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  1. Thanks everyone for your assistance. The heater door control cable was kinked just behind the control wheel that is why I could not get full travel.Kink straightened and now OK. As for the low voltage at compressor I found the clutch control switch in the control panel has a high resistance.Tried spraying it with WD40 and made no difference. I have now by passed the switch and put a separate switch under the dash.All works great now. Regards Felix
  2. I have got the heater door working on a/con box by spraying some lubricant down the cable. Vents on dash now working correctly. Only problem now is I am only getting 3.7 volts at the compressor when a/c or recirc selected. Compressor works fine if I power it directly off the battery. I am thinking the guy did not put enough refrigerant which is causing compressor not to start up. I will check the wiring out on the weekend.
  3. The cable on the engine bay box is for the heater door and I can see it disappear up behind the control panel. I cannot get up behind it even after pulling the ducting out.I will give it another go tomorrow. Also noticed the compressor clutch is now not engaging.With the compressor plug off I have 12 volts but when I connect it 0 volts. I can get compressor running by jumping it out with the battery. From the diagram it appears it could be the clutch swich in the dash or the relay.
  4. I found a split vacuum line at the canister in engine bay,repaired and now dash vents and floor vent are working correctly. I still cannot figure out how the actuator with the mecanically operated cable on air con box is supposed to work, if I disconnect the cable from the mechanism on the box and move it physically I get hot air in cabin so it is obviously directing hot or cold air via a door in the box.
  5. I have the 2 shop manuals and I have checked all the vacuum hoses in the engine bay and they are OK. From the book it appears to be a problem with the heater/aircon mode diaphragm but I cannot seem to locate it. I did find a diaphragm behind the passenger kickboard is this it? Also I have a mechanical cable running to the top of aircon box which does not move when any selection is made on the dash, does any one know what this is for as book does not show it. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks Felix
  6. Here are Pics of my 68 riviera here in Sydney Australia
  7. Hi all, I have just regased my aircon on my 68 Riviera after importing to Australia 12 months ago and I noticed the cold air only comes out at floor level. The vent outlets on the dash are not working at all, even with vent selected. Can anyone suggest were to begin so I can get the dash outlets to work. Thanks Felix
  8. It must have been degased when it came over to Australia.I will get it regased and see what happens. I am sure it has ACC
  9. Hi All, One last thing i need to fix on my 68 riviera is the air con The compressor clutch is not engaging when I turn air con on. I am getting 12 volts at the connector with it disconnected from compressor,as soon as i connect it I lose the voltage. The compressor coil is OK and if I put 12 volts straight from the battery to compressor the clutch engages. The manual seams to point to the compressor clutch switch?.I cannot locate it. I do not know if there is any gas in the system,could this stop compressor running. Has anyone got any more troubleshooting ideas. Thanks and Happy New Year
  10. Thanks for info. The first number on casting was hard to read but it was a 5
  11. I wrote air con on it,but I was not sure that is correct
  12. car is l/h drive and it has the vacuum pods
  13. I want to replace the master cylinder but not sure of part number. It has delco stamped on it and I found this number stamped on the casting 6452310. The car has drum brakes all round. Can anyone supply the correct p/n. Thanks Felix
  14. Can anyone identify what this relay is for next to the ID plate in engine bay. I thought it was for the air con but not sure. Thanks Felix