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  1. jp928

    correct ECM or ECU for 1984 BMW 633CSi E24

    Try here - listed also for E28 533i . Same engine , so it makes sense. Unlikely another number would work well, as it would have ignition and fuel maps specific to the engine and its state of tune. jp 26 Rover 9
  2. jp928

    Balancing Connecting Rods

    Not very relevant, but I see two different firing sequences quoted above, and neither match the one I have always used - 153624. Whats that about please? I know there are lots of v8 sequences, but 4s and 6s I have only ever seen one order used. Enquirings minds.... jp 26 Rover 9
  3. Best car related French thing I have seen - cars with engines under 360cc do not need to be registered in France. Without licence plates such cars are untraceable, very stealable, and cant be reported stolen as they have no legal 'identity'. First one I saw in Paris had a notice on it - "cette voiture n'est pas abondonnee" - this vehicle is not abandoned. As best I recall the French anyway. jp 26 Rover 9
  4. jp928

    Top bows and irons

    Estimate of the width required would narrow the search, and then the expanded length to the screen. I have the same problem with my car. jp 26 Rover 9
  5. jp928

    1952 MG TD

    Good stuff! Wish I had done some video of my work. Re big end bearings - its common practice to cover the big end bolts (before the big ends are pulled onto bearings) with some rubber or plastic tubing so they dont mark the journals on the way through. Also note that the arms on the front lever shocks have protrusions on them that look like ears you would use to pull the arms off with a 2 leg puller, but they face the wrong way? After honing the m/cyl I would have polished the bore with some fine wet and dry paper, with oil on it, then wash with meths or similar non mineral solvent. Looks like the same m/cyl as used in Morris Minors, but considerable easier to R&R! jp 26 Rover 9
  6. Some people just dont understand us at all! jp 26 Rover 9
  7. jp928

    Odd little Italian car

    M14x1.5 is a VW and Porsche lug nut thread, so it should not be that difficult to find a LH thread part. A Fiat spindle should be findable somewhere, if you can get a picture up. You could even , maybe , fit a RH threaded spindle if they are not handed? Get a picture of the bare spindle and feed it into a google picture search. My Rover has a LH thread on its RH spindle, which I think means the spindles are fitted on the wrong sides. jp 26 Rover 9
  8. jp928

    Chrysler '28 alternator conversion pics

    I am sure I have seen something about a company that makes alternators in cases that look like much older models of generators...? Here we go: 50-60s Chevys. At least they are US made, and could look like a 50s upgrade? jp 26 Rover 9
  9. jp928

    1952 MG TD

    One oddity I see - one carb damper piston seems to have the needle retaining screw visible, but not the other? Are these pistons keyed so they only fit in one way ? My HS2 pison has a slot in the side that keys on a piece on the engine side of the throat, and the needle retaining screw is on the side of the piston towards the front or rear of the engine. Wonder why this is done? So that the screw wont be ingested by the engine if it comes loose. Stromberg CD carbs dont do this and I once had an early Rangie that swallowed the needle screw - it would start and run with a clacking noise, but I couldnt turn it over with the crank handle. Obvious when the head came off, (which also involved a brken head bolt), and then the carb got dismantled to verify. Screw was VERY flat!. jp 26 Rover 9
  10. jp928

    1960 MGA Restoration

    Re your machine shop woes here is a story. Guy's father passes away, and he is asked to go to his house and tidy up as part of preparation to sell. Finally gets to the attic, going through acres of boxes of stuff in case anything is worth keeping, mementoes etc. Comes across a ticket from a shoe repair shop, years old. I know where that shop was, he thinks, I must see if its still there? On his way home he goes past where the shop was, and its still there! So he walks in with the ticket, and hands it over with his face as straight as he can . Cobbler goes out the back, and comes back and says 'Come back next week'. Re setting up the carbs initially, I followed Burlen's note for the HS series - set the jet level with the bridge , and then screw down the nut 6 flats(IIRC) - car started first try. If your notes say something like this it should work. jp 26 Rover 9
  11. jp928

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    I bought my project based on an ad on a make specific club web site, which had a link to some pics on Flickr. Copied and saved the pics. Went and inspected the car, bought it, got it home. Placed an ad for more parts needed to finish it on another club site. Got an email offering parts from same model being parted out. I said show me what you have. He sent me back one of the Flickr pics of what was now my own car![/img] jp 26 Rover 9
  12. 25 years is plenty of time to get sludged up again! The latest in flushing seems to be not just chemical stuff, but a tool that combines water flow and air pressure, apparently to provide pulsing - see if you can find something along these lines. Re ignition , I did some tuning work on a car once, and it seemed to go ok, but on a run I noticed that as speed went up , the temp climbed more than usual - later found timing was retarded ~5 degrees. jp 26 Rover 9
  13. jp928

    Bullet Proof Window Repair

    Normal epoxy will soften with methanol - I know that from using 80% methanol fuel in R/C models and the impact of leakage on epoxy glues. Cant hurt to try ? jp 26 Rover 9
  14. Bernie, Eltham ABS - woven bonded linings on 4 shoes (~9.5" drums), 1 drum skimmed, shoes radius ground - $120. john
  15. Have you had the current radiator cleaned internally ? Involves removing the tanks and 'rodding' the tubes, which I dont think would be expensive. If it has A/C, is there any debris between the radiator and condenser? Is the tuning all in spec - mixture, ignition timing etc? Radiator and cooling system flushed? I have heard of iron water pump impellers being degraded by corrosion . In my reading alloy rads securing the tanks with epoxy dont seem to last well. Electric radiator fans are more efficient as pullers than pushers. If the temp climbs as you go faster it could be retarded timing also. An electric fan is unlikely to help in your scenario, so I think its either radiator, pump or timing. jp 26 Rover 9, 83 Porsche 285cu in