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  1. Tuesday update. I've managed to remove the light switch, it was similar to the instructions above, thanks Rodney. The harness is laid loosely around the engine and under the dash. The time consuming item now is when I touch some electrical part I have to clean the part to find a letter, number or symbol which relates to the instructions, hope that makes sense. Then because I am driving an old restoration I have to decide whether to reinstall the item as is, to match the look of the rest of the car or to restore or replace the part. For instance the horns are left alone although they are less than ideal, the generator relay is new, bright and shiny so I refinished the horn relay to match. So far so good, the new harness is flawless. Regards, Gary
  2. Personal choice purely and in my opinion the 1954 Century hardtop or convertible is a beautiful looking auto. Don't have one but that is my favourite from your list. Regards, Gary
  3. Haven't found any interesting slogans, worked on the replacement Sunday afternoon, standing on my head. Unpacked the new harness and tacked up the directions from Rhode Island on a handy message board in the shop. Cut away or unscrewed the old, crusty wires and threw them into a corner in case I need some hardware, various switches I bagged up and marked. With the dash panel loosened now I plan to address the binding speedometer, I hope a gentle tweak of the needle will help it to clear the base. Then I will refinish the surround in the dark burgundy colour, doesn't look as if it was woodgrained, polish the bright work and it should be ready for new wires and reinstalling. So far so good, I am not a mechanic I just play one in my garage. Do not understand yet how to remove the light switch? Regards, Gary
  4. Cruising the Pre War tour at the Gilmore Museum near Kalamazoo, Mi and one of the stops on our 75 mile drive was the home of civil war hero General Benjamin Pritchard. I parked my 1913 Model 31 in front of the home and two civil war re-enactors. Pre '42 car show on the grounds tomorrow with activities. Lovely drive today, through rolling countryside and 75F with sun. Life doesn't get much better does it? Regards, Gary
  5. Thanks for the encouragement, I will keep you posted as it goes. Gary W used Rhode Island for his car, me too, they supplied both main and body as well as the headlamps. Didn't get extra signals for the front even though the car has fender lamps, I am funny that way, keep the car the way it came. Someone else suggested removing the front seat for more comfort and the steering wheel had voids so it was restored as part of this job, also the speedo jams at 45 MPH so I hope to address the issue during this retrofit. My car had electrical problems, mostly involving the starter, I am nervously looking forward to getting this completed. I have a car show in mind June 10th for this rocket. Gary
  6. Next project, and electricity is my weakest subject among others. I am confident, I have good parts, tools and a book. Wish me luck, Gary
  7. cxgvd

    New Image upload size

    My camera is a Nikon and it has a setting in the menu where two images are recorded, raw and jpeg, per click. I always select jpeg from the computer's hard drive to upload an image for this forum, newsletters, email, etc. Raw is for hard prints, desktop backgrounds or to study a detail. Regards, Gary
  8. P Glad your car is painted, it is a major step. You don't have to compare your progress to others, do what you are able when you can and stick with it. I wish I was as organized as Gary W, he is the best, I am 3 years into my project and there are others who are 20. We are all just guys, hang in there. Thanks, Gary
  9. An hour from Doug's house in Kent County a farmer I asked told me received 6.5 inches of rain Saturday. The most rainfall he has ever seen. I have a storm catch basin in my driveway, it measures 4' wide 4 ' long and 6' deep and it was full of rainwater to the top, glad I live 8 miles from the nearest river or lake. Today, Sunday, the sun back. Regards, Gary
  10. cxgvd

    To pay or not to pay?...

    Hello Peter. You can come to Chatham Sat, May 26 for a free car show downtown, the BIA pays the expenses. My local car club is the host so I will be there to do my part. I do not show there because it is for hot rods and a few antiques but it is, so far anyway, no cost to show or to the public. Bev and I will be going to Essex again this June 10th, $!0 to enter a car but the public pays as well because it has a museum and controlled entrance. Free shows also at Erieau and Blenheim if you are looking for places to go in Ontario we would go with you. All the best, Gary
  11. cxgvd

    Radiator Dog Bones

    Do not know if I can add to the conversation concerning measuring, here is a collection of caps which I have acquired and fit my '13 and '15, the same size and thread for all. The black cap is closest to original equipment and I use it the most often, especially if I am away from the car visiting museum for instance. The large Buick Motometer on the wings has an insert to correct the size, same for the Moore Semaphor on the lock-a-meter, which has been re nickeled. The dog bone has a 1915 Boyce meter made in Hamilton On. has a McLaughlin logo. Finally the flip top is the fanciest, original, lovely, finish. It had exterior threads which I cut off and internally turned to my size and 16 TPI. Hope this helps you see some of all the choices available Ronnie. Regards, Gary
  12. Here is my entry for taillight Thursday, our 1913 Buick model 31 loaded into it's trailer ready to attend the Gilmore Museum's Pre War event week from Friday. Third annual tour and show on the grounds of the Gilmore near Battle Creek, Mi and my first. Any pre war Buick people going? Look me up and we will ride around the red barns on Saturday. Hope we visit the OFF brothers on the Friday tour. Regards, Gary
  13. Bev and I are attending from Canada for the first time with our 1913 Buick model 31. Looking forward to it, hope we visit the OFF brothers. Regards, Gary
  14. Made some progress on my 1915 McLaughlin touring car lately so an update is provided. Last I posted I got it running with the original Marvel carburetor. Body is back on the frame. battleship linoleum is applied to the running boards and I installed the old top just so I can get it off the floor. Last fall I did a bad job of painting of the hood in black single stage. I had to sand off the paint on the louvered sections and redo them but I managed to save the tops with 1000 grit and then 2000 grit before machine compounding and polishing. Today I installed the hood on the car and it is wonderful to be past that issue, looks good to me. I have an arrangement with a local restoration shop who does small jobs for me and he doesn't mind me bringing in jobs if I do them myself. So I sandblasted the windshield, I provided the sand and the labour he let me use his shop and equipment. I pointed out a small dent in the tubing and asked him how to repair it. Turns out it was a small job and he fixed the dent for me, again looks good. Windshield parts are painted black and ready to go on. Next step rear fenders, end is in sight now, I am going to install the original upholstery at least to begin with. The last load of nickel plating is due from the platers soon. I plan to drive the car locally this summer and work out the bugs if any before hitting the road. Thanks, Gary Van Dyken
  15. Great news, thanks for the update. Regards, Gary