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  1. I like the way it protrudes
  2. I agreed with Rivi about the color coordinated old school picture, a light should have been placed underneath the car say from the left front to erase the model shadow but I also agreed with Pilgrim about the girl in blue against contrasting red. The "open" field creates the third dimension on the composition.... or is it my imagination? I'm I still dreaming?
  3. Like twilight photos. There is one here "Moon over Miami" the Buick is in the garage.
  4. Probably gone by now but this one just go through the Barrett Jackson Auction show condition $125,000
  5. This is my next project after finishing The 54 72R that took me 4 years to build. God only knows how long this one will take but it needs a lot of work specially sheet metal work. Don't know much background on this car other than The car was acquired at a local auction in Florida and traces back to Ohio. It has an old BCA sticker so if the previous owner or someone else in the forum recognizes the car, please let me know Al
  6. I might try a pull wire water base lubrication compound used by electrical contractors or maybe the Super may like the K-Y jelly!
  7. Beautiful buy. Glad you saved it!
  8. We all like to portray the beautiful Buicks but once in a while you come across these ugly and weird things that unfortunately carries the Buick brand name. Sorry to disappoint you guys but they are out there!
  9. Well back at it for couple of hours. Master cyl did not need re-sleeving clean up and install new kit lets see how it will hold. Cleaning up brake pedal parts, shaft brackets were a ball of grease now I can see some numbers. Still waiting for duplicate brake lines from In Line Tube for install. New floor metal panels, toe boards and rocker panels are in for near future task. Toby wants to be resurrected