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  1. It must have been degased when it came over to Australia.I will get it regased and see what happens. I am sure it has ACC
  2. Hi All, One last thing i need to fix on my 68 riviera is the air con The compressor clutch is not engaging when I turn air con on. I am getting 12 volts at the connector with it disconnected from compressor,as soon as i connect it I lose the voltage. The compressor coil is OK and if I put 12 volts straight from the battery to compressor the clutch engages. The manual seams to point to the compressor clutch switch?.I cannot locate it. I do not know if there is any gas in the system,could this stop compressor running. Has anyone got any more troubleshooting ideas. Thanks and Happy New Year
  3. Thanks for info. The first number on casting was hard to read but it was a 5
  4. I wrote air con on it,but I was not sure that is correct
  5. car is l/h drive and it has the vacuum pods
  6. I want to replace the master cylinder but not sure of part number. It has delco stamped on it and I found this number stamped on the casting 6452310. The car has drum brakes all round. Can anyone supply the correct p/n. Thanks Felix
  7. Can anyone identify what this relay is for next to the ID plate in engine bay. I thought it was for the air con but not sure. Thanks Felix
  8. Does anyone know if these mirrors were an option, if so are they still available or does anyone have a good second hand one for sale. Thanks Felix
  9. Hi, Would anyone have the 3 part numbers for the vee Air/con,alternator and water pump belts. I can get dayco belts down here in Aus but a Gates number will do and I can xreference it. Thanks Felix
  10. Hi, My 68 washers do not work.There is 12 vots at the coil at all times. Is the earth switched through the washer switch on dash? Thanks Felix
  11. Hi, My 68 headlights will not retract.They worked OK when I had my rego inspection then yesterday I found them both extended. Tried cycling the light switch and checked the vacuum hoses behind grill. Any ideas. Thanks Felix
  12. Answers to your questions Steering - 3 1/2 turns lock to lock Passenger seat - reclines seat belts - front and back seats belts are all lapbelts wheels - thety are made in Taiwan with no name. They are 17 by 8 1/2 inches.Tyres are 255/45zr17