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  1. Rebuilding a Stromberg UR-2

    try to put them in WD40 or petroleum for some days. after they should work fine. back on the days we use petroleum as lubricant for high rpm spindles with bras bushings.
  2. what is the name for this hose

    Robert, yes please ;-)
  3. what is the name for this hose

    Gentlemen, what is the name for this hose and where can i get 2pcs of these hose, approx 1/2" or smaller, each 8" long, one or both sides with end cap. thank you! Joe
  4. 33 Rockne gauges needed

    Gentlemen, i am looking for a nice Amperemeter or dial face and a Fuel gauge or glas for it. anyone can help? Thank you!
  5. 33 rockne

    mine is a 33 Rockne DeLuxe Roadster
  6. 1932 Rockne

    anyone here bought these Car?
  7. 33 rockne

    I need new rubber too. anyone?
  8. Chrome Polishing

    The best chrome polish is wheat flour. Get these Info from a super high level chrome plating Shop in Germany. Sounds odd but works very fine.
  9. Thank you rbk (Robert Kapteyn)

    for the smooth deal on the 32/33 Rockne engine i bought from you. Robert have a huge warehouse in Joliet near Chicago full of Studebaker parts and is a Nr. 1 adress for anybody who are looking for rare parts. Joe from Germany
  10. NOS ignition parts

    for me for 33 Rockne please. thank you Joe
  11. Remote wiper motor 33 Rockne

    Saw a remote wiper motor sometimes in ebay, but it don't popped up for last months. was a electric Motor under dash, used a speedo like cable in a bend pipe (following the windshield frame like the vacuum pipe) to drive the wiper arms. Anyone have a idea for another scource to buy? Thank you
  12. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    I hope starlightcoupe can answer this question. Brad please ;-)
  13. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Bob, I need two of them plus two housings. no way to get a license plate with only one tail light in Germany. (for safety reason) Joe
  14. 33 Rockne Tail lights Foto wanted

    Yes, this is your Glass flag :-) Thank you for it