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  1. You should do. it was a great experience! We visiting some Rockne friends, each visit counts many hundreds miles on the speedo and take a full day for traveling. but i must say: every mile was worth it! made some new friends, learned a lot about Rocky, and had a great time in US - Thank you 😊
  2. Tim, i found one at Carlisle. The Guy should have some more. When i find his Business-Card i send you a eMail. Greets Joe
  3. we came over from germany to do that ;-)
  4. Today we visited Andy Beckman and the famous Studebaker Museum/ Archive in South Bend/ IN. Its impressive to see these old original technical drawings in person. Andy has very strives to find the required drawings (with 100% success!) . At the end we spend a half day there, some dollars and get blue prints of missing Rockne parts to make repros for our car. Also i bought the Body and Cassis Parts Cataloges. At the foto me and a 18ft. drawing of convertible top mechanism of 33 Roadster i take as 1/1 blue print with me. Joe
  5. I wished it will fit a 33 rocky...
  6. or easy fix? we rebuild the carb and fuel pump already, do timing setup, installed new spark plugs, dizzy cap and pointer, new ignition wiring, now engine Starts easily and runs smooth, but i feel we should adjust the valves too. there is a Noise i hope it comes from valves. Hopefull its not the crank bearing... are there any special tools required or is this a easy fix? is there a how to do online? I came forward with these step by step project, get the car licensed today! thank you joe
  7. thank you. its strange. on my iPad I see only the catalog, from Office Computer everything. Thank you Joe
  8. Anyone have a contact from to order something? The webpage shows nothing but parts catalog. thank you!
  9. Thank you. Now i need a "7" and "0" and can stamp the plate. Anyone please have photo of these numbers? Thank you so much Joe
  10. Thank you, i think i will compare the Numbers on the Plate you send, with the numbers on frame. It is no problem for me to digitize them in correct size and shape and engrave them as long i have the look of the correct number as template. The Data Plate is for sale on ebay, but for $185 each i do not like to make a fault.... Thank you Joe
  11. finaly I found a repro data plate for my car. unfortunately seller forgot to stamp the numbers in. so I have to do it by myself. anyone knows the correct number size for 1933 Rockne? Thank you Joe
  12. empty
  13. Since the idle air pipe from UR-2 was broken, and the pipe from UR-23 is longer, we decide to make a new tip as insert for the UR-2 pipe. Made from bras, fits perfect inside the Rest of the old part. Solder it together - Problem solved - works.
  14. where i can buy a "idle air pipe" for Stromberg UR-2 ??? i was planing to use it from my spare UR-23, but it is different in lenght. thank you Joe
  15. Hello Jon, thank you so much for showing me the way to do - it works exactly as you described ! THANK YOU ! Since all oven I found only make max. 570°F I use two hot air blower. They can do 1.200°F. Checked always the temperature with digital thermometer. After I use a small acetylene/ air torch and the pipes and jets came out easily. To turn the pipes I use a Crimp for steel wire clamps. The holes are exactly in diameter as the small brass pipes, so they don't get bend. Have to make a Repro from one pipe next week, then carb s ready for install. thank you again Joe