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  1. this is my parts carb (UR-23 / different housing) on foto. I need the pipes for the other (correct UR-2) carb. since there both pipes are broken. one way ist to change the pipes, second to make replicas from. i do have correct tools and machines, I restored a lot of carbs by myself but never a early Stromberg. I think its better to ask, before destroy something.
  2. I need to get the "Idle air pipe" and the smaller pipe beside out of housing. Don't understand how they are fixed ? Screwed in ? pressed ? Stromberg manual reads, the idle air tube can be removed for cleaning purposes, but in my 2nd UR-2 both pipes are broken off (I have not done this). Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Thank you Joe
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. Gentlemen, what color is original on a 33 UR-2 Carburator? I have two of them, the left seems to be cast iron, the right have light rest of black on them? same question about fuel pump. Thank you!
  5. I still have all parts together to start rebuild. Wish me luck, hope to finish it tomorrow... Joe
  6. yes. you are right. some years ago I bought a Horn Button from down under..... Shipping was horrible. But 275 Bucks for a tiny needle valve is high price but when you need it, you have to pay. hmmm
  7. Okay, i am happy to get urgent needed parts to rebuild the Stromberg UR-2. But 720 Bucks for these handfull of rings, paper and tiny parts? hmmmm.... Should I sell my cars and start to collect empty plastic bottles? lol Joe
  8. Gentlemen, my goal to change the wrong headlights into original ones is close. i do have: 2 housings with bracket 3 glasses 1 reflector (2nd i will do as Repro) missing: 2 rings (holding the glass on the housing) who can sell them to me? thank you Joe
  9. Thank you guys, I send a mail to Rhode Islands Wiring, since I like to add Turn Signals. Seams they are competent to include the needed wirings in harness. THANK YOU ! Will update you soon. Joe
  10. Gentlemen, after taking a clooser look under dash i think it's a good idea to replace the old worn wirings. Is there a place where i can buy correct cables and connectors or better a whole wiring for the car? Also i am looking for deal arround the flapper in front of windshield. Thank you Joe
  11. Gentlemen, which spark plugs i have to use for a 33 Rockne 10 ? Thank you Joe
  12. David, what condition? i am interessted! joe
  13. Hello Tom thank you so much for the side mount holders you send. Since they are still in US at the house of a friend i compare the pictures he send to me. What I see: they are perfect, correct shaped for the 33 Rockne! Thank you so much again, on more thing I get fixed at my old Gem ;-) Joe from Germany
  14. Here are pics of the problems I found in my UR-2. A: the economizer vacuum piston is weared and will not seal the hole in the upper part of housing (pict 1 und 4) B: the pump metering jet is broken, half of the jet is stuck in the bowl (pict 5) C: piston /valve of accelerator pump is stuck (the correct cylinder i have s spare) (pict 2) D: needle and seat is weared (pict 3) E: the two small pipes (idle tube) are bend and flattened by using a crimp... (Jehovah! ;-) (pict 6)
  15. Maybe! The cable clamped to Manifold is throttle, the second one hanging in front of Pump is choke. Will see ;-)