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  1. My usual expression is " Stick with me and you'll be wearing handcuffs." Gary
  2. Is this a worthy car?

    There is a car I see on a Kijiji ad listed for 45.000, been for sale for over a year and now it is 55,000. I suppose it has gone up because of inflation? Gary
  3. 1941 Limited Limousine

    I, too, was missing the battery hold down piece for my '39 Century. I bought the bracket from Bob's in Ca but I also bought the matching carriage bolts so installation was a snap. I did not want the new paint finish so I sprayed the battery box with a black, hard, stone guard from a rattle can which matched the Ziebart undercoating which is in good shape on the rest of the underside of the sedan. Good looks and secure. Gary
  4. Pierce Arrow sighting

    I speculate, it is heading to Chatham and RM and then to Hershey for Auction? Gary
  5. 1925 Standard Saga Continues

    I had stainless Ford diesel valves from the recycling bin turned into new valves for my Buick model 31. Had the correct slots cut into them for the keepers, the machinist kept breaking cutters and not happy with the slots but they show and I wanted them. Cut the old valve guides flush with the valve cages and bored them out for modern valve guides to match the new valves. Been working for the past 5 years. Gary
  6. Cars are a natural place to lean, running boards are for sitting upon. If the car designers did not want people to touch them, the car would be covered with spikes and metal studs. If you can't stand for fondling at a car show you brought the wrong car. Gary
  7. Vintage parts

    PM sent. Gary Van Dyken
  8. Why is it people just do not do what they say, I had a conversation with another hobbyist just today and he thought it may be a power trip or leverage over the customer. Could be don't know. I dropped of five demountable rims at a local shop for sandblasting with a two day turnaround promised, picked them up yesterday after twelve days. I have a small job for two bearing adapting sleeves at a machine shop in my town, half hour job has been there three weeks, not ready yet. I have a small sheet metal repair job at a local restoration company almost a year and a half, not finished yet? Honestly an hour to do the work, why would they want the parts cluttering up the place? Used to say no hurry but my wife told me not to say that and I quit. Please just complete the work and get paid. Frustrated in Southern Ontario. Gary
  9. What am I missing here?

    Might be a good plan. Time will tell. If I had a vote I would cast it for a sedan because of higher comfort and you can give rides to interested folks rather than sexy flowing body shape. Good luck, Gary

    My '13 Model 31 has the same stove pipe exhaust, the pipes do not last very long and I have replaced them a few times already. Presently, I am running a muffler from a '38. It fits without modification and I can change back to original if and when the times call. The car is quieter and durable. Gary BTW Terry you made a fabulous job.
  11. What am I missing here?

    To give you an idea I bought a '39 Century sedan last fall in excellent black paint, replaced interior in a nice correct looking fabric, side mounts and fender lamps for $10000 CAD which is about $7000. I bought it from a local Kijiji ad so anyone could have picked it up. I do not know why it was so reasonable, right time and place, I guess. Now my wife and I have a car for pre war events. Good luck, Gary
  12. Wanted 1912-14 Cadillac front leaf springs.

    Eaton Springs, Detroit, Mi. banner ad as above Gary
  13. I have a good friend who this year bought a sort of tent trailer but is an A frame with hard roof and sides and goes up in a minute aided by counter balanced springs. It is a quality, ( read expensive) product. He pulls the rig successfully with a ford fusion. Perhaps a lighter trailer. If you and Rita are interested I could find out the manufacturer? Gary
  14. Interesting topic, there is no best way to travel. Everything is pro and con. Bev and I pull a car hauling trailer with a truck and we carry tent camping gear and camped during the trip to the recent AACA Vintage Tour. Camping gear adds little weight, takes a bit of space in the truck box, security and washrooms are provided by the campground and hotels are still an option. I hope to try a weekend tenting trip driving our '39 Century in a local Provincial Park soon. Ten years ago we used a '69 Skylark to pull an open car hauler about 4000 lbs, worked but not well. Later we had a '96 Roadmaster wagon, better but still not great. Gary
  15. Motor Muster and Old Car Festival part 2

    Thanks Larry. Bev and I applied to the OCF last night. Also this morning I received a message from the Snappers encouraging attendance. This year only the Lansing to Dearborn run is open to all pre '16 autos. It is interesting the President of the Henry Ford is so actively involved, looks good for the future. Gary