping the camper overnight parking mostly, but what is the point of not letting the the Lansing to Dearborn people and cars participate? They are the old cars of the Festival. Hopefully the event will carry on, it always was my wife's favourite. Gary
  5. The model 29 was built by Buick with a different model numbers for three years and is likely one of the best touring cars you could choose. Engineering by Walter Marr is sound, ride is comfortable and it looks good too. That car on ebay sound have a brass radiator, not painted and should sport a Schebler carb. My wife and I are driving our 1913 Model 31 on the AACA Vintage tour in July and have recently driven round Lake Erie, 700 miles. That 4X4 engine is in a good car. Best of luck, Gary PS; the second car ( Blue one) is smaller and less powerful
  6. I drove a friends '24 Cadillac last Sunday, it has a nice ride and pretty to view but really who cares. It is the HCCA and Snapper's who set the values and it must be pre '16. a well sorted '13 Cadillac is selling for two or three times as much as a '16. Maybe not fair but it is what it is? Notice I did not say to was worth two or three times as much, but alas, sells for a premium because of the club functions and a pre '16 is the cost of admission to that world. A '16 Cadillac may seem like a good price, but a pre '13 is a proven investment, at least up until this date. Gary, 1913 Buick owner for nearly 20 years.
  7. Started the engine and drove around the neighbourhood in a 1939 Buick Century I purchased as a non running car last fall. Changed the belts, hoses and fluids, safety checked and plated,. Smoked, from all the oil I poured into the cylinders, but it was quiet as in no weird engine noises, steered and stopped straight. Quite pleased no photos. Gary
  8. I am restoring a 1915 Buick with 25' Baker rims. What is the current thinking on refinishing: paint, likely the cheapest but also tends to scuff off, powder coat, tougher or plating likely the most durable. What is the plating, zinc or cadmium? In all cases the colour will be silver with matching bolts and rim locks. Regards, Gary
  9. Just tried the George link above with good results. Try again. Regards, Gary
  10. That Dodge Victory Six with wire wheels is a pretty car and seemed to be a reasonable purchase price. It would be interesting to come back in the fall and find what happened to it? Regards, Gary
  11. Sorry, yes, I did clean my existing pump and used fine sandpaper on a flat surface to polish the bottom casting until it was shiny all around. My car is very nice but it has driven forty miles in the past ten years so I am recommissioning it by changing all of the fluids, belts and hoses before I start the engine and hopefully start driving the car. Gary
  12. On my 1913 Buick I place the axle stands on one of the axle saddle bolts, I have a similar truss supporting rod. Best wishes Gary
  13. All right, oil pan falling off was hyperbole. I had to bang on it too. Also cleaned the original 34 5/16 nc cap screws and changed the lock washers to new ones. Cleaned the oil pump and flattened the bottom plate, then using my half inch drill turned the pump until oil was visible at the top of the rocker shaft. I used a can of sea foam in the new 10 30W oil to help clean the passages. Unfortunately now I see signs of oil leaking from the rear main seal... Gary
  14. Just completed the same job on my '39 Century. Placed jack stands only in the front where the suspension bolts to the crossmember. Removed all the bolts and the pan dropped off. No need to loosen any steering parts. Cleaned and painted the pan. Tied on the gasket through many holes with fine thread, silicone sealer, two long studs to place the pan until the bolts went in. Put all the bolts in before I tightened it. Easy. I had number one rod near TDC. Good luck, Gary
  15. In the past 24 hours no one has bothered to Identified the blue 1905 Buick model C pictured above by Keith. A two cylinder engine , built by Walter Marr and David Dunbar Buick, before General Motors. It happens to be the fifth oldest Buick known to exist, he and his family drove it on the recent Brass in Berks County tour this spring as well as sixty miles to this open house. Well done to the owner. Gary