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  1. Thank you rbk (Robert Kapteyn)

    you should do! We have done this last year, dooing all the way from germany (7.000mls) and we enjoyed it and found what we are looking for for our 33 Rocky Roadster. No way to long! Joe
  2. WANTED nice 66 Rockne Grill

    WANTED nice 33 Rockne Grill, chrome can be be bad, but grill should be straight as possible. Willing to pay high $$$ Thank you Joe
  3. 31/34 Stude Hubcaps

    Found these at Facebook for sale. The hubcaps are in South africa, price is Rough 160$ not mine! Just sharing
  4. I can not find the Rockne owner Policy on ebay? Is it already sold? Cheers Joe
  5. Floor shifter for sale

    thank you. We visited Shrocks in Summer but I forgot to ask them.... I become old and stupid... lol
  6. Floor shifter for sale

    Robert, i wanting a Rubber boot for a schifter like shown. best regards joe
  7. unexpected find

    Unexpected find! Normally, when we go to a antique car swap meet in eastern part of germany we expect 100% parts from russian, czech and german cars and motocycles but not a NOS, NIB Trico vacuum fan from the 30ies made in Canada. Makes it the score of the day and fits or 1933 Rockne Roadster like the ass on the bucket.
  8. 33 Rockne gauges needed

    Thank you Tim
  9. Rebuilding a Stromberg UR-2

    try to put them in WD40 or petroleum for some days. after they should work fine. back on the days we use petroleum as lubricant for high rpm spindles with bras bushings.
  10. what is the name for this hose

    Robert, yes please ;-)
  11. what is the name for this hose

    Gentlemen, what is the name for this hose and where can i get 2pcs of these hose, approx 1/2" or smaller, each 8" long, one or both sides with end cap. thank you! Joe
  12. 33 Rockne gauges needed

    Gentlemen, i am looking for a nice Amperemeter or dial face and a Fuel gauge or glas for it. anyone can help? Thank you!
  13. 33 rockne

    mine is a 33 Rockne DeLuxe Roadster
  14. 1932 Rockne

    anyone here bought these Car?
  15. 33 rockne

    I need new rubber too. anyone?