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  1. NOS ignition parts

    for me for 33 Rockne please. thank you Joe
  2. Remote wiper motor 33 Rockne

    Saw a remote wiper motor sometimes in ebay, but it don't popped up for last months. was a electric Motor under dash, used a speedo like cable in a bend pipe (following the windshield frame like the vacuum pipe) to drive the wiper arms. Anyone have a idea for another scource to buy? Thank you
  3. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    I hope starlightcoupe can answer this question. Brad please ;-)
  4. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Bob, I need two of them plus two housings. no way to get a license plate with only one tail light in Germany. (for safety reason) Joe
  5. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Yes, this is your Glass flag :-) Thank you for it
  6. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Robert, do you have two of them 4 sale? Joe
  7. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    thank you ;-)
  8. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Thank you !!!! The first picture is my car with Bosch tail Lamps on it. Its wrong. the second shows full chrome housing. Perfect. Thank you! the only difference i see, the original light do have a spring holded lense as the front lights, the repros do have a ring. but better have a Repro than nothing... ;-)
  9. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Not many means not all ;-). I am german, we try to do all 100 % perfect - sorry for that ... lol It was a little challenge to modify the repro tail lamp. Originally the Glass insert is down, as light for the license plate, but on o Rockne with the rockne Script its up. Now the screw for the Ring is up too. Looks terrible. So i modify the housing screw down again.... nice or not, decide yourself
  10. looking for a original 1933 Rockne tail light foto. Found a repro tail light, not correct, but close I think, the Glass/Logo insert fits perfect, but I don't know is the original housing chromed as the ring or black enamel? Thank you
  11. Wanted: 1936 Dictator Coupé

    Gentlemen, Rocky needs Company: Wanted: 1936 Dictator Coupé for sale. We appreciate any infos and help. Looking for survivor or restored car, not a big project. thank you Joe
  12. Nitro paint color Code?

    Brad, I found a shop here in Germany makes all colors from nitro. Also they sell the needed base and filler. If I had the recipe...... As I wrote, the scanner lead us to Nirwhana, only 84% match. So we can not use it. But hey, I am a German, we fix everything ;-) ..... lol Joerg
  13. Nitro paint color Code?

    Thank you so much. Yes, I think you are correct with the Number. Its Premier Maroon IM-375. The Paint code should be 1494 Maroon on Black with gold stripes. Now I have to find the recipe... ;-) We tryed the Scanner way before, we get only a lot of mismatches. Best was 84%, thats bad.... The problem for me is, I don't know a company who can mix Nitro. Everybody uses Acrylic only.... Thank you Joe
  14. Nitro paint color Code?

    These Trafficators are very common in Europe. These are European brand and installed later, since the car came in 1934 to Netherlands. Back to nitro - anyone? ;-)
  15. 33 Rochne running Board rubber

    Thank you, I know these Repros since Mr. Shrock showed them to me in his shop. I am looking for ORIGINALS, or interchangables. Joe