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    Lagonda Rapiers

    Bernie, Can I assume that the extra pump underneath is not original? When I saw the high mounted SU pump on the Rapier it reminded me of a 47 Rover we had that used to suffer from vapour lock in summer , due partly to that high mounted sucking pump! And the ability to return excess fuel to the tank - surely thats not original? Rover implemented a reserve fuel electrically, via a solenoid at the tank, which closed off the normal supply pipe, and opened the pipe going right to the bottom. jp 26 Rover 9
  2. jp928

    Trickle charge battery with cables on?

    I have a battery in the back, under the spare wheel, so access is poor. I ran a fused lead from the battery poles to a 4x4 type weatherproof socket under the rear licence plate, for my trickle charger. If I open the battery isolator to work on the car's electrics, the charger stays connected, but the car is safe to work on. jp 26 Rover 9
  3. jp928

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Continental Steel call the 'grease is bad for 5160 steel' idea as BS, or in their words, neither they or their supplier have ever heard of it. Many spring steels are quenched in oil. jp 26 Rover 9
  4. jp928

    1960 MGA Restoration

    Last time I worked on a twin carb car (Rover 2000TC, 2 x 2" SU HD8), part of the final set up involved setting the clearance of the connection from the rear carb (directly connected to the throttle linkage) and the front carb - some is needed to ensure the front one returned to its idle stop. The specified clearance was given as being able to just run a roll your own cigarette paper through the gap. jp 26 Rover 9
  5. jp928

    1960 MGA Restoration

    Try checking out this site for how the mechanical advance works... This part rotates the make/break cam forwards, while the vacuum advance moves the whole plate that the points are mounted on. Some cars also run a vacuum retard , as in my Porsche 928. You did find the screw under the rotor button that retains the advance stuff on the main shaft? I once had a mini that had been little used for a while and one day would not go much faster than walking pace - the mechanical advance plate was frozen onto the main shaft. If you know the Lucas part no for the car you can lookup the advance curve it should produce. Most such distributors do a simple straight line advance which is finished by ~3500rpm, maybe up to 30-35Deg. jp 26 Rover 9
  6. Bernie, Talking about the approach to problem solving in the early days of motoring reminds me of the story about , I think Napier, and their first 6 cylinder engine. For some time they struggled with rough running, could not find anything wrong. In the end, the story goes, they lowered the compression on No 5 cylinder, and it ran well. Problem solved. My 26 rover has its dynamo chain driven, but the chain tension is adjusted by having 2 of the 3 mounting stud holes slotted (in the dynamo flange), so it pivots on the 3rd stud. The fact that the 501 is RHD is curious - was there a time in Europe when the driver's side was decided by the makers? If so, when did that change? jp
  7. jp928

    ZDDP issues

    In Oz we have a very good source of oils suitable for older vehicles, some with high ZDDP - local company , but they are present in USA. Been here since 1926, so they know a bit. I use a high zinc 10-50 (HPR-10) in an 80s Porsche V8 SOHC, and a couple of 90s Miata engines with no issues. Not sure if they are classed as 'expensive' in US terms. They also do a lot of lubes for 20s and 30s models, as Steering boxes, single weight engine oils etc. Very helpful people. As I understand ZDDP levels, its most important when a newly rebuilt engine is being broken in, but less so with a well used engine. jp 26 Rover 9
  8. Are there any rules about importing Asbestos into USA ? Down here in Oz now Customs (now Border Farce) go nuts when anything that MIGHT contain asbestos is imported, and reserve the right to dismantle (at importer's cost) in a search for traces - gaskets, clutches, brake linings etc. Not every car is checked, but enough to make it a real worry. See jp 26 Rover 9
  9. I got new 2910/AB6 18mm plugs here for a very good price. jp 26 Rover 9
  10. jp928

    button-head grease nipples

    Ken, I know its a bit late, but still... I believe you have TAT type nipples - these are on my 1926 Rover 9 (along with a few ordinary nipples). You can get the relevant gun fitting from . To fit this to a US gun, use a 1/8BSP male -> 1/8 NPT female adaptor, which shouldnt be hard to find - Pegasus Auto? john P 26 Rover 9
  11. jp928

    Help identify aluminum block?

    1967-76 P6 manual gearbox engine. The engine number didnt move to the side between 3-5 for a few years after acquisiton. This block doesnt have the pad for the side number. See jp 26 Rover 9
  12. jp928

    Grease / Oil for Steering Box

    Re "particularly the Rover P3 which specifies oil for the front suspension" - the P3 suspension was all rubber bushed, except the kingpins, which had a thrust ball bearing, seals , and a reservoir for a mix of heavy oil and grease. The bushes did not have a long life - too small for the loads. jp 26 Rover 9
  13. jp928

    Borg Warner DG250 Locking up

    With any auto trans that has stood for any length of time I recommend a thorough fluid change, including the converter and cooler, and change filter if fitted. This can do wonders for every aspect of the box. My 35 year old 3 speed MB box (Porsche 928) has only one vice - if left for more than a couple of weeks, its slow to take up in reverse; there are couple of leaks of 1 drop a week coming off the cooling hose fittings. jp 26 Rover 9
  14. Bernie, These local people might help with a head gasket - jp 26 Rover 9
  15. jp928

    1960 MGA Restoration

    SU carbs are simple and easy to overhaul, with the right parts. Lots of docs on how/what/when. The original Smiths on my Rover was very unreliable, so I have resorted to an SU - HS2 (1-1/4") off a Mini - $20. $100 kit from Burlens (UK) - new spindle, butterfly, jet, needle&seat (rubber tipped type, much more reliable), bowl gasket, and I added new brass screws. Also comes with new bushes for the spindle if the body is badly worn - mine wasnt. Car now runs well, and answers throttle very smoothly. I set the jet height per the rebuild notes at the default, and she fired up first try. Check your needles for wear, you may need new ones - the code is stamped on the shank. If the floats are brass, check for leaks. Critical part of rebuild is centreing the jet. You will need light oil for the dampers, as in sewing machine - engine oil is far too heavy. I verified my mixture using a wide band O2 sensor, jsut to be sure. Keep up the good work. jp 26 Rover 9
  16. Bernie, That speedo is pretty much identical to mine on the Rover! Little lever on the top to reset the trip? Re the Fiat Osca pic, I worked with an American in Tassy in the 70s who brought one of those with him from from the US. Failed to proceed once, took a while to find the distributor drive had sheared . jp 26 Rover 9
  17. jp928

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Just surprised , Bernie, not doubting your knowledge. What bore/stroke was used to get the extra 200+ cc? Special parts? Interesting to read the history of the A series, and how it was in production for 49 years! Apparently they looked into a 5 main crank, but decided it wasnt necessary! I actually visited Ron Brownrigg's workshop once and watched them beefing up the centre main and smoothing out the insides of crankcase on racing engines - probably for Skinny Manton! That shows my age a bit doesnt it? My other claim to fame is meeting Phil Irving at Templestowe hill climb, him in either a Landy, or a P3 Rover. jp 26 Rover 9
  18. jp928

    Lagonda Rapiers

    1498cc in an A block, Bernie? Thats a hell of a capacity lift! Sure you dont mean 1098? Biggest A block I know of was 1310. Every now and again I see a real Mini in Eltham, great to see! jp 26 Rover 9
  19. jp928

    updraft carburetor adjustment question

    "Flush" means level with, as in a countersunk screw in wood is usually flush with the wood surface. Its not clear to me from that diagram what its meant to be flush with (or near to flush). While it gives a spec for fuel level in the bowl, I cant see what controls the fuel level - usually some sort of needle and seat controlled by the float. I have seen cars surge on part throttle cruise due to a slight over advance of the sparks. jp 26 Rover 9
  20. jp928

    Front wheel bearing tightness

    Roller bearings have been credited to John Harrison of longitude fame in the 1720-40 period. Some appear in his clocks from then. One of his clocks in a stable turret was installed in 1720 , and is STILL running, with ONE service. jp 26 Rover 9
  21. jp928

    1960 MGA Restoration

    Most places that reline shoes will radius them in the price if you take the drums along... jp 26 Rover 9
  22. I wouldnt worry about it quite that much Bernie! If there was no 'booked hard waste' hivis orange sticker, forget it altogether! My remark was mostly tongue in cheek. If they come, pretend deafness, or not speaking English. I am sorely tempted to do as you have quite frequently, except SWMBO gets very cranky at me. jp 26 Rover 9
  23. Be careful Bernie, or the men in blue may come for you. Stuff put out for a hard waste collection belongs to the contracted waste collector as soon as its out of the owners property. Does look nice though, and should make a good dash! jp 26 Rover 9
  24. I have had an answer to an ad of mine for parts on another site from somebody unkown. Answered asking what parts they had, and was sent a picof my own car from Flickr as being available for parts! Sent him off with a flea in his ear, and advised others on the site. jp 26 Rover 9
  25. jp928

    1960 MGA Restoration

    Great work, love watching this sort of process! Thats a terrific bearing puller you have, and some very imaginative uses of the local flora. Maybe I missed it, but have you had the relined rear brake shoes radiused to suit the drums? Can be very helpful to getting good contact over the whole shoe, without high spots. jp 26 Rover 9