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  1. For Sale 1922 Paige 6-66 7 passenger sedan

    Opportunities in the mid west include the Old Car Festival, a pre'33 event in the fall and the Gilmore pre '42 in May, both in Mich. Also pre war weekend tours, various times and locales. I nearly forgot the AACA Vintage Tour every odd numbered year. Best of luck, Gary
  2. March April The Antique Automobile

    My Mrs and I edited a regional newsletter for over then years and we were thanked often by many members. Errors a plenty, too. Though never talked about, sometime I would be purposely provocative just to see if anyone was actually out there. Let us say thanks to all of the volunteers, nationally and regionally and Mr Fields I value your views as well as they are yours and therefore valid. My magazine is still in the mail and now I am really looking forward to receiving it. Thanks with kindest regards, Gary
  3. 1915 coil project

    Top picture is the antique coil cleaned and ready for the new innards. Bottom one is the insides of the new one. Now unsolder three wires from the new and re solder to the same connections in the old housing. Fill the remaining space in the restored coil with candle wax or I have a product called Evirotechlite ( think of a coin suspended in Lucite) which would be permanent and irreversible. Install the end cap and then a restored piece of electrical equipment I did myself, with some forum help and encouragement. Thanks, Gary
  4. 1915 coil project

    When you mess about with 100 year old cars people ask where parts are sourced and I say I have to make them. I thought that meant I know a good machine shop, a plater who works with nickel and a shop that cuts gears. I can repair my antique coil. Begin. The screws securing the case to the ends removed easily. I thought heat would be needed to remove the insides of the old coil. My wife said not to use her toaster oven so I borrowed one from the neighbour. I started with the lowest setting but wound up at 350 F before orange coloured goo dripped out. Now I will cut the wires to the connectors then back into the heat to melt out the remaining residue, which is hard and plastic when it cools. Regards, Gary
  5. 1915 coil project

    Thanks Larry. Seems as if I could do this except when I asked the parts guy said the coil is oil filled. Messy and what does the oil do? Would the wax you mention replace the oil? Gary
  6. 1915 coil project

    I purchased a standard 6V coil from my local UAP store and noticed it is the same length and smaller diameter than an original coil which I got with the 1915 C25. Got me to thinking if I could hide the new coil in the old casing and use the wiring connecters. A shorter coil would work? I went back to the parts store but they couldn't tell the sizes from their books. Is this a doable project, is their someone I could turn to for help? Electricity is not my best subject. I could mount the new coil as is to the housing easily but it would not look right. In the photo are the parts I have to work with. Thanks in advance, Gary
  7. 25 Buick first start issues

    Does your generator "motor" before you try the starter? As I read the instructions the generator must rotate slowly before the starter petal is pressed to drop the brush on the starter commutator. At the same time it lifts a brush from the generator commutator. Perhaps the generator is not disconnecting. Just a thought, Gary
  8. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    I've not done it but fill the combustion chamber with small diameter rope through the spark plug hole, lift the piston to compress it and the rope will hold the valve closed, with the rocker arm removed of coarse. Good luck, Gary
  9. 25 Buick first start issues

    Since this thread has become quiet I will tell you what I have been doing to get ready for my first start of my 1915 165 cu in engine. All the advice on oiling is not appropriate for me, I have no oil pressure. My oil pump lifts oil to the sight glass and then drains to four connecting rod troughs. So after the oil pan is filled to full I then add another gallon of 10w30 which will flood the engine and top up the troughs. Then with no spark plugs I spin the engine over to splash oil into the catch basins over the main bearings and around the cam and lifters. Then I drain the excess oil through the level tap on the side of the oil pan. Even though the engine was built using an assembly lube, now it is soaked. The timing gear case is separate from the crankcase and is lubed with gear oil and the valve stems and rockers are oiled by hand. It is snowing today in southern Ontario. I have to finish my wiring, connect a fuel line, mount a new coil and I ordered a new Optima battery because trying to get the lead/ acid one under the floor is a back breaker. Check out my new flat leather fan belt my local shoe repair place made this week, $15.00. Wish me good fortune, I hope to be on the road June 10th.
  10. 25 Buick first start issues

    Let me say I think your pull start idea is the right one. However on every HCCA weekend many cars start on the crank. Here's how, make sure you have spark retarded, set to fire after TDC from the battery and points, through the spark plug openings pour a tenth of a dram of gas into each cylinder, not too much, reinstall the plugs, then install the crank at the bottom of the stroke and lift, slow and steady. You do not have to spin the engine as if you are the starter motor, just compress the fuel and let the spark plug fire the charge and spin the motor. If you have spark at the right time, fuel and compression it will run. Just something to try while you wait for your friend with the tow strap. Hope all is well in Alabama, Gary
  11. 25 Buick first start issues

    I appreciate your comments concerning my leather fan belt and you are correct except I will have the car judged and do not want to give up the points. I am not overly ambitious and hopefully will earn a first junior and Century Club plate before we take the car touring. My wife and I are members of the Snappers as well as last year we participated in the Vintage Tour in Pa. and hope to go again in 2019 in Ontario.
  12. We used to have something called Front End Friday. Here is one I have been saving up, my 1915 McLaughlin chassis going to meet it's freshly painted touring body in the shop next door. A great day for me, enjoy. Gary
  13. 25 Buick first start issues

    1915 McLaughlin touring as found in 2015 with the previous owner of nearly 50 years. Had not run or been on the road since 1991but as you can see a good project. One day last fall the chassis and body together again. I have to make a wiring harness, install a fuel line, have my local shoemaker sew me a fan belt, it's full of oil and coolant and RRR, RRR and RRR. Thanks for this thread, wish me luck, Gary
  14. 25 Buick first start issues

    Glad the problem has been found. Interesting thread since I am almost ready for my first start on a new restoration1915 McLaughlin and it will be my first experience with a stater/generator. Nervous. Gary
  15. 1941 Buick - not mine

    If a car can be titled? (Ownership) why doesn't the present owner get the proper paperwork and sell his car with all correct and legal documents? Car is worth more and the current owner should have the easiest time with the DVM? Regards, Gary