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  1. Mars

    Valve adjustment

    Wondering if I should be concerned about valve adjustment on my 30 cf. Is that the clicking I hear? Or is it just wear and tear?
  2. Mars


    Its been repaired so I'd like to have a better one
  3. Mars


    I'm also looking for a thermostat housing for 30 cf, thanks
  4. Mars


    I'm looking for a thermostat for my 1930 cf. I was told they're not made anymore. Thanks
  5. Mars

    Door latch mechanism ,30 cf

    Got it fixed! Thanks all
  6. Mars

    Painted wood wheels

    Gorgeous ! Love the colors.
  7. Mars

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    I can't seem to find the fluid. Any other names of it?
  8. Mars

    29' DeSoto K steering problem

    Where is the proper fluid available? Also, how would I take out what is in there now?
  9. Mars

    Seat belts

    Es Thanks for all the replies! My seat bottom just sits on a base. Comes right off to get to the tools. I plan to bolt directly to the floor and the central door pillar. It has to be better than nothing.
  10. Mars

    Seat belts

    I'm thinking about installing seat belts in my 30 Desoto 4dr, any feedback?
  11. Mars

    1930 CF8 Sedan Restore Build Sydney NSW

    Looks a lot like my 30 Desoto 8. I don't have the wood on the doors. The're metal on mine Repairing door latch, having some trouble,. Looks nice
  12. Mars

    Door latch mechanism ,30 cf

    30 cf 4dr. The picture shows the drivers side assembly. Came out as a unit with the interior assembly attached.Replaced screws and such. Put it back in and it works, except the latch itself protrudes a bit too far and it gets hung up so that it won't slide back in. Seems like there must be a stop of some sort, but I can't see where. Happy to have gotten this far, but scratching my head trying to get this last bit. Thanks
  13. Mars

    30 Cf window lift adjustment

    Would like to raise the crank assembly, it’s down and rubbing. I loosened the screws but can’t get it to go up
  14. Mars

    30 Desoto door latch

    30 Desoto 4dr need drivers side door latch assembly