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  1. Gentlemen, searching for a 33 Rockne tail light bracket in any condition, also without license plate holder, just the bracket. Thank you Joe
  2. Wanted nice or straight 33 Rockne Grill

    Hi, looking for a nice and straight 1933 Rockne Grill Frame (chrome piece) Thank you Joe
  3. 33 Rockne Wire Wheels - chromed or painted ?

    Yes David, it was you ;-)
  4. are 33 Rockne wire wheels chromed or painted from factory? A friend told me, he found a trace of chrome on old Rockne wire wheels, all pictures I can find in web shows they are painted. But maybe since the chrome is gone away? If painted, what color? My wheels are painted too, but have a chrome trim ring on it. Thank you Joe
  5. How to polish reflectors?

    i am always speachless about the know how here in Forum. Thank you Gentlemen!
  6. TRICO whiper motor challenge

    Gentlemen, I try to repair a set of two TRICO whiper motors. Will become a challenge since one have a broken housing, the other one a broken shaft. Both are different in and outside........ Okay, what material are the "Piston" - is it leather? is there a way to get it soft again? What kind of grease is inside the housing? One is scripted some times in and outside with TRICO, the other one not. Is this maybe a "copy" or "plagiat" ??? Thank you Joe
  7. How to polish reflectors?

    Finaly I found a nice set head lamps for the Rockne. Will send them to chrome shop next week, will restore the inside of lamps also. How to restore/ polish the reflectors? Looks like it silver plated? Thank you Joe
  8. Repair of pot metal

    Thats the plan :-)
  9. Stromberg UR-2 - how to get these pipes apart? -> success!

    Gentlemen, after rebuilding the carurator the car starts and runs like a brandnew 2017 car. I have to pull the choke 1/2", short turning the starter - wroooom! Even with cold Engine! Thank you so much for your help and advice! Joe
  10. ROCKNE 1932/ 33 Air Cleaner

    Brad, you are one reason to do that ;-) I saw your car misses this Part too.... I found a 2nd silencer but no Aircleaner. The connection between air cleaner and silencer seems the weak point. maybe the most of them came loose and fall on the road over the years... Jörg
  11. Repair of pot metal

    Brad, maybe its part of the "DeLuxe" Package? The car also have chrome trim rings on wheels and dual chromed Horns. Do you know the whire wheels originally are chromed to? thank you Joerg
  12. Repair of pot metal

    Thank you for all these informations. I gave a test Part to chrome shop for deplating and will try your after i get it back! Thank you so much joe
  13. Repair of pot metal

    Hi Brad, both lamp brackets are broken, there where the rod to grille goes in. Also the Side mount holder and wing nut are broken. Someone tried to fix them.... I have a spare side mount holder but will try to safe these parts. Joerg
  14. Repair of pot metal

    H E L P ! Any chance to get a 84 years old broken pot metal part (zinc cast) repaired and chromed? Thank you !!!
  15. ROCKNE 1932/ 33 Air Cleaner

    I get info it should look like these: the measurement I gett also says its type A. Maybe you have only the inner Part ? Joerg