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  1. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Body man Will probably replace the piece with new metal
  2. This is my next project after finishing The 54 72R that took me 4 years to build. God only knows how long this one will take but it needs a lot of work specially sheet metal work. Don't know much background on this car other than The car was acquired at a local auction in Florida and traces back to Ohio. It has an old BCA sticker so if the previous owner or someone else in the forum recognizes the car, please let me know Al
  3. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Found some rust damage on trunk weatherstrip channel section. removed RR fender. Next I will remove donor car fenders that I believe are in better shape and no or very minor rust. Oh boy this I resto will take a long time!
  4. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    Exactly as Ben said, the model tag still there and I will post pictures later but everything else is the same. If you google Hometown 1950 Buick models you will see and compare all specifications.
  5. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    Turned out that this is a Model 52 Super Riviera Sedan and definitely will be used as a parts car. You may follow the car trail on “ Meet Toby my 50, 51 model poject” thread.
  6. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Left rear fender off and just find out that the donor car is a Model 52 Super Riviera Sedan and Toby is just a Super Sedan meaning it is 4” shorter total length. luckily the rear fenders are interchangeable according to my measurements. The difference could be on rear doors and roof length. Will see
  7. Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    CQ, CQ this is ex WD4GZI........calling Greetings, missed those days! 🎧
  8. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Our pleasure! Believe it or not I have not touch the car since I unloaded it due to the holidays but fixing to remove parts that I need to continue to work on Toby. I will replace the two rear fenders first. Will keep you all posted
  9. 49 Super Ragtop

    Just saw this in a magazine stand and wanted to share

    Amazing! And where is this?
  11. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    The car arrived to the new home and soon will start donating parts to “Toby” in the meantime the kids wanted to pose with the car asking me were the eyes were. They were referring to the cars from the Disney movie, go figure
  12. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    Thanks for keeping my back! Well the front bumper guards on this car still have a holes on the bottom, will know if they can be repaired once I remove them. The other cores are being duplicated in another country. Let see how they come out
  13. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    Miami bound from the Buick Gardens
  14. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    By the way that’s not me. That is Neil who offered the car. Neil became an AACA member just to post the offer, he did not want to junk the car but wanted to go to someone who appreciated Buicks. Right away I can use the two rear fenders and hood, they are in better shape of the 50 (Toby) I’m building not counting the chrome work
  15. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    Tomorrow, God willing South bound from NC
  16. Colored Pre-War Photos

    Don't know if these have been posted before but thought I would share. Believe it or not, I think these colored pictures came from Russia. No collusion here folks.
  17. FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    Well guys here in Maryland picking up the car which have lots of parts to finish up Toby or maybe she is a candidate for a whole resto, will see. Thanks Neil
  18. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    This is Neil the car donor and of course there is Lulu waiting to be loaded and taken back to Miami. Don’t know if Lulu will be a parts car to finish Toby or will she be a hard to do resto. This will be determined once inspection is done back home.

    Back then “used cars lot”, today “ Pre-owned vehicles dealership”. Like anything else these days you have to be politically correct not to offend anybody.

    Stock car racing trophies displayed in the window?