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  1. I am thinking about selling my 58 Citation 4 door. It has original 53,000ish miles. Power windows, trunk, tach and town country radio, exhaust deflectors. Original tail light lenses too, but don't put on car for rarity reasons. It's had a frame on restoration beautiful original paint colors, interior and rechromed. I was wondering what a realistic price would be for a car like this. Thanks.
  2. In the 1948 chrysler line were the plastic. Dash colors specific to one model? For example would you only find solid colors in New Yorkers, while the marble look was in royals?
  3. Does anyone have a schematic on what clips are needed and where they go for the stainless on a 48 New Yorker? Thanks.
  4. wondering if anyone bought windlace for a 48 New Yorker 4 door sedan and know how much is needed for the car in total. Thanks . I don't have my car in front of me and need to order.
  5. Does anyone know what color combinations were used on New Yorker dashes in 1948? My car interior is taupe. But I see some have wood grain dash and solid plastic and some are painted dashes and wood grain plastic. I wanna repair my cracked Glove box door and curious if I repainted it wood grain was that an option. Thanks I'll include my dash pic
  6. I want to get original style tires for a 48 Chrysler New Yorker. What were the factory original brand, size and whitewall size? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info. Appreciate the help
  8. Is the brake light on trunk of 46-48 chryslers painted originally? Around the words "fluid drive". Or was it all chromed?
  9. Anyone know where to get correct stainless welting for late 40s Chrysler.
  10. I'm looking to paint my 48 Chrysler. Can't seem to get local paint shop to find any codes. They just tell me to by generic black. Anyone have anything that could help me? Codes or brands they recommend. Thanks
  11. how do you safely remove the stainless from around Windows (side especially) from a 48 Chrysler without damage?
  12. That's the one piece not on it.
  13. Thanks. Wasn't sure how compatible it was. I don't need it. Was gonna keep for spare. But if it's not easy install. I don't need a huge paperweight laying around.
  14. There is a transmission attached. Is that the same? And for $100 would it be foolish to turn down?
  15. did Chrysler use the same straight 8 engine throughout the 40s? I have a 48 New Yorker and someone wants to sell me a 41or 42 straight 8. Would they be the same?