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  1. i have had 2 Optima batteries running in my New Yorker for 7 years ,still perfect.
  2. perhaps this is a surrealist post?
  3. I bought a new antenna from Andy Birnbaum but the male part is the wrong size for the 802 radio ,is there an adapter one can buy?
  4. If you get the original build sheet it will tell you the colours for the rim AND the middle of the wheel .My Chrysler was black centre with red rims
  5. hi stevie ,i just had my car rewired and the earth was crucial and it would not work with negative earth .It needs to be positive earth ,also check the transmission relay on the bulkhead ,see if its working ,it may have been burnt out! I have two fluid drive chryslers by the way ,a 41 and a 48.
  6. Swapped the relay to the horn to see if it worked ,it didn't! Then isolated the interrupter and wired the fuel pump straight to the battery ,turns out the interrupter was turning off the electric fuel pump!
  7. Thanks to all who helped ,it was the relay AND the interrupter switch !!
  8. No ,its full of gas and has an electric fuel pump.
  9. hi, yes it starts and runs perfectly ,it shifts automatically from 1st to second ,then when i change to 3rd and get to the point where it automatically changes up to 4th it simply coughs and dies! Am at wits end!
  10. hi,i checked this and its fine,i suspect it may be the governor?
  11. hi,my 1941 windsor with fluid drive vacamatic transmission has just been rewired from top to bottom .However when i drive it it starts and runs perfectly until it shifts up to 4th at which point it coughs splutters and dies.I suspect the wiring is wrong as the car performed perfectly before .Can anyone help?
  12. How much Jack ,and will you ship to London ,UK?
  13. I have a 41 with 16" wheels and a 48 with15" ,both running Firestones.
  14. Mine is Burgundy with plain plastic grille etc ,my door was also cracked but i had it recast in original maroon plastic ,sadly the man who did it in Canada is no longer with us I think. I haven't seen many new yorkers and never any with woodgrain!