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  1. I am thinking about selling my 58 Citation 4 door. It has original 53,000ish miles. Power windows, trunk, tach and town country radio, exhaust deflectors. Original tail light lenses too, but don't put on car for rarity reasons. It's had a frame on restoration beautiful original paint colors, interior and rechromed. I was wondering what a realistic price would be for a car like this. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know what color combinations were used on New Yorker dashes in 1948? My car interior is taupe. But I see some have wood grain dash and solid plastic and some are painted dashes and wood grain plastic. I wanna repair my cracked Glove box door and curious if I repainted it wood grain was that an option. Thanks I'll include my dash pic
  3. In the 1948 chrysler line were the plastic. Dash colors specific to one model? For example would you only find solid colors in New Yorkers, while the marble look was in royals?
  4. Anyone know where to get correct stainless welting for late 40s Chrysler.
  5. Does anyone have a schematic on what clips are needed and where they go for the stainless on a 48 New Yorker? Thanks.
  6. wondering if anyone bought windlace for a 48 New Yorker 4 door sedan and know how much is needed for the car in total. Thanks . I don't have my car in front of me and need to order.
  7. I want to get original style tires for a 48 Chrysler New Yorker. What were the factory original brand, size and whitewall size? Thanks
  8. Is the brake light on trunk of 46-48 chryslers painted originally? Around the words "fluid drive". Or was it all chromed?
  9. Thanks for the info. Appreciate the help
  10. I'm looking to paint my 48 Chrysler. Can't seem to get local paint shop to find any codes. They just tell me to by generic black. Anyone have anything that could help me? Codes or brands they recommend. Thanks
  11. how do you safely remove the stainless from around Windows (side especially) from a 48 Chrysler without damage?
  12. did Chrysler use the same straight 8 engine throughout the 40s? I have a 48 New Yorker and someone wants to sell me a 41or 42 straight 8. Would they be the same?
  13. That's the one piece not on it.
  14. Thanks. Wasn't sure how compatible it was. I don't need it. Was gonna keep for spare. But if it's not easy install. I don't need a huge paperweight laying around.
  15. There is a transmission attached. Is that the same? And for $100 would it be foolish to turn down?
  16. What's the correct color for a 48 Chrysler New Yorker engine block?
  17. 1959 Edsel corsair convertible for sale. I began the restoration process but unable to finish. The car has been mostly disassembled. The body is still on the frame. It was being prepared for sandblasting. The car had areas on body that need repair. I have a new set of rocker panels. There were only about 1200 made. I have all the parts plus many extras. All the stainless for upper part (roof and Windows) have been professionally repaired and polished. I have all parts of car but missing rear seat. But same as ford. Please email or call. Asking $6,000 for everything. Any questions email or call Car Is located outside Buffalo, New York. Thanks. Keith 716-997-8650
  18. I believe it's called welting. There's a strip of chrome that goes between the rear fender and body. In pictures of late 40s chryslers it looks like chome. What is that? On my 48 New Yorker its black and leather like material. Was it painted? Should they all be chrome? Thanks.
  19. I will admit I haven't gotten my shop manual in mail yet. I'm sure this is in there. But wondering why there's a light always on when I start the car. According to manual it's a turn signal indicator. But all are working and this just stays on. Any ideas why? Thanks
  20. Is that over riding the old flasher?
  21. I'm including a picture of something I found near that flasher. It seems to be connected. Would you know what this is?
  22. Hi I have a 48 New Yorker. Although I am learning fluid drive, I think I know enough that I should let foot off accelerator to let car downshift. I tried to let it shift between 10-15 mph and higher and lower. However, the car doesn't seem to downshift. It acts like there is only one gear in low. And one in high. Everything else seems to be working fine. Any suggestions? Thanks
  23. Actually now that I drove it it seems to be working. Very quiet when shifting but runs much better. Thank you for all your help
  24. I did find a blown fuse to the kick down relay and replaced. Nothing seemed to change. Along with the rings mentioned. We ran a power wire to jump relay and heard no click.
  25. So I was lucky enough to find a New Yorker and because the barn collapsed on it ( crushed side of roof, but fixable) The older gentleman who had it said I can grab for $3,000 if I dig it out. After cleaning it up it really seems to be very solid and in great shape. But I was wondering if anyone knows where to restore the trim around Windows inside. Has a wood grain trim. But rough shape. And the knob for wipers is broken. I'm confused though about correct knob . It's plastic and beige and pics I see online are chrome. Is there a difference in models? I'll include pics in case anyone wants to see it. Appreciate any help . Thanks !