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  1. hi ,i will have to see if there is a spring in there ,i don't recall seeing one when the carb was rebuilt!
  2. hi i have both the 40 and the 41 shop manual but the instructions are no where near as clear as the Motors manual! Thank you very much for this pages!I will investigate this weekend ,seems it can only be the wiring as i have replaced EVERYTHING else!Its odd as in every other respect the vacumatic works perfectly ,shifting up and down exactly as it should. Only the flooring of the accelerator in fourth does nothing and it should shift down to third.
  3. I've looked everywhere!! Many thanks for all your kind help though.All the photos have the air cleaner on ,and therefore obstruct the very terminals i need to see!
  4. Thats a New yorker and it uses a slightly different carb ,i know as I also have a new yorker and looking at the carb on that is no help! Thanks anyway though!
  5. The gearbox is all fine ,its only the kick down wiring from and to the carb i cannot figure out ,its the wiring for the kick down switch on the carb i need to see! Thank you for these but i cannot see where they go from the carb1
  6. the kick down on my 41 windsor is not working,i think the problem is electrical as i have replace every switch relay solenoid!The gearbox itself works perfectly ,only the kick down doesn't.I wonder if i have the wiring slightly wrong ,the wiring to the carb is my next task ,can anyone advise re the carb wiring please?
  7. Optima 6 volt
  8. i have had 2 Optima batteries running in my New Yorker for 7 years ,still perfect.
  9. perhaps this is a surrealist post?
  10. I bought a new antenna from Andy Birnbaum but the male part is the wrong size for the 802 radio ,is there an adapter one can buy?
  11. If you get the original build sheet it will tell you the colours for the rim AND the middle of the wheel .My Chrysler was black centre with red rims
  12. hi stevie ,i just had my car rewired and the earth was crucial and it would not work with negative earth .It needs to be positive earth ,also check the transmission relay on the bulkhead ,see if its working ,it may have been burnt out! I have two fluid drive chryslers by the way ,a 41 and a 48.
  13. Swapped the relay to the horn to see if it worked ,it didn't! Then isolated the interrupter and wired the fuel pump straight to the battery ,turns out the interrupter was turning off the electric fuel pump!
  14. Thanks to all who helped ,it was the relay AND the interrupter switch !!