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  1. Mars

    Wiper arm and blade

    Is that a hook saddle type of Attacment?
  2. Mars

    Headlight adjustments

    30 4dr cf, what am I trying to achieve by adjusting the screw on the back of the headlight? Thanks
  3. Mars

    Headlight bulb

    Hi, can anyone confirm the headlight bulb size? 1930 Desoto cf 4dr sedan. I don't have a high/low switch , want to get led bulbs. The ones I took out have 2 lugs on the base. Just got back the resilvered inner pieces , they look great. Thanks
  4. Mars

    Wiper arm and blade

    What do they call the type of mount for 30 Desoto
  5. Mars

    30 Desoto lights

    I need the mounting bracket arms for the cowel lights, 30 Desoto 4dr sedan
  6. Mars

    Wiper arm and blade

    30cf 4dr. Got the wiper motor repaired, now need arm and blade.Any leads?
  7. Mars

    Water temp gauge repair

    Need water temp repaired. Has anyone dealt with Dand M. Repair service? Looks like a good company, good reviews 30 cf 4dr
  8. Mars

    Door bumpers. 30 Desoto 4dr

    Project completed, so nice. Thanks for all the help as usual
  9. Mars

    Water pump packing

    I was told by a good source that antifreeze is not a good lubricant. I'm thinking that the packing is the lubricant. Doesn't seem like they would intentionally have a drip.
  10. Mars

    Painted wood wheels

    Hi, Wondering what the thoughts are concerning natural vs painted wood spoke wheels. What about rim colors? Thanks
  11. Mars

    Door bumpers. 30 Desoto 4dr

    Dropped my first one, damn
  12. Mars

    Door bumpers. 30 Desoto 4dr

    So the metal piece goes in the slotted space, screw goes into that? Could make a new piece if lost. Thanks
  13. Mars

    Door bumpers. 30 Desoto 4dr

    I'm looking for a source for the door bumper that is on the jamb side and is held in place by a screw. Didn't find it at Steele. Two per door. I'll take a pic