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  1. 53 Skylark what a shame! Rescue me
  2. We all like to portray the beautiful Buicks but once in a while you come across these ugly and weird things that unfortunately carries the Buick brand name. Sorry to disappoint you guys but they are out there!
  3. Sorry, just don't like the trash cans
  4. Chucks, Cannot find one to follow me Beautiful Cars!
  5. As seen at "Cuba Nostalgia" an exposition where all cuban things are celebrated as food, music, art to include 50's vintage vehicles that used to roam the island highways BC (Before Castro) the 57 ragtop is available 4sale if anybody is interested (have owner info) photos taken at Miami-Dade County Youth Fairgrounds. Will post more in Gallery later on.
  6. Remember that day, the day the mag came out and the guy told me it had already sold that I was about the 100 caller and wished he had 10 of them hope stayed within the forum
  7. How about them apples!
  8. There you go Roos
  9. Mr. Administrator, we understand if you are forced to remove this post but I'll tell you this. Here in South Beach we are a costumed to see wet Buicks. Art Deco District
  10. From a photographer point of view she should have wore a red shirt
  11. Is that one of those bouncing suspensions?