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  1. Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Lately nothing to report, I started this project late December 2016 and just realized is March, 2018 so I’m not too far off with the 4 to 6 years prediction. Where does time go you might ask? I believe time is a set period and we are the ones flying through it.... man I’m getting old! Anyways enough with this melancholic 🤔 thinking, you can tell I was answering nature’s call. Time to hit the wrenches 🔧 to proceed with left turns. In a positive note: body man is coming tomorrow!
  2. Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    Taken by a pro photographer while at a car show couple of years ago. The photographer saw my car again in a recent 🚙 show and approached me to show me the picture he had taken. No doubt the 54 Roadmaster 72R with factory AC depict its beautiful lines and confirms the Buick’s “The Beautiful Buy” slogan of days past.

    Nice face & rear end
  4. Found this locally on offer up if anybody is interested, I can picked them up for you
  5. Thanks for saving the Lark. What is the chassis number?
  6. Thanks Matt for the lead! I PM Mack